Monday, February 14, 2011

Obstruction with Computer & Telephone Now

As soon as I wrote about Tanesha Canzater, my computer started shutting down and I started having problems with my communications service being rerouted again.

I asked 411 for the Seattle Appeals Court and spoke clearly and pressed to have the number texted to me and they connected me to this number, for:

The Amy Yee Tennis Center
for the City of Seattle

What was bizarre, was that the woman answering acted like she knew who I was and was very evasive about giving me her name when I asked for it, as she was the answering the phone. Finally she gave it to me, claiming it was "Michelle".

There is no misunderstanding, because I have the text on my phone, and it's for tennis when what I said to the 411 operator was, "Seattle Appeals Court" and then I said to her, "I might need the Spokane Courthouse" and then told her, no, I wanted the Seattle Appeals Courthouse. The woman knew exactly who I was calling for.

There are seriously corrupt people in this country.

I got assigned an appellate attorney, on the heels of public defenders, who are all corrupt.

I would like to see ONE good lawyer.

I then had someone taking the webcam off and on my computer even though I'm not using it and have the viewer blocked with a stamp.

The other thing that happened is I am pretty sure my cell phone cord was stolen. And not just from my leaving it behind but from my locker.

The only way anyone could get into my locker is to know the combination code. which isn't difficult when someone knew what the code was before you ever picked it up at the Walgreens where there were only 2 to choose from.

I will tell you something...I knew the day I picked out the combination lock at that Walgreens, that someone already knew what the code was. I kept it anyway and wondered if someone was going to try to use that code and get into things.

But I knew, and the code wasn't even on clean paper. It was on a piece of paper that had been used before or something and it was an easy code to remember. I mean, very easy.

I had it in my hands, and knew, intuitively, that someone knew what my code was.

I keep my cell phone cord with me in my bag, with my computer cord. I always keep them together, always.

So now, I'm supposed to call my lawyer, and the cell phone ran out of batteries, and I went to my bag and the phone cord was not there. So I'm having to go to lost and found to see if someone turned it in, but why would they if they stole it to begin with? Unless they wanted to take it from my locker just to return it to the lost and found for effect.

My necklace has not shown up.

I just got my cell phone cord back. I suppose it's possible I left it behind but I know for a fact that someone still knows what my code is. The packaging had already been opened on the one I bought. I just know, in the same way that I knew there was something about someone wanting me to look for the turquoise pin and then with them putting chips of paint in the bath, and the same way I knew a man was staring at my back wanting to see if I would turn around, and I knew he was looking but I refused to turn around. Don't question me. Just believe it.

(Not that I know everything...To be clear. I don't. I don't find things at random or anything. And sometimes I know things without knowing why or how I know.

Last night at work one of the coworkers checked out my rear end and I knew when he was doing it. I did NOT want to know that but I kept my face forward and did not turn around. I DON"T WANT TO KNOW! I DON"T WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS! ACCCK.

And then the other night, I picked out menus for people coming in before they even came through the doors or were visible and every time, I picked out the right number of menus for the number of people that were coming in next. I think, "3?" and picked out 3 and in came 3 people next. 2? here come 2. 3. They need a table of 3.

However, that was sort of freaky so after noticing how I did this, I quit doing it on purpose. After that, I intentionally waited until I saw the people in the resteraunt and they said how many there were. I didn't want to be wrong or right at guessing anymore because I was freaking myself out. Half the time I did it unthinking. Not even trying to think about it at all and somehow I was doing it unconsciously which is even more bizarre.

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