Thursday, February 24, 2011

intentional computer problems & criminals & race stuff

Someone wanted to claim they had right predictions by assaulting me first, to force me to look up the computer person they knew I'd look up if this kind of thing happened.

And this morning, I don't know who they are connected with, but it's mainly black folks. And sitting next to me and walking by me, almost all of them, wearing black and white only as I had to call up Andy Panda for computer support bc of what happened.

I would say it's white people who are doing this, and then just calling on a couple of black people to lwear these colors and sit next to me and take the brunt.

I have had no problems with my computer and the technology stuff, for several days and then yesterday someone started it up again, which they knew would force me to go somewhere else for wifi, and then they wanted to claim they could make predictions when they couldn't. They're just criminals.

They can't make a prediction or get psychic insights past their first two feet, which is why they employ criminals to do dirty work for them to get what they want.

Then this morning, the same thing happened and I was sitting by the window and someone did this to me, and it caused my computer to overcharge and the burning sensation and then they expected me to get off of the seat and leave the table where the black woman, wearing black and white, was sitting.

But instead I moved to the side and just sat there.

Then I had people coming down the stairs watching me for my reaction because the criminals were here, wanting to observe my reactions.

So then I had someone download all of this computer stuff onto my computer and they already knew the only person i would call if I had problems, would be Andy Panda, whose logos are all black and white.

These idiots are so dim, on a psychic level, that they assaulted me and then caused computer problems, to force me to do what they were trying to claim they "predicted" I would do.

When all they are is criminal.

Of course I had to try to call up Panda Computers, because I couldn't navigate on my computer at all. It was blocked. So I tried to call 411 bc I couldn't get his number online and the 411 people gave me numbers for him that said "disconnected or out of service" when Panda Computers is not disconnected or out of service.

Both times I called 411 I got this.

I think it's people doing dirty work for professionals again.

Someone felt threatened by me, by something I've written in the last few days or by some fear of success, so they wanted to do this and make me sound crazy again, or cause problems. What is odd is that a few are international.

And then I had someone trying to make a big deal about my not giving a woman $1 when she asked for it this morning and then wanting me to sound bad.

No, I'm not giving you a dollar so you can "buy a pop". If I gave everyone a dollar so they could "buy a pop" I would be broke. You don't need a pop and you can afford to buy one for yourself and if not, you can drink the juice or milk that's provided at breakfast. Just because you are a black woman and asked for a dollar and I said no, don't you DARE (anyone) try to make me appear like I would buy breakfast for a "white" woman but not a pop for a black woman. The woman I offered to buy breakfast for, at McDonalds, had just been in a major accident and was in severe pain and I told her I would go with her to the hospital this morning and on the way, buy her a small breakfast.

Because, probably, the people who want "a pop" for no reason whatsoever, who have been in the homeless shelter for only a week, can do just fine without whereas those who have been forced to live in a shelter for almost 2 full years, and then have their entire face stitched up and scrapped up, and need pain medications...maybe someone like that could use a small break. She had asked if I wanted to go for coffee with her sometime and then she was injured and I said last night I would take her to coffee if she wanted to, before I went to work. Then, when she said she was in so much pain and was crying last night, I said I could go with her to the hospital to help advocate for her need for something stronger than advil, and try to get something small on the narcotics level. Her stitches are probably tightening up, and she was having new pain on one side, so then I said maybe we could just have breakfast at the McDonalds and I'd pay, on our way (so we could get an earlier start and not have to wait around for the homeless shelter breakfast).

I wasn't going to write about any of this, but then when I have people testing me, and having this black woman sitting down next to the other white woman who had been injured, and trying to test me on something, I wouldn't say anything, except that if someone is trying to make ME appear to be biggoted and then torture me for it, you had better make an attitude adjustment and not try to set me up.

As it turned out, I didn't even take the one woman to the hospital because she said she didn't want to, because it was raining too much, and that is her choice.

I would have responded in the same way, in these circumstances, to anyone, regardless of their race or culture.

I don't appreciate having every single bit of my business, going out to others or made into a big deal. I am not going to explain myself every time either, but as one man said last night, it is okay to defend your own reputation.

I have given to homeless, or others, as I can, permitting my ability and my own circumstances. And I try to use good judgement too. If I had more, I wouldn't mind giving more, even for "a pop" but that is not my situation right now and I have to be careful to get out of the poorhouse so I HAVE more to give to start with, rather than staying there forever and having little to give back. If I can do something small here and there, I try. I don't like having to talk about it at all, but everything I do is going out to others for some reason and I don't know how it's going out and can't control it all the time.

The other day, I nonchalantly joked with someone about work and something I had done, and she laughed and then the next day, I had a professional, well dressed woman come in with another woman who was also well dressed, and repeat what I had said, in the shelter, back to me. And then smirk about it.

So that's when I knew some of what I say is going out to others who might even be paying for reports on what I say or do, or who want to use things to twist later or harass me with. And I realized I need to be more guarded about what I say, even in this shelter where there are, I guess, a few snoops.

I normally don't care to write about any of this and would keep it to myself. But if animosity towards me is being stirred up because of false report, I have to curb this for the best interests of both myself and my son. I cannot allow a few people to trash me and spread rumors around to a lot of people and then put me in danger where some might want to take out their aggressions on me, having the wrong idea about me to start.

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