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Public Corruption: FBI definition (by Mr. St. Patrick)

I'm going to post what the FBI's own words and definition on public corruption are.

And then I'm going to send them my report to investigate and have my son immediately turned over to his rightful guardian.

Here's the link which they use to claim Public Corruption is their "top priority":

Why? Because it affects everything.

Here is the link where they describe how this is a top priority, and why, and gives a brief description:

I am going to cut and paste some of it right here so people don't even have to look it up:Home • News • Stories • 2010 • March • Public Corruption: Our Top Criminal Priority
Public Corruption a Top Priority
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Public Corruption
Why It’s Our #1 Criminal Priority


Public corruption is a breach of trust by federal, state, or local officials—often with the help of private sector accomplices. It’s also the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority. To explain why the Bureau takes public corruption so seriously and how we investigate, we talked with Special Agent Patrick Bohrer, assistant section chief of our Public Corruption/Civil Rights program at FBI Headquarters.
Question: Why is public corruption so high on the FBI’s list of investigative priorities?
Answer: Because of its impact. Corrupt public officials undermine our country’s national security, our overall safety, the public trust, and confidence in the U.S. government, wasting billions of dollars along the way. This corruption can tarnish virtually every aspect of society. For example, a border official might take a bribe, knowingly or unknowingly letting in a truck containing weapons of mass destruction. Or corrupt state legislators could cast deciding votes on a bill providing funding or other benefits to a company for the wrong reasons. Or at the local level, a building inspector might be paid to overlook some bad wiring, which could cause a deadly fire down the road.

Special Agent Patrick Bohrer

Q: Can you describe the kinds of public corruption that the FBI investigates?
A: It really runs the gamut. Bribery is the most common. But there’s also extortion, embezzlement, racketeering, kickbacks, and money laundering, as well as wire, mail, bank, and tax fraud. Right now, based on our intelligence on emerging trends, we are focused specifically on several major issues: corruption along our national borders; corrupt officials who take advantage of natural disasters or economic crises to divert some of the government’s aid into their own pockets; and a myriad of officials who may personally benefit from the economic stimulus funding.

Q: Where do you find this corruption?
A: Just about everywhere—at the federal, state, and local levels throughout the country. And I should point out, the vast majority of our country’s public officials are honest and work hard to improve the lives of the American people. But a small number make decisions for the wrong reasons—usually, to line their own pockets or those of friends and family. These people can be found—and have been found—in legislatures, courts, city halls, law enforcement departments, school and zoning boards, government agencies of all kinds (including those that regulate elections and transportation), and even companies that do business with government.

Q: How does the FBI investigate public corruption?
A: We’re in a unique position to investigate allegations of public corruption. Our lawful use of sophisticated investigative tools and methods—like undercover operations, court-authorized electronic surveillance, and informants—often gives us a front-row seat to witness the actual exchange of bribe money or a backroom handshake that seals an illegal deal…and enough evidence to send the culprits to prison. But we have plenty of help. We often work in conjunction with the inspector general offices from various federal agencies, as well as with our state and local partners. And we depend greatly on assistance from the public. So let me end by saying, if anyone out there has any information about potential wrongdoing by a public official, please submit a tip online or contact your local FBI field office. Your help really makes a difference.

- Public corruption
What I find interesting is that this article was written in March of 2010 which is when my rights were terminated on "St. Patricks Day". The agent featured in this article is named Patrick.

Is Patrick a liason to the public or a problem?

To me it's almost a sick joke that while someone named Patrick wrote an article about public corruption being top priority, in MARCH of 2010, I was being handed termination of my rights on St. Patrick's Day, in 2010, at the very same time. It looks like a sick joke to me. And then I was being served with some guy wearing a T-shirt that said "truth" on it with a big cross. Really lovely display.

I was served on March 17th, 2010. "Patrick" wrote his article on March 23, 2010.

And what has happened since? I've been blocked by the FBI, from making my report of public corruption and told to go to a hospital that had people who then sent me to a mental ward to be assaulted.

If the FBI is not guilty of public corruption itself, it will investigate what it says it investigates. And it will make MY son a "top priority".

Patrick Boher is the assistant section chief at the FBI headquarters in D.C., for the "Public Corruption" department.

Something is really starting to stink.

According to Patrick, the FBI can investigate ANY kind of public corruption. Not just bribes. They, according to him, investigate use of monies to profit pockets on an interstate level, and this is RICO. CPS actions fit the definition of RICO. They took federal money and used it to profit themselves financially, and committed crime of obstruction of justice and collusion to set me up for arrest. There were bribes in my case, I just can't prove it. But I can prove a lot of other things.

The FBI in Nashville tried to say, "We don't investigate this kind of thing" and I am looking up all the definitions of what they DO investigate before I make a point of showing Knoxville what's going on and how it needs to be investigated.

If Nashville was being blocked, maybe we can look at Patrick and find out what organizations he belongs to and if the pot is calling the kettle black (so to speak).

