Friday, February 18, 2011

Invitation to Hackers (pamella coffell cover up)

I enjoyed work last night and then slept well.

Then I got dressed and wore the converse (b&w) with skinny dark blue jeans, a long sleeved black top with a brown tank underneath it and cobalt blue cashmere sweater with my scarf over it.

The scripture I got from the Y basket today was:

"For the Lord hath comforted his people, and will have mercy upon his afflicted." Isaiah 49:13b.

When I turn to my Bible I got Job 21 and then Romans 8:36, "As it is written, for your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors, through him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels or demons,neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

This last one makes me think about the Shakespeare sonnet, of "love is an ever-fixed mark"

I listened to the song about Hallelujah (worship song) and then Jesus Name Above All Names and some maranatha stuff.

Last night at work I had a humorous moment when I walked to a table to roll silverware and instead of having all of my knives in the stand-up carrier, I had them all lying down on a tray (doing things my own way, as my Dad would say). Everyone said, "Why are you doing it like that?" And I had them this way because they drain and are easier to pick up. So I had this whole tray of knives lying down flat and then laid the white napkins (large almost cloth-like napkins) over the mound of knives and carried the tray with both my hands and all of a sudden I thought, "Oh no, I look like I'm the bride in a Russian wedding." Because I suddenly thought about how this woman told me they carry a loaf of break with a white cloth that is embroidered draped over it and that's what it sort of looked like.

And then one of the forks I picked out from the pile had turqoise on it. I did the knives my way but then the guy told me the forks were dirty and if they were upright they would be cleaned better. So instead of just doing it "my way" I listened to him on that and thought it made sense and pulled down a canister that had "the fork". I decided I like the knives lying down on a tray and they can still be cleaned this way or sterilized for a rerun and then I like the forks upright. I don't like pulling out knives from a basket that are standing upright. And it feels faster to take them from a tray. But because the forks have all the prongs, if they have to be rerun, yes, I like them in upright in the basket.

This early morning I woke up and felt good energy. From somewhere, even yesterday though I wondered about the lumps on my head and felt down a little about that. I just put it out of my mind and didn't think about it. I think I could be on my deathbed and work and keep my personal life out of it. I mean, I'm usually pretty good about keeping personal stuff separate and not affecting my work at all, no matter how bad things are.

This morning I woke up and something felt peaceful and full. But it might just be local or something because sometimes I've even felt fine personally and then later found out something is wrong somewhere else.

My Mom and Dad are visting someone named Pee Wee today. Some guy named Steve, a pastor, whose wife's name is Pee Wee. I would like to know how anyone gets the name Pee Wee.

I can't think of anything funny to write about really. At one point something interesting happened at work where I ended up with a white, green, black combination when I was cleaning up and pennies, and then there was a ladybug next to me and I know it wsn't a normal ladybug but a transfered one, but only a few people will understand that. And I probably don't need to explain either.

One thing that I thought was very funny the other day, in the worst and most depressing sense, was that I was going through my email to my parents from when my son and i were really being tortured badly, and I read one byline and cracked up laughing. It was/is so extremely serious and real, but I just read this one line and it was hilarious because I sound like a total nut. The funny part, is knowing how it sounds but then after I laughed so hard, imagining how it sounded to others, I also felt sobered up because I know how intensely painful it was and what kind of torture my son and I went through. But I was reading all of these lines about "I'mm being tortured" and "need help now" and then I lashed out in one with some byline like, ..I'll have to find it.

But no, I wasn't nuts. I was not ever delusional. What happened was real.

I just went back to my email and someone has deleted important email I had saved. I found an email I had sent Pamella Coffell, who was the person to write a perjured and lying account to try to get my son from Canada. I only find one email, from after my son was already taken and I sent her and her coworkers at Wenatchee CPS, a letter before my son was ever taken.

Someone deleted all of my mail from before 2007.

I didn't delete it and it should still be there.

