Monday, February 21, 2011

My Energy and Other

I only take a little food at work, and then my vitamins sometimes but I think, to rule out some things that are still going on, I'm not taking any of it and then starting over with new stuff kept somewhere else.

My energy level is constant. For me, it's not abnormal or unusual to run 7-11 miles a day and in the past, I ran more miles than that every day. In the past, for most of my life, I have run 5-6 days a week, and about 6-12 miles each day. In high school, I would run my 5 miles for cross country practice and then I would go out on my own and run another 5 miles in the evening near my house. I was asked not to run at night bc my parents worried, but I liked running at about dusk when it was sort of cool but not cold. I usually ran, for 3 years of high school, close to 10 miles a day.

My energy level, even if I was working, was the same and constant.

It was never excessive.

And I did this while doing other things too, work/school/other athletics.

I feel lately that there is still some bad effect from the medication I got or I was dosed without my knowledge and consent again.

Because I was taking 4 classes a day (early in the a.m.) and running, before I was thrown in "that place" and then when I got out, I wasn't myself at all. And then my energy started to come back a little, and I was back to normal, running 7-11 miles a day and working too.

But someone frickin' dosed me. Because all of a sudden, I noticed lethargy and other weird symptoms, so I know something is not right and I know it's not ME sans meds.

If it's not one thing, it's another.

Why would someone constantly interfere with my working out at the Y either? I started having a major problem with the treadmill every single time I got on it, and they were problems that no one else was having with their machine.

It was like I had people bending over backwards to prevent me from working out.

The only time in my life that I hve not worked out was in D.C. When I was in Washington D.C. I didn't work out because I had medical problems and I also didn't work out or run or anything when I was injured in childbirth. The rest of my life, I have been highly active in every regard.

I really resent what has been done to me that has tampered with this natural ability.

I also sent a request for my medical records to the place Vanderbilt sent me to, and also to Vanderbilt, and neither of them has responded to my request.

I think the swelling on my head, the bump, has gone down. It's still there, but has gone down. Really weird but maybe it will go away.

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