Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do Not Want Oliver With Avilas: Integrity Crime With State

I do not want my son to be with the Avilas.

I have been sensing an urgency once again, that he needs to be returned to me, and I am his only legal guardian and I never gave up parental rights.

My parental rights were illegally and criminally taken from me.

This is not a matter of civil rights or lawsuit. It involves crime, and it is crime that needs to be investigated.

Going to an appellate attorney is pointless. This case is NOT about something that should concern an appellate court, or Judge, or this justice system.

This is a matter that requires intervention by the FBI, and yet because some within the FBI have put themselves "in the way", they have made it nearly impossible for anyone to investigate other agents for misconduct and abuse of their authority.

My son has been abused since he was taken from me. The state workers even abused him, through even their treatment of him in giving him rides to the state offices. They have so distorted my son's concept of reality and trust, and damaged him emotionally to such degree, it is a very serious concern.

When I heard the last service, about integrity, it focused on the readings they had had for the week before. So it wasn't planned for me. But all I could think about was the FBI. How some within the FBI set me up to land in a nuthouse, and then defamed me again, and all of this, after I tried to make just an initial report.

Why isn't the FBI investigating "the truth" and why are they unwilling to even take my report when my concerns and facts fall within their jurisdiction?

This is not a civil matter.

It is a "civil matter" if someone didn't "do the law right", as in, made some mistakes of error, or negligence.

In this case, there are civil complaints, but these fall second to crime.

Crime was committed in taking my son from me, and keeping him from me.

When crimes are committed, they must be investigated by those who handle criminal cases. The problem seems to be that some who are in the FBI are worried they are going to be in trouble so they are trying to get orders top-down to protect them.

I'm not going to sue the "agency" if the "agency" as a whole, does the right thing. I have no desire to sue the entire FBI. However, certain persons acting as agents, if they have obstructed justice, they need to get out or be put out.

If the FBI is harboring some within the CIA or another agency, this is also not a marker of integrity. It would be a mark of a conflict of interest.

My son has suffered enough and there is no legal or justifiable reason for him to continue to suffer.

I think about urging peace and process for the Egyptians, in ousting their president, to allow a peaceful withdrawal or end, because I think it might be better than their demanding he just step out.

But then I think, I don't know...has their president committed crimes? I mean, if he hasn't and there is a disagreement and that's all, they should allow for peaceful withdrawal. But when I think about my own son, and what has been done with HIM, and when I know crime has been committed, why would I think to go to appellate courts when it is just a joke. Appellate courts do not investigate crimes nor do their overturn bad decisions because of crime.

It is the job of the FBI to investigate domestic crimes of public corruption, even if it includes members of their own agency.

That said, Egypt's concerns are out of my hands or opinion because I don't know all the details. If there is a way to allow this President out peacefully, this should be done. They should wait a little longer. But if there has been crime, why should they wait? The law was broken.

Maybe Egyptian citizens would allow the President to stay in office until the end of the term if he at least forbade the torture of people and overturned the "emergency law" that sounds like it became corrupt. If he made steps to show wrongs were going to be corrected by him, within his own power, they should give him a chance to do this.

But as for making quick judgments, I can't do that anymore, even as a layperson who doesn't know very much about politics.

What I know in the U.S., is that civil disagreements or matters go before civil court. Criminal matters go before law enforcement or investigative agencies, for prosecution.

What someone or some group thought they could get away with, was making a lot of sly moves in the legal aspects of this case, while trying to torture me and my son to cover up for the criminal actions that were taken which were totally illegal.

My son is almost 5.

I do everything for him. I went out tonight, not for me, or to find a date, or even for social reasons. I went out for him alone, hating the necessity of not just having work and normal things falling into place and hating the idea of "networking" but finding it essential to potentially helping me to help my son. I don't enjoy this motive and if it were up to me, I'd keep to myself until I felt I could get the basics in order and then allow other things to come naturally, with no motive other than pure enjoyment of company.

But I am forced into the strangest circumstances, where I choose between going to a women's shelter by curfer, or eating with strangers in the hope that maybe if I'm funny enough, or nice enough, someone somewhere will help me to help my son.

This is wrong.

This is wrong that the FBI has put me in this position.

I am not thinking of myself when I socialized or went out. There was wine and I love having a glass of wine and I know for a fact that I would have been better company if I'd had a glass. But I chose not to, because this is not a time for celebration. This, for me, is about my son.

My son needs me and wants to be with me and I stay in this shelter where people hit their kids right in front of me, and say horrible things to them. They are single women, living in a shelter, who don't always have the best parenting skills. And I think to myself under what grounds MY son was taken from ME when i am a very GOOD and practiced mother. It should make anyone with any heart, sick.

The State of Washington blocked my son from seeing or hearing from his own mother. If this is "in his best interests" and if anyone believes it, they are corrupt as well. Not one thing the State of Washington has done has been in my son's best interests and they engaged people in military to protect their decision-making and actions.

If the U.S. allows things like this, and the FBI and governing bodies do nothing about it, the U.S. is preparing itself for a revolt just like we've seen in Tunisia and Egypt. I expect at least the bare minimum, and that would mean no crime against kids, or damages resulting from crimes by public officials.

We want justice.

The next time I am going to the FBI, it is with my complaint in writing and with a team of people who are willing to stand by me and go with me in person.

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