But this would then make sense why Pamella tried to lie and why some of the workers in Wenatchee acted like they didn't have the email I sent Pamella. They didn't want it in the record, probably, because it showed that I was the one who invited them to come visit.

I wasn't under "investigation". I had SENT THEM AN EMAIL, after one matter was "investigated" and thrown out (someone made a complaint that wasn't valid). So after they tried to come into my house on Methow, with Judge Bridge's wife standing outside wanting to be let in, I then had a communication with Coffell and sent a letter to Wenatchee CPS offices, which their AG got because they were already involved, which is why Mary Anne McIntosh said there was a conflict of interest for me to talk to her then.

So I sent this email to Pamella, and to the other woman too, before I left for Canada, which said, in effect, "You are welcome to come visit me and my son at any time, if you like and if you have any concerns, please let me know. My son and I are out in public all the time and you could observe us there or you could come to the house."

So I sent this letter to Wenatchee CPS, which they GOT RID OF or HID. And they kept it from the record because, now that I think about it, it proves that I wasn't running from anything first of all, and secondly, it even proves there wasn't really an investigation at all.

I had been the one to extend the invitation to visit, and then when they said they wanted to visit and my son and I had left to go to Canada, they made a huge deal about it, as if I was on the run, when there was no case and nothing filed, and not even an investigation at all.

Their lawyers knew this letter would be damaging after they defamed me and had me falsely arrested in Canada, so they intentionally kept it out of the record. And I was told Pamella was supposed to submit all communications with me to the AG and other CPS people but she didn't. She left my email out. And that email was in my sent box and it also went to 2 different CPS workers and possibly someone else as well.

Pamella was also the person who wrote up the allegations and all the reports that had been thrown out as unfounded, with no evidence at all, she rounded up all these past things and tried to make them sound as if they were part of an investigation when they weren't. They were concluded. You do not have an "ongoing investigation" with CPS. If there is a report and determination is made that there is nothing there, they CLOSE the whole matter.

CPS tried to make it sound as if everything was some ongoing investigation when there WAS NO investigation.

They decided, on their own, one day, to take me up on MY OFFER to visit us at the house and then when I wasn't there, they lied and claimed I was running from something when there was nothing there. And then she lied about the condition of the house.

Were my son and I being tortured at this time? Yes we were. And taking my son from me didn't help. What helped was when I left the country and got out, by removing myself and my son from the environment and people who were doing these things.

Then my parents asked why I sounded "normal" whenever I was out of Wenatchee. Because, mainly, the illegal use of military and medical technology was not being used on me and my son.

This whole case was so corrupt it's not even funny. I should have had my son returned to me within days and they covered up their perjury and my son never should have been taken to begin with.

I am sure that a computer person could dig up the email I sent to Pamella or her coworker.

Yep. And Pamella lied to my parents right from the start too. She talked to Russ Radi as well and lied. And when I saw her report, I saw she had dug herself into a hole. She told my parents that I was kicked out of Canada for being obnoxious in a hearing when I wasn't and when this wasn't what happened. She lied to keep my family alienated from me and to persuade them not to help me.

She needs to lose her job.

Her email is

Pamella is a liar. She is also a liar who testifies to courts and she is willing to perjure herself just like Michelle Erickson and the other social workers. And then Pamella tried to keep out my letter that I sent her and her coworker, because someone told her it wouldn't be good for them.

Guess who this was?

The AG.

The same AG that doesn't want citizens of Washigton state to be able to sue them. Pamella had my email and letter to her and made fun of me over it. But she and her coworker had my letter, inviting them to come to my house or observe us at other places.

When we left for Canada, who got involved? the AG. So they would have looked at all of the documents CPS had and helped instruct them on what to keep or "leave out" of the record.

The AG would have read this letter and known that if Canada or anyone else saw it, it made it sound like I wasn't on the run from anything. Maybe on the run from torture and not getting medical care, but not on the run because there was any kind of investigation.

