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This Morning & Gregory Craig, lawyer for Elian Gonzalez

I worked last night and then, I don't know if I had it before or just noticed it now, but after I was online and using my computer, someone was utilizing my laptop to create the burning sensation. At the same time, someone kept shutting down my computer and wouldn't allow me to restart it even though I tried several times. I moved to a different table and some of the same problems. It was a combination of technology problems, not just my "feeling" of the burning sensation, which is real. So someone has been doing this for at least the last 3 days and then last night I had a couple of men trying to make me worry about my son's welfare.

This morning I got the verse from Mark 16 about the angels at the tomb of Jesus.

I sent an email to the former attorney for Elian Gonzalez yesterday. I want him to take on an international case for my son. I found him online through looking up Elian and his name is Gregory Craig. The first thing I found about him was a wiki page with him next to Obama, in the Oval office, and underneath a shell shaped molding. Yesterday morning I had breakfast at the shelter, and what is weird, is that I randomly took a tray and there is various silverware on it. The forks and spoons are all different and I never once noticed until yesterday for some odd reason. I looked at my silverware and it had a shell design at the end. So then I, for some reason, stared at this and was thinking for a moment and then looked at the silverware for everyone else and it was all different. The only thing that stood out for me was that I even looked at the silverware or even NOTICED what the design was. I had picked the tray out, from a line up, on my own, no one handed it to me. So then it was like this shell-design deja vu because that same afternoon I found his wiki page and he is standing directly beneath the same design. The design on the molding is identical. Not just close, but exact.

And of course I was not going to write to him about this coincidence. All it was was coincidence, but it was odd that the same thing came up in the same day, for something important. Also, my mother had said to find a lawyer and I was sitting next to this woman who looked like my mother, at a hotel computer, when I decided to look this lawyer up. And then, I looked up and saw that the framed photo above me looked like The Supreme Court but I don't know what building it is. And then too, I had passed this restaurant called "Alexander's" right before I went to this hotel, and then I found out one of the main persons Craig represented was a Russian guy named Alexander, for libel. and THEN I also noticed the tie he was wearing matched the dress I wore one day, which I was photographed in, my first trip to Washington D.C. It was cobalt blue or I don't know what color blue it is exactly bc not totally cobalt, and had tiny little white dots or print in it.

I read his bio and all of his work and experience fits what I need, and he is with a powerful law firm that has enough clout to support someone if they were going up against powerful forces. It may be there is another lawyer who wants my case, who is good and I got a note from one who I will take a look at, but I don't see why Craig or his firm wouldn't find my case to at least be challenging and somewhat thrilling.

Craig has hit upon every element of my case:

He has represented others in libel and slander (important, bc it's a major element for me)--Alexander the Russian Guy,
He represented people involved in public corruption (doesn't matter what side, he has experience with the facts)--He repped Eliot Spitzer
He represented political asylum,
child custody and natural parental rights
and international law cases--Elian Gonzalez

and then more. The main issue that will result in the immediate return of my son is the violation of international law, abduction of a child in violation of parental rights, and collusion between international parties to defame, falsely arrest, and kidnap and then try to make it all look "legal". RICO. I think he's perfect. I feel that just having him asking some questions and getting FOIA would result in a major table deal of negotiation. I really do not believe that, faced with such a lawyer and firm, anyone would try to buck the system any longer--go to court to be exposed? I think someone would hasten to negotiate and possibly even voluntarily "dismiss" and throw out the case, as they offered to do in the very beginning and should have done instead of lying and getting their own gangsters involved.

I need a lawyer who handles international law and parental rights and who is capable, and has the brainpower, to understand that the actions taken by CPS, with cooperation from other "authorities" amount to fraud.

The entire case against me is a fraud.

And then they assign me with some public defender to "appeal" which makes it look like there is a "real" case to begin with when there's not. It is a case of fraud and invalid from the start and a VICTIM of fraud and crime, does not then go to "appeals" court to try to say something was done wrong with the process when the removal, from the very start, was illegal and was done by criminal means.




There is the TRUTH and then there is THE LIE. The LIE is this case--it is fraud and I had discovered that Washington State was so interested in protecting their lie, that they used close to 1 million dollars to defend and cover up their illegal actions. The AG of Washington State and their partners, spent taxpayer money to cover themselves, and THEN, when I first mentioned "kidnapping" for the first time ever on my blog, their head AG rushes to try to convince citizens in Washington to pass a law giving state employees immunity (protection) from being sued.

How convenient.

