Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Work Accomplishments (child-centered, international, and entrepreneurial)

I am trying to figure out how to organize an updated resume. I don't think some of the younger stuff counts except that it shows my nature or skills have been fairly consistent or ingrained since I was young. Still not sure about it. I guess I could put year instead of age for one thing. I look at this and realize I've been a self-starter most of my life even if I never thought about it--which is sort of what enemies didn't like I guess...

Objective: To have challenging and rewarding work that makes use of my experience and skills; to help others while I complete my college degree and pursue further education.

Work Experience:
1. Child-centered. 15+ years in child-centered work (1st grade teacher’s assistant, nanny, camp counselor, mentor and recruiter of jr. high kids in neighborhood, youth worship, informal dance instructor, mentor and work for a juvenile detention center in Oregon);

2. International. 3 years working with people from foreign countries (international English teacher at a college for 2 years, 1 year as CEO of a student group where I hired and supervised U.S. and international students in planning events for a large community college campus)

3. Entrepreneurial and Investments. Age 9: original creative writing, marketing, and selling customized stories for and to children. Age 8-10: lemonade stands. Age 11: jump-rope-a-thon fundraising winner, salesperson for local newspaper with 100% increase in reader membership. Age 13: created original teen magazine for local christian school, and recruited fellow student contributions and participation. Age 11-18: babysitting business with #1 ratings and top preference from parents. Age 18: group yardsale coordinator. Age 21: bought 1st house with 30 yr. mortgage as an investment and resold with $40,000 profit in 2 years.Age 21: bought 1st house with 30 yr. mortgage as an investment and resold with $40,000 profit in 2 years. Age 21-24: coordinated independent volunteer community service with my own money from house profits. Age 26-29: Filed 2 major lawsuits against international & national corporations in state and federal courts and maintained all aspects of legal process. Age 26-28: started book wholesale business and maintained all aspects of market research, advertising, purchasing, customer service, shipping & delivery, and sales. Age 30-33: Assisted grandmother with medical care and stay-at-home-Mom with preference for Attachment Parenting model. Initiated several human rights and Freedom of Information Act inquiries and started internationally recognized blog. Age 33-36: negotiated and coordinated work and assistance on an intra/inter-national basis while defending myself and my son from defamation and persecution. Experienced and witnessed (firsthand) deprivation of civil rights and criminal conduct violating international law.

4. Other. This includes receptionist, sales, and clerical experience in business; janitorial for the only oil company that also serves as a federally protected international port in the U.S.; and work as a server for the food industry in Washington state and Washington D.C, with domestic and international clientele.

Education: Portland State University (B.A. English Literature with environmental science minor)
Portland Community College--Sylvania (acquired credits for transfer)

I am a few credits away from completion of my degree, with a 3.6 GPA.

Extracurricular: I have written and performed original music since I was 12, for church, community, and open mics, and I have some studio experience as a back-up vocal. This includes work on children’s songs and music with children. I took part in competitive forensics (debate) team for PCC-Sylvania and public speaking as the CEO for student activities at PCC-Sylvania, as well as participation in legal inquiries for Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon lawsuit. I enjoy yoga, running, and outdoor sports. I also like to paint.

Languages: English
Spanish (beginner conversational)
French (read only)

References available upon request


Anonymous said...

This would make for the most disorganized, non-nonsensical resume. You cannot place accomplishments made at 8 years old (or even 16) on your professional resume. You are a 30-something year old woman and those things are no longer relevant. Before you rail against what I'm telling you with your usual reaction (insults), keep in mind that I am offering you sound advice and that I'm a professional who performs frequent hiring.

Mama said...

Dear Professional-Who-Hires,

I have also been a professional who hires others.

I have also talked to others who are in much higher positions and with greater rank than you might ever have, though I hope that you will move on to an even better position or something which could be more suitable for you.

If you fail to see a "different" kind of resume, tailored in a way that structures the abilities and talents of someone and also shows a consistent kind of skill or inherehent ability that may not be fully developed, you are unable to think in any kind of creative way which would mean you are not a CEO, a brainstormer, or a very creative (or even intellectual) person.

You might be more of a "cog" type, if you are so quick to say things always have to be done in the exact same way and that getting out of the lines is wrong.

While you may know certain office or business etiquette, it is doubtful you would be able to think of good solutions or even hire others who are right for positions you may not have thought of. You would be best suited hiring people who have to "maintain". And we need people who maintain and hold things together.

However, I knew someone who worked on Wall Street who typed up a few lines and clipped an ad from the classifieds, actually stapled it, to the corner of the resume.

I don't know any "professional" that staples classifieds like coupons to their resume but there are people who "think" differently and still know what they want to say about themselves and have upper level persons or creative types, be able to see this as well.

I got hired with the kind of resume I sent out and I'm still interested in doing other kinds of work and developing my skills in other ways too.

A good resume is one that catches someone's attention and highlights skills. It doesn't have to "look" a certain way...it has to accomplish a certain point and if my point is to say that I am an entrepreneurial type and a creative thinker and have had these skills all along, it is saying to someone "there are some things which cannot be taught--you either have it or you don't."

Mama said...

By the way,

I never said I was finished with my resume either.

But I rather like the way it is turning out.

It brings out what others have attempted to hide and bury.

I am bringing it up again and saying, "it may be different, but if you don't hire this woman, you might be sorry...look at what she has done, that almost no one else has done...and imagine what she might be able to do, given the chance."

Thank you for your comment