There wasn't. There wasn't even a new report of any kind.


There had been a couple of reports in the past but everything was CLOSED because with this kind of thing, someone can call in and say, "Mr and Mrs Jones are hitting their kids" and CPS would be obligated to investigate but if there is no evidence or it's proven untrue, they then CLOSE this complaint. It's like opening and closing a bank account. It's opened, and then it's CLOSED.

You don't string along CLOSED accounts and then claim you have a case.

And when they said they wanted to come out to see the house, they were taking ME up on MY OFFER, plain and simple, which means they HAD NO OPEN cause or complaint against me. They did not open a new account at all.

They simply said "We would like to take you up on your offer" that I had extended for a DIFFERENT account when it was CLOSED. There had been a complaint and then it was ruled unfounded but I still wrote a letter saying "If you ever have concerns, anytime you would like to visit and see how I parent or see the house, please let me know."



Which means they had more motive to cover their butts than the Gengis Khan.

They kept me so traumatized that I wasn't even in a position to look at my own case because I was so emotionally distraught bc of what they had done.

Pamella needs to lose her job. Russ needs to lose his job. The AG needs their butts sued to High Heaven. The State of Washington is liable and had motive to work against me however they could, to keep me out of employment and work.

They had no open case or report against me.

They then lied and claimed they did and then colluded to set me up to be arrested. there was no other way to get my son back. Or me back. So they deliberately staged an immigration "violation" that didn't exist to create falsified grounds for arrest, for the sole purpose of hastily writing up a report and claiming there was an ongoing investigation against me when there wasn't even an investigation AT

Which is why they "lost" my letter which I sent by email.

Someone needs to hack Coffells email.

I find it strange that hotmail, which is through Microsoft, had a "loss" of all this data, which was reported in the news, from their hard drives. What kinds of things were lost and why did they have this sudden computer "glitch"?

Anyone could easily go back and find the letter I sent, most especially by going to the Microsoft servers.

My case is one of public corruption and nothing else.

I do not need ANY of their so-called "services". I need an investigation into crime committed by govt. workers.

Obstruction of justice is a crime. It is not just a civil matter, it's crime.

And those people committed way too many crimes and probably used other connections to keep me down as well. Through torture, through false imprisonments, defamation of my character--you name it.

Karen was the other employee. Her first name is Karen. I don't know yet what her last name is but I'm looking at other email (which hasn't been deleted bc it's not important).

I think it was maybe Karen Oyler. I talked to both of them.

They and the AG obstructed justice and destroyed or hid evidence and then defamed me to Canada. After this, major parties were interested in covering up what they'd done because they knew there were in this much trouble if they didn't.

Which makes me wonder again, how well Bill Gates knows the political people--AG or governor's offices, in Seattle. Unless they are going to help and pull the needle out of the haystack. That might show some independent thinking.

Yes, I am almost 99% positive it was Karen Oyler.

It was Karen Oyler and Pamella Coffell who came out on one of the "reports" and the report was CLOSED. After it was closed, I sent them an email, extending an open invitation to visit or observe me and my son at any time.

So before we went to Canada, this is what they did. They took ME up on MY invitiation.

If I didn't want to be there, I had a frickin' right not to be there and there was no NEW report and even if there HAD been, I still had the right, as legal guardian, to go wherever I wanted to go with my son.

Even though there was no new report or case, I still called Olympia CPS, which records all their calls, and asked if it was okay to leave if CPS was saying they wanted to come for a visit.

I was told "Yes."

She said, "Is there a case?" and I said I don't know what you mean because there have been reports but all were closed. She said, "Is there a Protective Order?" and I said, "What's that?" And she said, "You would know what that is if you had one. It's a paper filed that takes your guardianship away temporarily. If you had one of those, you couldn't leave but if CPS is just saying they want to stop by for a visit, and there is no protective order, you can legally leave."

I said, "To another state and even to another country?" and she said "Yes, wherever. It doesn't matter. There is no Protective Order so you have the right to take your child wherever you want to go."

