Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Morning & impression of pearls

I worked last night and it felt great. It takes awhile getting back into the swing, but I really enjoy the flow of going through the right door, i.e., finding the best ways to be efficient and do many things at once and work on memory. I made very good tips for the number of tables (1-2 but sometimes just had 1). I guess 54% or so.

Today has been somewhat problematic with technology stuff going on. And not low level stuff either. I've been away from a computer all day but other things have been going on and then I had the droopy eye from it too. It mainly happened when I was in stores. It was the sharp pang on the side of my head, and it is NOT a medical problem. I know exactly what it is, and it is military or gang, period.
At least, in general, where I've been sleeping has been somewhat safer than the last location. I'm actually sleeping, whereas at the other location, I wasn't getting any sleep at all. It was horrible. I noticed a ocuple of small things with my new location that might be making a difference...and I was relieved to have the same bunk again because of it. For one thing, and I don't want to say much, but it's up against another wall and not facing the great outdoors or city. So it's blcoked and enclosed by a wall. Maybe it's making a difference. The other thing (?) is that there is a lot of metal in different parts of the rooms and maybe being next to it keeps the metal in my neck from being detected. It may sound crazy...NO, it WILL sound crazy to most people, but military will know exactly what I'm talking about. Also, there are different people in the room so I'm sure that could have something to do with it too. I don't know. It's just better.

I got my ID card and it's terrible. I had other things happening there and the photo is the same one as my passport photo: dazed and confused (and not cute either). I just took it and thought I can always have it redone. I can only say it's effects of Haldol and I'm having photos redone when it wears off. Also, I was going to wear black and I ended up just flying back in all tousled up and with my clothes mismatched and just had to have it done.

The verse I pulled out of the basket was "Whatsoever things are pure and lovely, think on these things..." (that one). "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me--put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you." Philippians 4:8-9

Anyway, things are not "better" at night because I got shot up with Haldol either. Things were worse when I got back until I was in a different room and then it was better.

I had one impression awhile ago which I can share I'm sure. It wouldn't be a big deal I don't think.

It was awhile ago and I can look up when (last week) and I saw a sheer scarf or veil studded with pearls. It was sort of deja vu, like I'd seen it before somewhere but I don't think so, for some reason.

I think it was a scarf rather than a curtain or piece of fabric or something. It was very light ivory and sheer or see-through, and it wasn't cheaply done. It looked expensive to me. The pearls were elaborate. Sort of a pearl encrusted veil or scarf but I guess the material had to be strong enough to support the pearls somehow. But it was see-through (sheer).

I thought maybe it wasn't a real impression but I think it was. And then after I had the impression I noticed the woman I was sitting behind had a scarf on with roses knitted into it with tiny black beads in the center.

I am sure it was either a projection that someone was hoping I would catch, or it was seen through my mind's eye by someone I am somehow connected to for some weird reason.

It was after I was training at the restaurant because I wrote down the impression onto the front of the cover of the training manual. I asked someone, "What time is it?" and they told me and I wrote it down. I THINK it was 7:45 p.m. CST but I will check what I wrote down. I just checked. It wasn't 7:45, it was 6:45.

I didn't see it stationary. I saw it as if someone had picked it up and that was how I could see through it and knew it was sheer as it wasn't lying down. I didn't see any people or hands or anything else...just this part of fabric.

I'd like to know who this is that I am connected to, to figure out why. Maybe I get different things though, from different people. This is probably true, since I saw my Dad's seafood linguine one day (but that was when I was wondering what he was eating...). In this situation, I wasn't trying to think of anything at all. It just came to me and I couldn't help but see it and then after I saw it, THEN this woman in front of me leaned forward and I noticed that her knitted scarf had roses and a tiny black bead in the middle which made me wonder if what I had seen had been a scarf, a veil, or something else. I didn't really see any glittery stuff, like sequins or anything. I think it was just mainly pearls but they had their own sheen.

Anyway, I can't just find things or know things automatically. A few things come to me out of the blue, like this pearl material, but then other things are just lost to me unless I am focusing and praying and asking and even then I don't always get something. Sometimes I do things without even knowing too, like somehow know something but I don't know how or why I know or even realize i know until later.

Anyway, I don't remember which night it was that this happened. I was sitting behind a boy (teen or pre-teen) who had a white t-shirt on and then his mom was to the right of him, in front of me, and she had her long hair back and the scarf. I was on the far left side of the room toward the front, a few rows back and near the aisle. I know that I didn't see the detail on her scarf first. I saw the other impression first, and I guess it was like a vision in the sense of really seeing something, but I knew it wasn't there in front of me, however I saw it as if I were the one looking at it...It was a "picture" that was there for just a few seconds and then I wondered where it had come from because I hadn't seen anything like that all day or online or anything.

I remember I turned around to the women behind me and asked what time it was, right away, because it was so strange, and then I wrote it down with...actually, if I look at the ink I might know what day it was.

It was written with a black pen and I think the pen was one I had used at work that this trainer, J, gave me. I can't remember though. I may have borrowed a pen to just write that down. I guess others would remember which evening it was--I just remember the people I was sitting around and what we talked about.

Frankly, I don't think the State of Washington can keep my child from me by claiming I have mental illness when THEY know I don't. THEY used to test me on things even inn COURT, and I am not kidding. At the same time they were lying and claiming there was something wrong with me, they were waiting to see what I said and wore and if it matched their and someone else's "psychic predictions".

I have proven enough to show that there are too many times where I have "hit" on something and it's not craziness either.

I last saw my own mail around white stuff (other mail and maybe painted metal) and it was true. It could have been anywhere but I knew it had to be around bc I "saw" it and the partial location.

Today, nothing really except I felt eyes on my back. Normally, I wouldn't notice, but I was paying attention and this guy was around a corner smoking and I didn't look at him but I somehow knew he wanted me to look or was testing me. So I kept walking, face forward for about a block and still knew he was looking at me. Finally I turned and looked directly at him and he then saw me do this and looked away. Another guy did the same thing but I didn't look back at him even though I knew he was looking.

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