Is it any wonder I had people over there trying so hard to keep me down? Look at what they knew they had to lose. As long as I was tortured and forced out of housing and money and emotionally traumatized, they felt safe. As long as they kept everything controlled over there, and with people they knew who would protect their buddies and friends, they felt safe. And then they try to bring that kind of thing over here.

This is like the case of doubles.

There is Cameo Garrett and then there is Cameo Garrett #2 (the person they tried to create on paper, by defamation and false arrest.

There is the truth, which is the real CASE, and then there is Case #2 which is what they created to cover up for the actual case.

Asking a public defender to "appeal" Case 2, which is not even a valid case, is asking someone to presuppose the Case is valid from the start.

It's not valid.

This Case 2 is an illusion that was created to cover up for the Case 1 which is that my son was kidnapped from me and then I was made to look like the guilty party. They shifted the attention away from their illegal activities to try to put the focus on me.

The real case, is a case against U.S. and some Canadian officials, of the abduction of my son under legal pretense and auspices. That's not something that goes to civil court, or appeals court. Fraud, kidnapping of a child, collusion, public corruption, and reckless endangerment of a minor are things that are



and it seems that if I need a lawyer at all, it is to ENFORCE THIS because the "ENFORCERS" are NOT DOING THEIR JOB.

In fact, it seems the evidence is pointing to some obstruction of justice by some FBI workers, and I am getting more of a picture of what has been going on. It's not everyone in the FBI, but there are bad and corrupt people in that organization and how ironic would it be to discover the man in charge of "Public Corruption" for the FBI is corrupt himself? I want to know who has been blocking the investigation of criminal conduct and then stepping over the line to defame me, out of their own interests, and not from truth.

Which reminds me to look up the definition of reckless endangerment of a child.

It fits what has happened to my son but I would have to have people coming forward to help prove it. I believe that some international people would testify if they could divulge some of their intel. I also believe that people will come forward on a lot of things if someone like Gregory Craig took this case.

I wouldn't ask Craig to take a CPS case.

That's not the point.

The point is that I went to Canada with my son, legally, for political asylum, and my parental rights were violated by the criminal conduct of U.S. and Canadian officials. They premeditated the abduction of my child and then instead of just giving him back, as they knew they should legally, they intentionally and willfully defamed me and did incredible things to cover up what they had done, spending around a million (or possibly much more)in the process.

This is a case of abduction and violation of international and domestic law, with disregard to the right of the parent, and not just that, whereas in Elian's case it was the family "at fault", and more of a civil case, in this case, U.S. officials and Canadian officials colluded to commit an illicit crime (more than one).
I looked up reckless endangerment and endangerment of a child. The State of Washington is guilty. I believe people would show up to confirm reckless endangerment, but even if I just took the law at its word, for child endangerment, the State can be sued, where they have made themselves the "legal guardian", for putting my son at risk or substantial risk for harm. Child endangerment can be putting a child at risk physically, emotionally (psychologically), and in a variety of ways.

First of all, they colluded with others to commit crime. Secondly, after kidnapping my son, they knew their actions put my son at a substantial or imminent risk of harm. They intentionally prevented my son from being evaluated or treated medically, by someone who did not have a conflict of interest. They knew that my son was suffering from emotional trauma and did not return him to me, to remedy the matter. They KNEW they should return him, and even while knowing they had participated in criminal activity, and knowing it damaged my son, they continued to put and keep my son in a state of harm. They also, upon acquiring status of "legal guardian" of my son, intentionally stalled and delayed the process as a favor to medical professionals they knew, who they were protecting. By stalling the process and retaining guardianship, they made it impossible for me to sue on my son's behalf, for his medical damages. They were running the statute of limitations for their friends. They also knew my son experienced physical harm and they concealed this. They deliberately cut off and cancelled a number of visits my son had with me, knowing this was resulting in psychological harm to my son. They employed visitation monitors who had no ethics, who also contributed to the psychological harm of my son, by doing things such as telling my son to lie to me. In one instance, lying about who put my son's shoes on his feet backwards, right in front of my son (Anne Crane), thereby destroying my son's ability to trust adults as honest protectors of his rights. Anne did not only do things to my son and then lie in front of my child, trying to blame a CHILD for HER ACTIONS, right in front of him, she lied throughout the reports she made about our visitation. Other state workers also coached my son to lie to me and my son was punished or rewarded if he followed their orders.

This created an inability to trust adults.

