Saturday, February 12, 2011

Y Needs Some Help from American Foreign Legion

I have had a number of very odd problems with the treadmill machines here. And there have been people here who have done these things intentionally. In the past, with machines shutting off and turning back on right in the middle of my work out, among other things.

Today I got in and tried to run and there are all of these men here this morning. Not a large crowd, but an "expectsnt" one, where some of them must have expected something to go wrong with my earphones on the machines, because a few came in making a big deal of standing in front of me to fiddle around with earphones, or to come from behind me and pass me while messing with them.

My earphones started to bascially spark. And there is nothing wrong with my earphones, at all. I use them all the time.

What is wrong, are the people who are doing this to mess with me. It is technically a form of assault.

My earphones are new and I've used them on the machines before and just yesterday and there were no problems. But I got on the treadmill today and it was only if I had my feet on the treadmill thing and was running, that then they were sparking and I could hear it and feel it and when I put my fingers at the base of the cord where it was plugged in, I could feel a kind of charge.

So then of course the only guy staffing up here says I could use other ear phones. I said I don't want to use other ear phones, because there is nothing wrong with the ones I have, and they work and it's something else.

During this time, these men are watching me, and there isn't even one woman here yet, and it's all men staring at what I'm doing and how I'm reacting.

I have never had as many technological problems with these machines, EVER, in my entire life, with all my years combined, including the time where I actually worked at a gym myself, as I've had in a couple months here on these machines.

I would really appreciate having someone from the "American Foreign Legion", which is conveniently located across the street, to look into it, or someone else from some other organization.

I should not have to worry about whether my ear phones are going to "spark" or blow up, or whether I'm going to go flying off of the treadmill because someone is causing the machine to stop running or start up on it's own, or accelerate at odd speeds without warning.

All of these things have happened while I've been on these machines.

If you've watched news about people dying from bizarre and abnormal speed accelerations in cars, that's just a new feature of technology and problems, accidental and not, which result from it.

I told the guy I don't want to use someone else's headphones, because mine are working fine and they are not the problem but if I have to use the other ones offered, I will.

This is ridiculous.

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