Monday, February 14, 2011

Tanesha Canzater: Favors For Others

This woman was assigned to me, to screw things up for me and my son from Day One.

She refused to request information that I needed for my case right from the start and I suggested she might have a conflict of interest if she went to a Benedictine college. Her other colleges were Baptist, but I have no idea what her actual political connections are.

She said she has ties to Washington D.C. and I have no idea what kind of people she has ties to there.

What I do know, is that she refused to request evidence that I let her know about and then, she sent me an email on the 11th, which I just got this morning, telling me she has only 1 week to file an opening brief for "appeal".

This is not right and I am very close to swearing but not going to swear.

She writes, in her email, that she couldn't "get ahold of" me and she "tried to call in November" and yet all along she's had my email address.

If I have a lawyer who knows they have "deadlines" and that they need to talk to their client about things, wouldn't any normal lawyer contact that person by email?

She has had 4 months, since November, to send me an email.


And she never thought about sending a simple email???

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