Friday, February 11, 2011

bad people about again (they think "the holy spirit" is a yoga position)

There are really unwholesome persons about today.

The wackos came out when they got off work late or flew into town. It's Friday, so no wonder, and I guess I am still

"A threat"

I do not know what in the world the good law enforcement and investigators even do about this kind of crap.

All day there have been problems with technology stuff,a nd on top of this, real idiots acting like idiots too. The ones who, professional or not, just drive back and forth doing really bizarre things and getting off on it. I always wonder what in the world they do for day jobs.

I highly doubt any of them have one clue what "the holy spirit" is. They must think it's a rock band or a yoga pose.

I do not believe anyone who tortures others or really harasses them, and then says, at the same time, they believe in God or know God, or have any idea what the holy spirit is about.

The holy spirit is the "force" that is supernatural, that changes people for the better, not for worse. It is also the "force" that heals, from a positive energy, that of God. It is the force that allows people who are tortured to have peace that is unbelievable to the torturers. It makes the torturers wonder why in the world those who are tortured, still believe in God at all, or why these people have any kind of peace at all. They wonder why don't these people who are living with this, just kill themselves? because they know, that if they were in that position, this is what they would probably do themselves--they would not live with it if they couldn't control it--they would kill themselves.

The holy spirit is the force that, if it so touches someone, with or without their wanting it, they wonder what is wrong with them, question their own emotions, wonder if they're weak and want to sometimes fight it...feeling they might be getting "soft" or that they are falling apart. And yet at the same time, it is the same force that might come over a person in such a way that they experience a tangible change in physical state.

Not like people talk about with meditation. It's different, and there is nothing to explain it except what the New Testament says and if you've maybe been drunk before.

If you have been happily drunk in your life at some point, this might be the closest thing to it. It's like being happily drunk and yet not one substance that would alter your mental or physical state has been consumed. When it's strong, it is that powerful, that one literally feels almost intoxicated.

The part that is great, is that there is no hangover. You don't do stupid things, except sometimes feel so great that you're being more generous or kind than usual. It's a little like the feeling of being in love and being a happy drunk at the same time, and yet it's completely spiritual. Sometimes, it is more like this wash of calming, tranquil, peace, and this is the most difficult aspect to describe.

I promise, there is no substance and no "technology" that can imitate it.

And those who like their high or fix, are some of the same people who would be knocked for a loop if they had any clue what this is about, and how it's free. You don't have to pay a thing for it.

I'm not downing having fun time or a drink now and then and I "get" it. But as much as I understand how this "is" and makes one "feel", I am also telling you, I am not lying or joking when I talk about this other thing. If I wouldn't lie to you, when I admitted I used marijuana and that it helped my migraines, at risk of complicating matters in the case with my son, I would NOT lie to you about "the holy spirit."

Why in the world, when you think about it, do you think sorcerers and the disciples and others were all wanting to be "baptised with the holy spirit"? because it was some kind of crazy fad thing? No way. It was because they witnessed, in real time, the power and presence and what it did for people. People who had fought addictions their entire lives suddenly kicked habits in 1 instant. People who were crippled their entire lives were literally being healed (in more rare and extreme examples), and people FELT GOOD.

You don't get that kind of feeling when you torture others. You might get some kind of satisfaction or it might trigger some kind of reward response if you're full of hatred or have no heart or are just clinical. But you will not be getting the "high" of the holy spirit.

And if you do get this high, in spite of yourself, it is the grace of God. However, if you continue to do horrible things to others, the holy spirit cannot be present. You are pushing it out because they don't mix. One will overcome the other. You will either push God out, and the holy spirit out, or you will be pushing out the other force(s) that want to take control and make you feel like you are in charge.

Someone said, a theologian or someone, that everyone has a God-shaped vaccuum that we try to fill up with other things. It is like a place that is created within us, that is for God and for the holy spirit, and when this is full, this is the cup that overflows. We can try to fill it up with other things but nothing is going to match the experience and flow of the holy spirit.

If anything is "the grail", it is this.

On the other hand, God can be at work in someone's life, and they feel discouraged because they don't "feel" anything. I have heard people say this before, and even a few close relatives. They gave up, wondering what the "great experience" was supposed to be about, and why didn't it happen to them. And actually, usually turned to other things as a result.

Sometimes, it is enough to be faithful and not feel it. Like in any relationship and marriage. There might be an ebb and flow and there will be rough times and times when you don't feel it at all, but sometimes it can come back, with constancy. Sometimes it's just doing the practical things and being wrong part of the time and admitting we're wrong or knowing we're imperfect. And then other times, this strong feeling might come over you, like an unexpected rush of being in love, and remind you of the power.

But those who are NOT going to even give it a chance are those who start to feel it happen, and then question themselves and shut it off. Or those who are doing such selfish and horrible things, that they have filled up the room that is for the holy spirit, with other things that are dark or just self-fulfilling.

Again, I am not one one, personally, who is against having a drink or even other socially accepted fun now and then. But if you ever want to try something new, don't think that you have to be perfect to experience this. You might have to be willing to allow it to happen but you don't have to be perfect. And it usually starts with talking to God, like you would talk to anyone, and just acknowledging God is there, and I pray to Jesus, and then wait.

It is sort of like what Jewish call the "Shekinah" power or glory..the spirit of God. Or other religions too. But when you call upon the holy spirit, the spirit and very presence of God, there are unexpected things that can happen as a result.

It doesn't mean life is perfect.

It usually just means you are given a strength that most can't comprehend, and you are full of the knowledge that God IS "with you".

You could keep torturing people, thinking it's interesting, and wondering why some people hold out longer than others, or you could do something different for yourselves and try Jesus.

Real crazy.

And yet imagine what you don't even know about yet, if you're so curious about the effects of torture...imagine what you have not even experienced yet, if you're a thrill seeker who wants to take risks.

Take a different kind of risk.

If you're not afraid, that is.

I mean, honestly, if you're not afraid of so many things, why would you be afraid of God or the idea of the "holy spirit"? That doesn't really make any sense.

I think that the greater experiment is this. But the thing is, you might think it's not scientific. How do YOU know? you don't know, because you have not experienced it firsthand yet. But there is science to it and a real element as well. You're just on the totally wrong track right now.

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