Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Dream & Today

I got turned around today and possibly drugged or medicated or something kicked in which I just hope to avoid by being even more careful with what I eat. If it's not that, I can narrow it down more.

But aside from this, last night I had another Queen dream. Great. It was that I ended up being in some residence. Not that I was Queen, and I didn't even see her, but she was "there" somewhere.

It was with a bunch of women and I was part of some kind of non-profit group. I suggested the Palace have something or other or that an event be held there to support a cause or to make use of the space for touring something. I have no clue what.

I think it was a projected dream and not something from my subconscious. Because I've had other dreams like this which seem more like planted dreams in some weird way.

So I was leading a woman's group, and then we all had food to bring and I brought olives. They were large green olives with maybe pimento inside. What was odd was that they came in a glass jar with a brand name that sounded English or exotic--it wasn't any American brand I've ever seen. And they were in a jar that wasn't tall and oval exactly but more the shape of a jam jar.

When people saw the jar of olives, the women, a few nodded like "Oh yes she is it" or "with it" because, for some reason, I had brought this jar of olives for the appetizers and things.

Then I held this meeting and there was this feeling that William and maybe Kate were peeking at me from behind blinds or something. I knew William but wasn't sure of the other and had feeling "she" (Q) was there, but didn't know where. We had just been given use of a parlor room of some kind, to have our brainstorming session.

Then, I got up and walked to the next room and it was some kind of recreation room but it almost seemed like a museum-recreation room. I saw this desk first. It was dark wood, and a kind of bureau, but a desk and it had like a love seat curving on the top part ...hard to describe but I could draw it. Then next to it was some kind of iron, huge iron and a fixture and it was for hitting iron with iron. It was almost a museum or "interest" piece. There were all of these things like that..."interest pieces" in this one room.

Then I left and I went outside and walked to this tree. It was huge and had sort of gnarled wood and it was a very old old tree and I put my hands on the bark and felt the trunk and the rest of the tree.

Then I was trying to leave and I was going to just jump over this wall when I came to it, or jump off and I did but then others followed me and the roof of something began to fall and they fell and then I was worried we'd be in trouble for vandalism or something.

There was just a little bit more but I don't remember it all.

The women's group was small--10-15 women tops.

I think we were trying to figure out how to make use of, or show off some part of the property.
I had a great time talking with my parents today and accidentally (or by strange fortune) ended up at the Friends church (Quaker) after going to the episcopal service. The episcopal one I went to, to sing and it was on the way and the sermon was good. It was also mentioning Wales that day (today).

Then I went to the Quaker one which I like and the only thing that was weird was that I had an impression of this face of a boy and his hair and how he was posturing and then I walked out of the service and saw the same kind of face in a reading room. I hadn't seen him earlier. The only thing that was different was that he seemed older than my impression gave me. We were "centering" for prayer, and I suddenly saw this blond boy with hair sort of to the chin but flattened against the face and then just barely flipping up and he was leaning against one arm.

I said, "Who is this? let me see him more clearly" and wondered who I was seeing bc he was a stranger to me. Then at the end of the service, I walked out, and the same face was looking back at me when I turned my head to see who was in the first room out of the door.

I thought this was really bizarre. The face was the same. The hair the same. The only thing different was that I thought he was younger when I saw him. But it looked just like him.

Is that WEIRD or WHAT.

I am just hoping to do a good job at work anyway, and be focused and have my son with me ASAP. If it's possible to have him enrolled in kindergarten over here, at a good school, if this is what works out, that's what I want.

I'll write more later.

I finished up with the Friends, and then I was at the Y, and pulled out a scripture, and it was "Where two or more are gathered, there I am in the midst of them." from Matthew.

Have a good night.

I hope my son will be blessed and happy and have a good day tomorrow.

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