Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Morning

ILast night there was a chapel and then I read some things later in the Bible that sort of made me think.

Will write about it in a minute.

I was getting ready to go out this morning and a couple of people came in drenched head to foot. For some reason, later remembering what one looked like made me laugh. It just started pouring and the looks on the faces.

I got to the Y and grabbed a verse which was Psalms 23:6, "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Last night the sermon was about thinking of what is good, noble, right, pure, etc. from Phillipians. The guy confused one of the words and said "nun" and I thought, "That sounded almost like an intentional confusion of words to me" and then later that night I asked to read something different I'd not read before in the Bible or thought about for a long time and just GUESS what I got?!

(I thought to myself in chapel...I am NOT a nun!)

I got something about Ephraim and the tribes of Nun. And the part that was interesting was that lots were being cast and portions of land and inheritances given to the sons of the tribes. Then when it came to one group, the man had no sons but four daughters and they decided that the women, the daughters, were entitled to their portion of land just as much as the sons so each daughter received a part of the land, and they were given inheritances. Which might have been a big deal back then.

I'll have to look it up again. But it was something like the son of Joseph's son who had only daughters. I'll have to find the reference.

Then I turned to something in Roman's about faith being accounted for righteousness which was also something touched on at the beginning of the service last night.
It was Joshua Ch. 16 and 17. The first part is about Ephraim and then the mention of nun is Joshua, son of Nun, who was part of those giving out allotments of land. It was the daughters of Mannessah (who have names like hogdah) who got portions of land because there were no brothers.

It also talks about how some of the tribes allowed forced labor of other races or groups, which is also sort of shocking. But I'm sure this section has been useful for women's right to inheritance and voting rights, and to the sovereignty of royalty where the women were permitted to be rulers in absence of sons, and maybe of arguments even for women priests or something, or women in any field. Probably was a very strong argument for suffragists.

(hmm, and I guess there was 1 Howard female ancestor of mine that lost her inheritance to a wiley cousin who lied about the property).

The second section I read was of Romans 5.

I had the idea to play Liberace's Boogie Woogie:

I played "Great Is Thy I am going to have to cut this short because someone is around who is causing my laptop to supercharge or run and the burning sensation too nad it's technology. It's not from anything else. Someone has decided to torture me again and it's not spiritual, and I wish someone in the Pentagon, if they are serious about making amends, would get involved.

I'm not going to stay in a country where this continues to happen to me and my son. I'm getting a different laptop too. As soon as possible, to see if this improves things. Someone has used this laptop to tap into something and I'm not going to allow it.

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