Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Morning

This morning the verse I got was Psalm 18:2: The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower." It is a Psalm David made to God when he was delivered from Saul and his enemies and it goes on with several references about God being his rock. I looked up the verse in my own Bible and it is, from v.1-2, "I love you Oh Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold."

I guess the song that came to mind was an old hymn that stuck with me last night after chapel, 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus'. I tried to play it this morning and ended up on someone playing guitar and singing these lyrics to the tune of Dave Matthews' Crash Into Me:

I looked up the hymn on wiki and this woman wrote the lyrics Louisa Stead, with music by William Kirkpatrick, after watching her husband die by drowning. Which is incredible because part of the lyrics talks about being plunged under the healing, cleansing blood of Jesus.

Good thing they didn't have insurance adjusters back then. (Bad quip). "Ms. Stead, could you tell us how you came to write such a song after your husband's death?" I guess she went on to write a collection on songs entitled "Songs of Triumph".

I can see the Scooby Doo "huh?" following this idea. A turn to the head, ears up, quizzical "HuuuUH?"

It is a good energy with this song I think. I looked at who posted it and found a small arrow on the side of friends for the poster and thought, "there is a small arrow I guess". I have still been wondering about what God giving me arrows is really supposed to mean. I have thought about the arrow pin I later saw in Queen E.'s hat and what it might symbolize, and arrows in the Bible, in U.S. eagle's fists, and in symbolism throughout cultures and I don't know exactly, yet, maybe. This is something else that I am positive no one "sent" to me. It came to me too quick, and I just know somehow, but I don't know what it means yet. I guess I question it more than the Obama femur thing bc no one could have played a photo of his femur at that moment, with the way it If I am praying and ask God a question and get a kind of answer and it's quick, I question it a little more. What if I was praying and someone just caught it (received) and then sent something back quickly and it's not even from God exactly but someone just "sending"? But in general, I think I'm getting better clarification and discernment on these things, which is important. The first step for me was realizing and believing what is possible and then sorting through these possibilities. I guess I wondered what the arrow pin in E's hat meant bc it was the first thing I saw after I had this answer, was her arrow pin in the hat, so I thought it was coincidental and wouldn't have otherwise noticed if I hadn't been thinking about arrows. But I don't know that whatever meaning she has is the same as what the meaning God has for me is. But I still wondered bc I saw this arrow next. I once did a graphic design with an arrow and the word "truth" for a class in college, but just keeping all things in mind. I almost wonder if someone else will know what it means before I do, and it will be revealed to me later down the road. My first thoughts were war (winning the battle) or deciding factors (something to cut through or pin-point the matter) or children.

I read cnn news and clicked on the story about what happened with the CPS case first. Also looked at the line about revolution in the middle east and want to read more articles about what's going on over there. It must have a kind of exciting feel to be over there, but slightly dangerous too. In general, it seems to be mainly peaceful...considering the number of people who are involved. I also looked at the article by bbc about skulls used for drinking from, randomly, because I happened to wear a t-shirt this morning with a big skull (pirate style) head on it. So I was just curious about the article.

It's a candy cotton pink shirt. Not hot pink, more bubblegum/candy cotton pink and I hadn't wanted to wear it after one day seeing something at an FBI office in Nashville with a photo of someone with a blacked out tooth, and then thinking about how my own son got a blacked out tooth unnecessarily. But I put aside this connotation this morning and just wore it bc it's actually a decent color on me (soft pink, and fushias, not cool hot pinks--I'm a spring or fall on the color wheel chart (warm colors)). It says "Treasure Hunter" on it. I also didn't wear it thinking "Does this translate to 'Gold Digger'?" It's just a shirt, that I got from used clothes closet (shelter stuff) when I ended up here without anything but one change of clothes. I usually just like wearing things with no symbols or sayings on it but if it has something on it I always wonder what kind of msg it's sending out. Not obsessively, but in general. And then I think, oh, it's a decent design and just fun and who cares.

I also looked up Russia news this morning and something about power problems in an Archangel town. I think it translates to Archangel but I saw the Russian word for it and how they are getting power to it because it's been down. Last night in chapel the speaker talked about visiting Cuba and how the power gets shut off in churches randomly and people keep singing in the dark without missing a beat. It is to save money so sometimes there are power outages and churches have this happen first (for their priorities). Which I felt sad to hear but sort of neutral about. On one hand, it's not good, and for churches and worship of God, and then on the other hand, if a country is struggling and trying to be independent then maybe sometimes different measures are taken. I would hope it's not as a rule, or in times of prosperity, but only for emergency, is my feeling. But I don't know, bc I am not very politically minded and venturing thoughts on this isn't wise for me, in general, bc without knowing more about politics or circumstances, I probably don't have well-informed opinions.

Oh yeah, and by the way, I saw the spot of turquoise on the floor yesterday at the frame shop. And the astronaut photo. So tell me--will I be healthy, wealthy and wise?

Here is the next song I played from "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus":
(by poster "sword66" and band "casting crowns")

I clicked on it and then right after I did, I made this connection that the colors on this screen, of yellow, red, blue, were just sent to me by my Mom. She sent me something warning about computer viruses and it was sent yesterday and she passed it on, from an old friend of my parents, and at the bottom there were 3 links in yellow, red, and blue. I wrote back asking "What is the british beats?" because one link had his name (in red, he's a musician and worship leader) and then the next link said "british beats" (in yellow) and then his myspace page (in blue) and then at the bottom his number in black. And his signature at the very top of this color scheme in gray. Oh my gosh, all the colors of the image on the screen for this song I'm playing now.

How WEIRD. I clicked on the link for british beats to answer my own question and here it is:

The guys are wearing the same shirt as the man who was playing the first version of "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus".

I guess it's not a secret then, to share his name, as he's a musician. It's Troy Shaw. He's been a family friend since before I was born and I remember visiting them as a little girl. I had no idea his current band was British or British influence. It's his band that is the British Beats.

I wish you could see the email I got and the color line up with what music video's I was playing at the moment.

Troy Shaw


I just posted it but the color doesn't come through. However, the name was in gray, the second line in red, then yellow, then blue and then black for the number.

No wonder I felt good energy. For some weird reason.

It was a warning made by some guy, a brother of David, who is an advanced programmer at Microsoft.

I went back to reread Psalm 18 again. This is a powerful psalm. I sort of want to type out the whole thing again. It talks about arrows too.

Oh, the other weird thing is that the first video I clicked on this morning, with the man in black shirt playing, mentioned the movie Troy and the friend who sent this is named Troy.

And NO I am not schitzo. My whole family is and the rest of the world are though. I am the only sane person left on the planet (jk).

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