Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Morning (updated)

Well, last night someone thought they would use technology during chapel and see if I confused this with the "holy spirit". I didn't. And it is a shame that those who have not yet felt the power of the holy spirit, believe the two can be confused, which means they have not yet felt this power and presence in their own lives. I hope they will, because it is better than wine. The indescribable until you have felt it. And it is very tangible and real, in every sense. Probably, the day that those who torture others have felt this power for themselves, the torture against me and my son will quit forever and they will not want to have anything to do with it. Until these people have experienced the presence of the holy spirit, maybe they have not been able to recognize what grace is yet. It is possible though, for anyone who asks, to receive. However, you might have to be prepared to have your life changed--not that you would have to work to make the changes, but things might come to you bit by bit, and then some things will be easy to change and other things will take work. The holy spirit isn't for a privileged few. It is for anyone and everyone who asks and Jesus's first disciples were regular common people. It's for everyone--privileged, non-"privileged" (by birth) and there isn't anything that distinguishes who it goes to.

This morning I got up and studied a little (more to do), and played "She Walks In Beauty" by the black peppercorns first thing this morning.

I'm sure the holy spirit was there last night, but what I noticed more was something else that wasn't holy spirit but was technology. That's what I'm trying to say.

Yesterday the verse I got from the basket was that Jesus "came to seek and save the lost" (Luke 9:10) which made me think about the one sheep He went after, leaving the rest of the flock to do so.

This morning, it is from psalms 22:26,
"The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise the Lord that seek him: your heart shall live forever."

I just looked up psalm 22 and it is set "To the tune of "The Doe of the Morning"--a psalm (song) of David. I wonder what the tune was like then.

My version, from NIV, says, "The poor will eat and be satisfied; they who seek the Lord will praise him--may your hearts live forever!"

I went online this morning and instead of going to google my computer somehow skipped all the way to my blogpost for "my sectoral heterochromia--royalty?" and reminded me to look up the 9 nialls, whoever they are.

My computer cord is still working, if I work with it. It's like the oil that keeps replenishing itself, thank goodness. I'll have to buy a new one eventually.

I looked up Niall of the 9 on wiki. I think I'd have to read it more than once to get all the names and everything. Interesting story though! It's Irish and a story about a jealous woman who forces another woman to labor hard hoping she will miscarry, and then when she doesn't miscarry but barely gives birth, she is forced to leave her child in the care of someone else and he grows up to then deliver his mother from those who tried to take their lives.

There is another part to it, where then brothers are held captive or something and are told to kiss this hag in exchange for water and they don't realize that the "hag" is actually a beautiful high priestess of Ireland. The only one who kisses her properly is Niall.

There is more to it. It's a great story though, will have to read it again. I don't think we ever covered it in high school or college classes even. It's the first I've read of it.

Niall is the son of the second woman, who the first was jealous of. She wanted her own sons to be named successors to the throne, the first wife, and was worried and jealous that Niall would rise up and take their place so this is when she went after the second woman. Then, even after he had grown up, the first still wanted her sons to win, and when Niall passed a test, choosing the best weapon from a burning forest, she still would not give in and they were forced to then get water from the hag and that's when Niall again passed the test, and this time, not knowing who the woman was, won her favor and she gave him the throne or kingdom for 26 generations.
(something like that!)

Now, I need to look up the news for today.

Oh, and the test question I was "what is added with the loaded sweet potato" and the regular potato comes with butter and cinnamon and I was told the loaded one has caramel and marshmallows added on top of this. It doesn't specify anywhere in the training manual or the menu. So I went by what I was told and wrote that it came with "butter, cinnamon, caramel, and marshmallows" and then I got it wrong because then I was told they skip the butter and cinnamon for the loaded one and just add the other stuff.

I didn't know, and no one explained it to me so I had no chance to get it right the other way. So i sort of think I got 100% based on the information I was given. ;) And this is what I mean by how I didn't forget anything.

The other thing, about my necklace being stolen...It wasn't expensive or one-of-a-kind (it was like $4 or something) so I wasn't worried that someone would take it if I left it for a minute. But they did, which I find shocking, and yet it's not like I left behind something that was valuable or couldn't be replaced. I had to buy extra ones for myself and my son when they were taken from us by WA state workers. Seriously. So I guess the other thing I can give myself credit for, is not leaving behind anything that can't be easily replaced.

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