Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Morning & the Kidnapping of My Son & Obstruction by FBI

I guess I will look up the common prayers for today. Yesterday I read about Hezekiah (?) opening up the letter and setting it before the Lord to ask for advisement.

This made me think about how real the presence of God must have been, or the kind of rituals some perform, in addressing or communicating with God. It made me think about how I used to write letters to God when I was a little girl and then burned them so the ashes would rise to the sky, knowing of course, they were just going to the sky, but in a symbolic gesture. I never told anyone about it then, or until I was in my 30s and had a blog.

But it made me think about how the eyes of God were viewed to be right there, as if God was looking down or sitting next to him, and he was showing God something (when of course God already knows and doesn't have to be shown anything). But sort of laid it out for God to see, and then asking God what to do.

Then I came across the passage about freeing slaves after 7 years and that when those did this, they were blessed but when they went back against freeing them, they were cursed, and this from God to even his "chosen people" when they refused to follow through on the right decisions they had made.

This morning the verse I pulled from the Y basket was Deuteronomy 6:5, "And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, all thy soul, and all thy mind."

I looked up news and saw the other day how protests had broken out across the Middle East. Someone said the U.S. might have something similiar but we are too accustomed to stability. If it gets bad enough, I'm sure it will happen.

I just went to wikileaks and need to start looking at some of the items. I find it so ironic, the quote at the top, about how wiki is as important as the "Freedom of Information Act".

Ironic, because I made HOW MANY requests to the FBI for FOIA, and how often did they comply with the law?

Not once.

I was first making my FOIA requests in 2004, before I had even had my son, and before I and my son were then targeted and tortured.

I made over 10 requests, by U.S. mail, in writing. I did not get the infomration I was supposed to get, by law, EVER.

And then the FBI proceeded to defame me to Canada and then even in Nashville, directly had a part of my being sent to a mental ward and assaulted there.

I was tortured the most in Wenatchee, Wa. It was Washington state, and they covered it up. They almost killed me and my son, who was then a baby. And now I have an appeals lawyer who is no different from any of the other ones that get paid by Washington state.

The FBI should have protected me and my son. Instead, they allowed others to harm us and did the same, and covered up for themselves and others, and if there were good FBI, those GOOD agents were blocked right from the start.

My son will never be the same. I am not the same. And I expect someone to investigate CRIME and if the FBI is going to be considered as a criminal organization itself, it can allow those in charge and those who try to get ahead of my case, to keep the control to themselves.

I am making my report, in writing to the FBI, and I am copying some others about it. I expect a criminal investigation to follow and if it does not follow, the FBI will be investigated by higher authorities for being a criminal organization and obstructing justice and allowing assault and crime to occur against me and my son. I expect to have my son back, not because of some appeals case that has no evidence in the record, to support me, for the public to see.

I expect to have my son returned to me because he was KIDNAPPED from me by the U.S. government who took charge of his guardianship into their own corrupt hands, and blocked me from getting my son back while they allowed others to USE both of us.

I expect those who colluded to have me SET UP to be falsely arrested so my son could appear to be legally taken, charged with crime and that includes FBI and anyone else who was involved.

