Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Morning

I've had the song "Healing is in your Hands" yesterday and today so I decided to play it this morning and I decided to play someone else doing a cover. I really like her name: Isis Danae. What a beautiful name. If I can find a way to cut and paste for my blog again, I will do it. It's not what I expected either. I saw the byline and my eyesight must be shot...I thought it was going to be an African American woman but I didn't know. Anyway, it was this. She's from the Church in the Son, in Orlando, FL. I can't cut and paste right now.

This morning has had a Vladdie Laddie theme, sort of. I didn't know what I was going to wear ahead of time today but I dumped everything out and then folded things. It was driving me nuts having everything just stuffed into a little locker. So I took it all out and folded things and had to dress for the weather so I ended up with a wool fisherman's sweater (cream), and then my red fleece and it fell against these beige and red sneakers I had and looked decent so I thought, okay, that's what I'll wear and then I had my teal shirt out so I ended up with teal, red, and beige and cream. Teal under the cream sweater and then my fleece and blue jeans and sneakers.

I stood at the bus stop next to this woman who had a Ukraine teal/turquoise colored bag which I didn't notice until I found out some things. I stood next to her in red and right after I said, "This weather is on and off...It's soo warm one day and then a cold snap. It's like the Russian sauna treatment" and then right after this I asked where she was from, after we'd made small talk forever. She said Bahamas and from a Baptist seminary and her parents were ministers and then her dad was also a computer programmer. She didn't just tell me this stuff, it came out because I was asking her questions.

Then I got to the Y and took a more sobering verse from the basket, about Jesus being told to "prophesy" and being hit. Mark 14:61-65, "But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Are thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. Then the high priest rent his clothes, and saith, What need we any further witnesses? Ye have heard the blasphemy: what think ye? And they all condemned him to be guilty of death. And some began to spit on him, and to cover his face, and to buffet him, and say unto him, Prophesy: and then the servants did strike him with the palms of their hands."

I guess it made me think about abuse for various reasons and torture around the world and what Jesus went through. Abuse, whether someone thinks it's for the good of someone else or others, or in mocking someone, or punishing, or even in forcing children or others to do things they would not be compelled to do, by free will.

I then went to a post by "hpark004" for the song as originally recorded. Then I looked up "Isis" on wiki. And then "Danae" (the Greek myth) on wiki.

I was sort of wondering...I wonder if anyone is ever struck and forced to prophesy by others, someone who has a gift, and it is being almost coerced and a little more than coached from them. There might be situations where someone is captured or mocked but I wonder if there are also situations where someone is psychic or prophetic, child, teen or adult, and they are almost abused to be "of use".

This might be the most difficult kind of abuse to prove because most people wouldn't believe, from the start, that the person has a gift, or that it is being used without their full consent, or that it is of much importance.

For myself, I've had more than the norm of experiences, probably, than the general norm, but some people are so highly gifted...much much more than I am and it's usually a major secret or the extent of the gift is a secret. There are some who don't keep it secret and even who profit from it, but those who are used sometimes by a community or govt. or groups, I don't think they are blogging about it, in general. And I know there are people who can even predict things almost exactly and that's definitely not me. My experiences are sort of sporadic and I don't work at it at all. I've thought about if I should work at it but I don't totally know the point if I'm not paid or working in that capacity.

But outside of myself, I just wondered about these things.

In general, I thought about torture, and those imprisoned, with or without chains.

I looked up "Rabboni", a sculpture in Washington D.C. of Mary Magdalene calling out to Jesus when he had risen from the dead. It is by Gortzun Borglum and in the Rock Creek Cemetary. It's found by typing in "Rabboni" for a wiki search.

I got the idea, in my spirit, while listening to the original recording of "Healing Is In Your Hands" by christy knockels by hpark004, on youtube, I just "felt", "Rabboni!" and thought Mary Magdalene at that scene where she is crying and finds Christ there so I wanted to look up paintings of Mary M with the association "Rabboni" and I first found this sculpture.

I just now landed on Buckingham Palace. I typed in a search for "paintings of Mary Magdalene, rabboni" and got a collection of titles and clicked on one that said Mary M and the Risen Christ by Rembrandt. It's from the Royal Collection at Buckingham P. "The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen" (1638).

I found it on the site "Web Gallery of Art" and there is a section of "Girl With The Pearl Earring" by Vermeer (I think) to the left of it. Which is odd because I was thinking of Vermeer this morning while waiting for the bus, as a Vermeer construction truck went by, I thought about the painter.

