Wednesday, February 2, 2011

High Cholesterol & Anorexia/ Fasting & Organic Farm Food

I am trying to get my cholesterol levels down but at least my good cholesterol is almost as high as the bad.

I was sort of wondering if maybe my cholesterol shot up because of my fast.

I read that high cholesterol is paradoxically connected to anorexia and I'm not anorexic, but I was thinking that since I had not been eating for almost a whole month (or more) in my fasting, that this is partly what caused it.

My mother also has genetically high cholesterol and she's in good shape, but I said to her, "Maybe it's partly because you skip breakfast a lot? or a meal now and then?"

I swear, I had very little food for a whole month, but it was so great, my energy and clarity. I did eat here and there but not a lot and I was losing a lot of weight, so maybe my body thought I was an anorexic. !

I had oatmeal this morning, cinnamon in my coffee, and bought apple cider vinegar with honey drink. I think wine would help cut it too but I don't want to drink alcohol right now so vinegar is probably one of the better things. Also, I was craving avocados yesterday and got a 5 layer bean dip with lots of guacamole and then found out it's a good remedy for cholesterol...beans and avocado.

At this potluck I went to, I ate a little of everything. I tried some kind of kim-chi that I liked and that had vinegar in it. There was a red kim-chi which I didn't have and then I had this other kind that had a lot of cabbage and was more of a white kim-chi. And I had these japanese white radishes that I liked for the piquancy and then I couldn't believe these yams that were right out of a garden. They were just yams or sweet potatoes, with a little salt, and the best sweet potatoes I've ever had. He picked out the small ones and said they were an heirloom variety but I forgot the name. Everything was good. A lot of the produce was organic or coming from communal organic farms.

Anyway, I started thinking about cholesterol and ways to cut it today. I read it should be at about 200 and mine was 320. ?!

I had someone tell me it was worthless to estimate what my real cholesterol was without fasting first though. I guess you fast and then have it analyzed. I didn't do this--I was eating and then just had my blood drawn.
One other thing I discovered was when I was talking about the Indian artifacts at the museum in TN, and this guy who studied anthropology said there may have been a mayan link to TN and that the same kinds of artifacts have been found in Mayan ruins and also in TN but no one has been able to explain the link. He commented on this when I said I had been surprised because some of the artificats looked more "Mayan" or "Aztec" to me than what I would think of as traditionally "Native American".

I thought this was kind of exciting and mysterious at the same time. So I was trying to look up more about it. I am also happy (of course, like anyone) when I feel like maybe I am "on the trail" or the right track for something even if I don't really know it.

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