Friday, February 4, 2011

My Stolen and Misdirected Mail (found!)

I know that someone knows where my mail is.

I was told it would be forwarded, normally, to a larger store. It wasn't there. So then I was told it might have been sent back and the larger offices are at "Royal Parkway".

So I just tried calling "Royal Parkway" because I know my mail is NOT "in limbo" or in the trunk of someone's Jetta.

And then all I got was one disconnection or "wrong number" after the other.

I'm sorry, but there is no possible way that the Royal Parkway Post has about 10 different phone numbers and ALL of them are bad.

I was being connected to mailboxes to leave a msg, where the offices were not even identifying themselves, and then I was being sent to all kinds of other msgs that just sounds like NSA crap. Or CIA or mafia or whoever it is that TIES UP my phone lines when I'm trying to get through on important business.

I mean, I have had to write about this kind of thing before.

Now, I called again to confirm this number and it's just ringing and ringing. And I got the number confirmed by a different post office. 615-885-9226.

The guy said yes, if someone had "sent it back" it would have gone to the Royal Parkway offices.

Which I have been trying to call, in order to rescue my mail and personal ID.

I finally got it. I tried to grab my phone when someone was calling me an hour ago and couldn't get to my phone in time and when I tried to call back, it said unpublished!

But it was the FedEx and they have my mail.

I wonder what their shelves and other mail and stuff looks like. I felt like it was out there by white stuff. I sort of saw it, I thought, which is how I decided no one heisted it. It felt like it was in a professional or mail place, not anywhere else

Then I finally got to my phone in time and it was the Fed Ex! and they are coming this way anyway so they're bringing it over.

I don't know if I can do everything I have to do in time, but I can get some things done at least.

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