I saw the painting with Jesus in the hat and thought, "Hey! That's my hat!" (my straw hat, but kidding).

I just had an impression of something but I think it was projected to me or is just imagination from listening to this song. A peach fabric or scarf and after I saw it, this woman walked by in peach so I know it has to be projected. It was like a scarf again and heavy. This one was glittering and it was more of a deep warm peach or almost salmon color and had small little jewels or sequins or something throughout the whole thing. It weighed a lot, it's heavy in the hands, but I don't know what it has in the material, whether it's tiny jewels or sequins and it was folded or rolled up and then let out to fall down.

I like looking at art while listening to music, or choosing one form of art to go with the other. That's how I like to paint, being inspired by hearing the music to unleash emotions that help me paint with my feelings, even if I don't know technique. I think a few times I stopped the music to have silence bc the music could overtake my emotions and then I sometimes overdid it, just sweeping through, "feeling" maybe too much.

When I look at these paintings with music, with the sculpture I see then Mary reaching out her hand and think how Christ had the marks in the palms of his hands, of healing. The inscription to the back of this sculpture I like as well (it's on the wiki page). In the next painting, I like some of the whimsical aspects of the painting. The way the angel is sitting. Sort of a different take. I could write more, but just looking right now.

The link to the painting I was talking about does not mention Buckingham Palace but it's at the bottom of a list. It only says Web Gallery of Art next to it and then after you click on the link it says it's in the collection of Buckingham.

I am looking now and I guess the site is linked to the web gallery of art but the site I first found the link on is at "" and is, after looking, I guess a Catholics-for-women-priests site. This is where it's found.
I was thinking about going to this open house for kids at the Waldorf school today, since I have the day off, to see if there was room, but it was last minute and I thought I might need to plan better...

I just decided to go to the list and randomly scroll down and land on the next one I should open but I just got the one by Rembrandt again. I started up this song again so I'll maybe think about it. I'm not sure what the bars of color are, when I click to enlarge there are little squares of color along the top and then I thought maybe this is categorizing what colors of paint or room this goes in, I don't know.

I tried to find it enlarged. I can't really see a good photo and my laptop is so small. Might have to look at it on a larger screen later. There is a lot of detail I can't see, like something stuck in the ground by the feet of Jesus and other things.

This last time I peered at it I thought about Christ like that, in gardener's garb and he's saying, Saturday Night Live style: "It's Me Betty, Betty, it's me!" which comes to mind as a conjuncture of someone turning to wonder what is going on and Queen Elizabeth ("betty") peering at the painting.

I had that new ship come to mind. I was wondering what she's doing or thinking and first I saw a necklace with large round beads but I don't think it was her, probably but just coincided with my thought. Then I thought about how she was shaking a little at her coronation and if this was nervousness or the holy spirit, bc the presence of the holy spirit can do this. and then there has been some technology stuff today but a few minutes ago it changed to something else and felt like someone praying.

I might be able to finally look up Obama's speech today too. I've tried to watch it more than a dozen times. And I will have to think about what my family is up to.

They were in a small town in Mexico with friends and had a good time. They went with friends that used to be neighbors and became friends. My mom wrote to tell me she had helped J. clean out stalls because they took their horses with them to their vacation house in New Mexico. Then after they visited friends in Phoenix and New Mexico, including relatives, they went to Mexico, Mexico. Algones or something like that. On the same night my mom was cleaning out stalls, I walked home at night from work and smelled horse manure downtown. But it wasn't "psychic" although I didn't know they even had their horses with them there. I just walked down the sidewalk and smelled horse manure and then the next morning I had an email from my mom about how they had been with the horses.

Anyway, they had fun in Mexico and are headed back.

I was thinking the other thing that would be cool with this song "healing in your hands" would be of life saving surgeries. I don't want to watch surgeries, personally, but it was be a cool video for some.

Then I went to "Benny Hinn" on wiki. I have heard of him but don't know anything about him. I didn't know, for example, that he was born in Israel but raised Eastern Orthodox and then became charismatic or pentacostal christian. As for healings or not, I wouldn't judge one way or the other. There may have been true healings and then other times not. God , or even healings in general, don't get cranked out like clockwork for every person. It's not like if someone has been healed by being prayed over by a person, that this person is, themselves, a cure. So it doesn't usually just happen whenever someone wants it to happen, on command. Sometimes it's just for a season too, that someone has a gift of healing, like Saul when he was given this sort of temporary gift of prophesy.

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