CPS committed racketeering and fraud.
CPS committed obstruction of justice: destruction of evidence and omission of evidence.
CPS committed fraud by claiming they had a right to contact Canada about me when they had no right. CPS had no case against me and no new report was made. There was no investigation. CPS had no authority to jump at me after I left the country. They defrauded Canadians by defaming me and claiming they had authority they did not have.

CPS defrauded the public by taking and using public monies to pad their own checks and give them work to do, by claiming they were using federal money for a state case against me. They had no case. They then spent more money on MY case than any other case in the history of CPS. All, to profit the AG and workers involved and using public taxpayer money. I never saw a penny of it and I never saw any of it go to any decent public defense lawyer for me or my son. We were forced to go without if we didn't go along with a lie.

CPS committed racketeering by use of federal money that was sent from the East Coast to the West Coast, to pay for this case, which never should have happened. The money was received by mail or wire and crossed state lines and was used not for the purpose intended but to discriminate against me, harass and abuse me and my son, and to defraud the public and give them work.

CPS deliberately set me up and conspired with certain Canadians, to have me arrested in Canada.

I don't know what the technical or legal word for this is yet.

If it applies to a regular citizen, who decides to stage something and have someone arrested when they didn't do anything wrong, what is it called? What crime is committed?

Is it fraud? because of false claims and allegations? In some cases it's blackmail but they didn't consult me on the matter except to try to intimidate and pressure me to voluntarily leave Canada when I had a right to be there.

When I didn't go voluntarily, when I was legally there, they had me jailed on false charges. In a way, that was almost blackmail or coercion. "If you don't leave on your own, we'll find a way to get you out."

I just talked to someone with the police department and they said if someone tried to set another person up for a crime they didn't commit, they thought it was "Fraud".

This is what I think it falls under as well. So that would mean CPS also committed fraud by colluding with others to lie and claim I did something illegal and the fact that they engaged others is conspiracy or collusion to commit a crime (of fraud). This would also include collusion to commit the crime of kidnapping.

My son was kidnapped from me by fraudulent means.

The only reason the FBI wouldn't want to investigate this is if THEY had something to do with it and in that case, if some of them have something to HIDE, they wouldn't want anyone to investigate what really went down.

Let's see what the FBI definitions for "Fraud" and "Conspiracy" and "Kidnapping" are.

I called the D.C. headquarters and was transfered to the "Public Corruption" voicemail. I left a message with my phone number, asking someone to call me to let me know who the director of this department is. I tried to find it online and can't find it. I know Patrick is some kind of assistant chief but I want to know who the director for this unit is.

My report is going there.

Nashville was talking to, or going to, D.C. anyway, and then they had a part in my defamed to a nuthouse where I was assaulted. So I will send my report to Knoxville and D.C., in writing, and if they choose not to take action, I will then take proof of my mailing to the AG Holder's offices and copy the President of the U.S. and some of Bush's people.

The U.S. has the authority and obligation to demand answers, to investigate, and to return my son, who is a victim of crime. I have a right to have my son returned to me without further delay.

I do not have to go through an appeals process where the criminal aspects are not even looked at or address. There is NO "civil case" against me when crime was committed to get a fraudulent case set up against me to begin with.


I do not need "services" and govt. workers cannot require services for something they put into place by criminal and fraudulent means to begin with.

Jumping through hoops? on appeals? for WHAT? I am jumping through imaginary hoops that CPS set up to look real.

THEY are the criminals. THEY are the ones in need of services. I believe they should not be employed without services and all of them need psych evals. Actually, scrap that. They just need to be thrown out. I wouldn't give them any chances. They had a ton of chances with me and they blew every single one. They need to be out of there.

I would go through this set up "appeals" process for what? to be told they did something wrong legally on a legal point and that I need to go back and do "services" and THEY have to give ME another "chance?"

THEY are not giving ME the chances. I don't need any "chances" and I don't need ANY of their "services". I was the one giving them CHANCES and they blew it.

THEY took my son illegally and committed fraud. Then they spent millions keeping me down and covering up what they had done, all at taxpayer expense.

THEN, the federal government actually goes in and signs a new treaty on MY BIRTHDAY, about transfer of children from other countries, because they KNEW they screwed up and didn't have it in place and they used MY BIRTHDAY for this.

All the while, the clock is ticking on MY SON's statute of limitations for medical malpractice.

They have colluded to string this out to keep me from being the legal guardian with authority to file a medical malpractice suit on behalf of my son.

This benefits insurance companies and medical professionals who have lied about me from the first day, and their lawyers as well.

My son is almost 5 years old. These people stole 3 1/2 years of my life and his life from me, and paved the way for others to slide into positions they had no right to take.

I was told kids have a statute of limitations of about 7 years but from what I'm reading, it's 3 years unless there are extenuating circumstances and it's tolled from the time of discovery.

These people in Washington deliberately stalled on my timeline and kept my son out of my guardianship.

If I don't sue for medical practice, I will make sure people go to jail for collusion to prevent me from filing a case on behalf of my son, and I have evidence for it.

And if anyone dares to block me further, I am giving only a short amount of time for someone to initiate an investigation and if nothing is done, I will take my documentation to the UN for human rights.

I want my son returned to me AT ONCE.

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