You are not above the law.
I then took a bus to a cafe I go to and they had the wifi shut off. It's a cafe where it is always on, and not shut off ever. I had to ask several of the employees, one right after the other, to just turn it on. I was very polite the first couple of times and then after having to go to the 5th person when all they had to do was flip a switch and instead made me wait for over 30-45 minutes, I said to the manager, when he said he had a business to run: "part of what your business offers is wifi." Not only did I know it was off and not a problem with not working, I knew someone had known or expected me to go in and it was off on purpose. Why I was forced to go to so many different people to just have it turned on, is beyond me, unless someone was deliberately trying to provoke me to get a reaction or wanted me to leave so I could be followed all over again, to some other place that has wifi. I mean followed all over again, because I'm not exactly anonymous anymore. I have people following me no matter where I go. Hopefully some to make sure I'm just safe. I didn't get angry, I was just terse and made the comment about what the business is supposed to offer, after I had to go to the 5th person and up to a number of registers. This one guy started saying, "Maybe it's just down right now." I said, "It's not down and I know it's not down. It's OFF and it just needs to be turned on." It's not that big of a deal, except that it was unnecessary and deliberate, and anything that is deliberate becomes a bigger deal.
I have not had any impressions lately (I take that back, not a lot, or of the same genre, at least intentionally). I have not tried to focus or think about what someone is wearing for months. I thought it was interesting at first and it sort of freaked me out, but I'm not getting paid to make guesses and why do I need to know what someone is wearing? I sort of satisfied my own curiosity about possibilities I guess. Some things, I believe, are grasped by receiving projections and then I know for sure that some things I got, there is no possible way any human being could have given me the information. No one was reading my thoughts and sending me the information. It happens, but I discovered this was not the case all the time. One of the biggest ones was Obama's femur. Seriously. I knew without any shadow of doubt that no one read me and then tried to project this to me. A couple of days ago, I wondered briefly about someone in Wenatchee and thought he was wearing a yellow shirt. I don't think I've seen him in yellow before but that is what I sort of thought but I was too disinterested to focus or think about it.

I had a dream about a coworker and I feel some of my dreams are projections and others are just subconscious nonsense and then even others are important messages. It's hard to discern all the time but with the important ones I sort of sense more of a significance.

I can't remember the last time I laughed while reading the Bible, except that I get a kick out of Job now and then, from an empathetic standpoint. But a few nights ago, right after my Mom had been talking about Joseph and his brothers, I randomly turned to this while in bed and right at the part where he is telling his brothers about his dreams and I laughed right out loud and didn't even expect to. I don't know why, but it struck me as so funny this last time, this idea of Joseph saying, wide-eyed and unthinking, "Hey GUYS, guess what?! I had this dream that we all had sheaves of wheat and your sheaves all bowed down to MY sheaf!" And then the other one, I laughed at that dream too.

The other thing I saw, in connection with someone royal, or flashing through briefly when I thought about something to do with someone royal, was of some kind of piece of green glass. But I have absolutely no clue what it was about. I don't know if it is something one of them owns, or was given, or saw, or if, randomly, some other idea just happened to flash up to me when I barely thought something. I wasn't thinking of anything important. I just saw what looked like clear green glass. I felt, in that moment, it had to do with them bc that's when I saw it, but I might be wrong. It wasn't super pale green, it was about medium to darker in hue, and clear, not opaque glass. I was walking and I wasn't talking to anyone, it just sort of flashed in front of me. My idea, after seeing it, was that it was given to someone as a gift, but I might be wrong. I thought it had something to do with Valentines Day bc I'm pretty sure that's the day I saw this. Maybe it was just in the surroundings, or maybe someone projected it--I don't know. I only know for sure that it was clear green glass of some kind.
While sitting I met a man who asked if I was Russian. I haven't heard that in a really long time. I said no and he said I had the same features. He said his wife was Ukrainian. I then heard him speak Russian and it sounded perfect even though I don't know how I would know, bc I don't hear it very much. But then he said it was interesting I said so bc her father, who is Russian, heard him and thought the same thing. He told me about some famous Russian music, that is pop oriented, and has the metaphor of rain being played by strings of the wind. I asked him how he had met his wife and he said they wrote letters.

After he left I turned to the Bible, not trying to get anything, but just reading bc I was waiting for wifi to come back up again and I turned to Psalm 107 and then I opened up to a passage about brothers and letters.

I Thessalonians 5:25-28: "Brothers, pray for us. Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss. I charge you before the Lord to have this letter read to all the brothers. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."

Then I met a man who was having problems with his internet connection who sold Bibles for a time and I tried to help him with the internet but didn't know how to fix it (it wasn't just a simple task, at least not for me) and then he gave me the website 3ABN which is a broadcasting channel for pastors and missionaries. He had gone to med school but had a calling for ministry he said. So I typed it in and it has Russian stuff too.

