Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lumps On Head (thank you very much)

I discovered lumps on my head this morning. Not normal ones. And since they only appeared in the last few days, it is not really normal at all.

I was going to go to the hospital but figured someone already expected me to do that and instead went to the Y as usual and looked up some great things with music and the Shaws.

If it's not a big deal, then it will go away but I think it's a big deal because I have not hit my head at any time.

So if I end up with tumors on my head because of something someone gave me or did to me, when I've been complaining about being targeted, I won't be very happy, nor will I be happy to have the idea that all of a sudden people are expediting my son's case maybe just figuring I might die anyway.

I get a job and encouraged to take out medical insurance so...what? I can pay for my deathbed stuff that occured from the U.S. agenda or negligence?

I am not panicked right now because it might go away.

But what is concerning to me is that I had the impression, before I found this, that something was going on with the State of Washington wanting my MRI of my head to be taken to begin with.

It was just a few days ago, that I thought, "They had the MRI done so they had a marker to check against the CT I had in Oregon and because they want to examine my head again after they torture me". And what happened after they did the MRI? More torture and I was given medications without my consent too.

So I had this idea, about how medical people wanted to do another MRI of my head, just a few days ago and THEN TODAY I found the lumps which have grown in the last couple of days.

I wouldn't have even discovered it if I had not decided to do a different kind of fast. If I had not fasted or if I were not doing my own kind of fast right now, I wouldn't have discovered this at all.

I have felt my head over many times because of the kind of migraines I get. I know what my head feels like and where all the normal bumps are.

But the combination of having the impression that someone wanted to MRI my head, along with then, just a few days later finding new lumps, says to me that medical people and government people are involved. And most likely these people are enemies to me and my son and have covered up their own animosity with claims that their research is "important".

But no, I'm not going to the hospital today.

I'm noting the fact that I knew, ahead of time, that what has been going on with me and my son is illegal, dirty, and against all humanitarian protocol.

I would like to know what is being found on my son now, at this time. Or what was already discovered, that made people nervous about what they'd done over there.

I want my son back and if Eric Holders' offices doesn't get involved and investigate crime, I am leaving the U.S. before they try one more dirty thing against me or my son. I went to the FBI for help and they harmed me and my son further by allowing bad agents to block my claims and then defaming me, not just domestically, but internationally.

And D.C. knows they screwed up.

I think someone got caught. I know something happened.

And I hope that people will go forward with their reports, to wikileaks, for my son's best interests and mine.

Thank You.

I'm not going to have any MRIs done in the U.S.

I was thinking about going to the hospital later, but no, I think what this means is that if the lumps do not go away, I am leaving the country. The U.S. forced me to have the MRI done in Washington and I knew it wasn't to see if there was "mental illness" or damage to my head. They wanted a marker. And I knew it then and I know it now.

They also spread the information to everyone when I told my lawyer I did not want him to have the results as I had fired him. He took it anyway, in violation of HIPPA.

They arrested me on false charges again after this and then I was accused of harassing Michelle Erickson, which never happened, after Tony Block stole my son's necklace from him and lied to me.

I never harrassed Michelle Erickson. This was a lie and she won a case because of a corrupt Judge, Alicia Nakata.

I don't trust any of the Judges over there. None of them are good and none of them are honest and above corruption.

It would have never been possible for Erickson to make any claim against me at all if Nakata had not been corrupt. Nakata refused to give me an extension to allow me to obtain a transcript so I could prove Erickson lied under oath about me.

And then I found out my lawyers weren't honest and that it damages my ability to work with children.

I tried to apply for jobs here that work with kids and was refused work because of Erickons' lies, which affect my "record".

My lawyer Justin Titus, was corrupt. He intentionally blocked me from entering evidence that proved my innocence, into the court record.

I can say all of these things because I am not having to live there.

I didn't have any good lawyers there and not one of the Judges was honest.

I had people stealing from me and not one law enforcement person doing their job to hold anyone accountable, EVER.
The Nashville FBI contributed to harming me by defaming me, again, to the Vanderbilt people and then having me sent to a mental ward when I didn't need to go. They also never got back with me about the lines in my nails or any of the symptoms I presented with, which I told them was probably from arsenic.

After I was let out of the mental health place, and even before, I was having pin prick sensations in my feet as well, which is also a symptom of arsenic.

Now, all of a sudden, within a couple of days, I have lumps growing on my head and I haven't hit my head on anything. There is nothing that I know of that allows this to happen this fast unless there is some abnormal swelling that will just go away on its own later.

Which is why I'm noting this, but I'm not going to run to the hospital over it.

Would have been too convenient, too, to have just had the Baptist church people visit last night to do the chapel and then have me running out to the Baptist hospital the next morning.

But yes, it's very distinct and noticeable, and I didn't have them before and I do now. There is no history of anything in my family so it's either the result of the technology complaints I made earlier or it is from a medication or substance that I was given.

If Vanderbilt hopes they get to coordinate an MRI with Baptist or any other medical group, they are going to be disappointed.

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