Friday, February 4, 2011

Mail Problem & Someone Shutting Down My Laptop

Someone has been obnoxiously and maliciously shutting down my computer all day today.

Repeatedly this morning, making it impossible for me to look up information I needed prior to starting a new job.

And then I found out someone maliciously tampered with my mail services again so I'm not getting documents I need today, as I expected and paid for.

Not to mention, some totally obnoxious special on t.v. with a lot of innuendo re. a certain matter.

At least I knew to call first, and find out what was going on. And I found out that my mail is not there as it was supposed to be.

They're going to call if something changes and I have to check on other things, but if it doesn't show up, this would be yet one more proof that my mail gets tampered with and this happened with my legal mail ALL THE TIME when I was supposedly being mailed "discovery", LATE, from Washington state to D.C., and it would never come.

The State of Washington got away with never mailing me legal documents in time and they didn't even send me the discovery until it was TOO LATE for me to even appeal a certain part of the case.

Half the time, I wasn't getting my mail at all.

I am just hoping it gets found.

At least, someone quit doing some of the other tech stuff that they were doing earlier this morning. I got up early to discover someone or some group was just expecting this and were waiting to start up problems.

I am not having as many problems for the last hour or two (since 8 or 9).

I just changed the news station too. I saw a good show on human trafficking and then I switched to Rachel Ray. Cooking stuff again. First I saw some human trafficking until a cup was given and then some kind of a basket and roses with RR.

I guess I could add that to my resume, that I like food, along with painting, and I forgot about dancing but that might be too much.

I can't believe I'm a vegetarian. I mean, not forever, but until my son is with me I am. It's so strange bc it's been more than a month now. I did the serious fast with hardly any food at all and then just settled on not eating meat for the extended fast. It was pretty hard to "do my ugly" too. With no make up at all. That is very embarrassing.

I think I'm just turning it all off though. Or I guess I have my music on so I'm not paying attention.

I went to music and picked this one that said it was "Did you feel the mountains tremble" and it's someone doing it in sign language with a dove on her shirt. No, it's not a dove, it's a state.

Then I found "I Love You Lord":

I wonder where this is...I like how they did the aerial filming.
There is supposedly "no clue" where my mail is.

This was important mail, and being sent out of Wenatchee, WA.

It was sent expedited and someone forgot to put a tracking number on it.

It was supposed to arrive today by 10:30 a.m. at the latest and it's not there.

Not only that, I may have to make a report to law enforcement or someone about it because it contained personal ID.

I kept being asked, by the Post Office worker over here, for a number, and there isn't one, but if anything, someone could track why my mail would just go missing when it was paid for to be expedited.

If someone thought they could take my mail because no one would know, or find out, they will be wrong about that.

So I hope it shows up.

Someone knows exactly where it is and they are deliberately keeping me from getting it on time. It's probably sitting on a white shelf somewhere and the postal worker knows EXACTLY where it is.

I want that birth certificate to SHOW UP TODAY.

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