Which, I suppose, makes me think about these Ukraine/Russian brothers, one who is going to missions I guess. I mean, naturally, I think of this.

I had started to feel a sad or bad vibe about 1 or 1:30, for some reason and called to find out how my son was doing. I just sensed a shift in something and it worried me because I didn't know who was affected by what. I think I didn't feel any better after I had just dropped a knife I used for my cherry pastry right at the foot of the guy with the Russian accent. I thought, "Not good" (it was still red with cherry stuff on it probably) and then called about my son and he was "listening to music". I said what and was told, "3 blind mice (see how they run, they all ran after the farmer's wife who cut off their tails with a carving knife...)...

I am not making a lot about nothing and I'm not superstitious but I felt disconcerted to drop a knife and think about it and then find out my son was listening to a song about knives. I don't want my son to hear that song! I don't care if it's a nursery rhyme
The green glass, might have had facets but I don't know. I am only sure of the color and that it was clear. I don't think it was a piece of jewelry bc it seemed larger, like the size of a cup or small bowl or item but I really do not know. It was just a flash and knowing of green, and glass, and clear.

No, I can't look.

I went to the English monarchy website page for the first time in almost a month (?) and saw Q. Elizabeth's turquoise dress (same color as the flecks of paint I cleaned the other day)and pin, and then saw a line about Prince William being appointed a guard of irish something or other and I just had to click out.

I am almost afraid of finding out something is right again.

It could have been something with someone else though. That's the thing. Okay, okay, it came to mind when I thought about William. But it was a very quick passing general thought and I was thinking about all of them, literally. The minute that I saw the green glass impression was with him though, but it could have been mixed up with time.

I'm too weirded out to know. I read this line now about him and something Irish and this makes me think green and I just can't know.

I don't want to be tortured again, by the way, or targeted by the voodoo people.

I am not trying to see anything. Maybe it was someone else though, and it just coincided, the picture flash, with something I picked up from someone else.

At first I thought maybe it was green carnival glass, an antique or vintage kind of glass that was being used and then I wondered if it was some kind of gift made of green glass that William gave Kate for V day because I saw it on V day and it happened to coincide with a passing thought about this family and when I got to him. I'm 100% positive it was glass and not plastic and not opaque. My mother collects a green kind of vintage glass that is opaque and sort of a cream-green color and this was not it at all.

It was some kind of variant of this level of hue:,r:1,s:0&biw=739&bih=310.

Could have been slightly different shade but this is the level of hue (is that correct...hue? for light, medium, dark?) and could have been darker but it was clear glass as this is clear. When I saw it in connection with William, it made me think, "Why did I see this green glass?" I thought of him first and then the glass came up. So since it was Valentine's Day, I thought, "maybe he gave something to Kate that was made out of green glass?" or thought he had been around something green.

I was attempting to have any impressions or images at all. I didn't pray about it, or think very hard at all. It was idle musings while I walked back, I think Valentines Day, at night, after I got off work. Which was between 11 and 12 p.m. my time, CST. This was what time I was walking.

I thought about my son, my family, the current events, and a whole bunch of things but I got the impression when I drifted to William, but I'm trying to figure it out as much as anyone else, because it's possible I got it from someone else, who is connected I guess. I don't know why I got it at all.

But then when I went to a byline about how William was named Colonel of Irish Guard, which makes me think green, I just do not even want to know.

It's where, I am picking out menus and don't know why and then realize, I am freaking myself out and I don't care to notice if I am wrong or right about what I get.

I don't know if anyone ever feels this way...curious to a point and then when struck by the idea of getting close, freaks out? Hmm, what's around the corner???...OH...MY...GOSH....


I don't even want to know, right now, when he became this colonel and how long ago or how recent it was. Some other day (when I work up the nerve).

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