Which only added to the severe displacement and psychological stress he has endured and endures, from an extremely traumatic and abrupt separation. He was then promised he would see his mother more, by state workers, and then was disappointed when MaryAnn McIntosh went back on her word and started cancelling and cutting off visits with my son. This was done after she had assured Julie, a lawyer, me, and my son, that we would have visits increased.

Every single thing done in this "case" was done to cover up the fact that there was no valid case to start with.

They were motivated by this self interest, to lie throughout the entire thing. They deliberately worked with public defenders to keep documentation out of the public file that was damaging to them and would show they were criminals.

If anyone in the FBI was obstructing justice and blocking me from making a report, it was potentially to protect some of them from being held liable for defamation and collusion with Canadian officials.

Before my son was taken from me, I had an attorney, who used to work for the FBI as an agent, tell me I needed to look at the NCIC or file the FBI had on me. I had contacted him wondering why I was having problems with local police all of a sudden. It was like something had been done or said that turned everyone against me and I had law enforcement all over me. I then tried to file FOIA requests and the FBI, up to D.C., ignored all of my requests and then sent me a letter saying there was nothing about me. Which wasnt true. But that's what they said. Then I kept getting arrested and police felt they didn't have to take my complaints about anthing and I was being called "mentally ill" when I had never been diagnosed. Then I found out, while in Canada, someone tried to say to Canadians that I was paranoid schitzo when I wasn't. It was frank defamation and I could prove it. So then when my son was kidnapped, this was one thing everyone seemed bent on--doing whatever it took to claim I was nuts. Because if they already knew the case was invalid and that they were committing crime and encouraging others to allow them to break and violate the law, it's best to make others think the woman is crazy so it must be okay. Then I tried to get help from Nashville FBI and they told me to go to Vanderbilt ER where they had people throw me into a psych ward and declare I was mentally ill and shoot me up with dangerous medications. I found out it was the FBI that was defaming me. So if they defamed me and were so interested with Vanderbilt, it became more likely that if some of them were obstructing justice in Washington, it was because they also had something to cover up.

The right people in the FBI need to take charge, and if the man in charge of the "Public Corruption" offices is obstructing justice, he needs to go. If it's someone beneath him, then that person needs to go. Someone has got to go. Some of these people are working for their own special interests and not for public service.

I wrote to the CIA because I realized they may have investigative rights, because although they do not investigate "domestic" things, my case involves international laws and activity.

If neither agency investigates, it's not good for morale or public trust, in my opinion. Some agency should be able to step in, discover the facts that make this case invalid on its face, and return my son to me immediately.

I don't know why the U.S. or anyone would ask taxpayers to even support an appeals process that is for a fraudulent case to begin with. If Washington is having budget problems, they could have maybe saved over a million dollars by returning my son the moment they realized what they had done could get them in trouble and was damaging to my son. Why are they now asking taxpayers to pay for an appeal? on a case that is not even valid to start with? so THEY look "okay"? THEY are costing the State millions of dollars by squandering public monies to cover up for their own mistakes and some intentional criminal activities. They are not just costing taxpayers, they are profitting from crime.
I got a call from someone while writing this but in case that person is reading this, I don't know who or what it was. It kept breaking up and I couldn't hear anything except for what sounded like waves on a beach. TN number. Won't say.
I just want my son back and keeping him has been running the statute of limitations for my son. I have plenty of evidence to prove what I say is true. I collected most of this and then it was stolen and my last lawyer wouldn't allow me to get it reordered and put it in the record. I was blocked by the PDs there from entering relevant information into the record.

Someone needs to investigate my facts and claims or there is no point at all to the system. Appeals can only look look at actions on the process of a case. The case itself is a fraud, and THIS is what needs to be addressed.

Even if I won appeal, it would suppose the whole case was still a valid case, and that I required services of some kind. Services for ME to take, as if THEY are the "good guys" and I was the problem. This is wrong. I am a victim of crimes by the State and they want me to get services for the crap THEY pulled. If anyone needs psych evals and services, they do. They need to be fired but really, some of them should go to jail for what they've done.

What I know, is that the entire thing can be thrown out and my son returned to me without delay if someone investigates or a lawyer pushes for FOIA or brings up a case.

If this doesn't happen, the public corruption is aggregious and there is no one to turn to in the U.S., and I am not going to play this game any longer. I was wrong to go along with what they did and play the game as long as I did. I was wrong to submit to a psych eval or do anything they asked, because even when I cooperated they just lied more. They all lied, and they are all corrupt. The person or agency that investigates my report of crime is the one that is NOT corrupt.

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