There was NO case. NO new report.

There was NOTHING.

And then, when they decided they didn't like the idea of my son and I being in
Canada, where he was about to get medical care, they LIED and wrote up this horrible report of allegations, making it sound like I was deranged and there had been an "ongoing investigation" for months.

This was an outright lie.

They also lied and suggested I was on the "run from a paternal interest" and they already this this was also untrue.

They went out to the house and they didn't even have evidence of a "dirty house". Someone took photos and the AG said leave them out. Why? Because there was nothing there.

If they had "evidence" of neglect or bad conditions, they would put it in the file, because all they did was lie about what they supposedly "found" but they didn't even put their photos into the record to back themselves up.

They had NOTHING.

Having NOTHING, they then set about discussing with certain Canadians, on how to SET ME UP, on purpose, to force me and my son back to Washington, where people could control things.

I found out about "the photos" at the Termination Trial. I was told, "Yes, we took photos." I said, "Why didn't you use them?" and they said, "Our AG thought they were inadmissable."

Inadmissable? Really? Or was it just that it HURT their case to include those photos?



then all they did was claim I was nuts, which helped who? THEM. And then when I tried to get the psych eval, THEY stalled for almost a YEAR and forced me to not have a lawyer and then terminated my rights. They knew my son was suffering needlessly. And all they cared about were themselves.

If the "photos" that had been taken had been INCLUDED in the report, it would have made Pamella Coffell's report weak. She could write, "There was garbage 4 ft high in the backyard" and then anyone could look at the photos and see what this meant was that there were a couple of tied up trash bags that stood 2 feet tall which were leaning up away from the house and next to a burning barrel.

"Inadmissable" my foot.

The AG deliberately kept photos out of the record because it proved they were all criminals. They had kidnapped my son under auspices of legality when there was nothing there.

Then all my public defenders did NOTHING to help but only tried to cover up for their buddies, because THEY were all scared to death of being caught and outed, and losing their houses and jobs because of what they had done.

It was in all of their best interests to lie and say I was mentally ill. That helped THEM.

They strung this case out to expire deadlines and give them time to get their gangsters and corporate criminals to destroy evidence. Then they tortured and intimidated people to keep people down and from talking. I was kept out of housing and out of work, and jailed whenever it looked like I might be getting work. I was kept out of my right to unemployment monies, and had people dropping the ball all over the place, for the sole purpose of using me and my son, and covering up for the criminal actions of others.
I tried listening to this one Russian song that was recommended to me, about the rain played by strings of the wind but I don't know if I got the right one. This one is "Moon and Stars" (Luna i Zvezdy).

It got stopped at the part where it says "focused and happy eyes" but I am waiting to hear the rest of it.
Got a new mail from my mom and she says she accidentally put Steve but it's Denise and pee wee and Pee Wee is some 4'10 mexican woman who "held her own with gangs" until she became a christian...did really well with everyone or something. And then they're visiting my grandma Rosella and John (rosella is my mexican-american grandmother on my Dad's side, by marriage, and then dolores is my caucasian-american grandmother, biologically, on my dad's side), (they're in New Mexico, having a good time I think). I think they went into Mexico already, to some Alga place by the border.
This cnn article about the news reporter with the migraine cracks me up. She looks so wide eyed and polished in the photo they put up of her and then to imagine what happened, and what people might have been thinking. Migraines are serious!
This russian song doesn't say anything about rain on strings so I can tell it's diffeent. Would like to find the other one. But I like this one too. I think he said the rain on strings one is pop.

I am wondering if it's this Ukrainian song "letters" so I'm trying to play it. But maybe it's a different moon song. Will look up later. The children's one made me smile. Anyway, I think someone who is Russian is saying nyet! and grumbling in Russian that I am not remembering which song it is. I don't think it's this one. Oh well, I'm having problems with the youtube playing right now.

The other day I had a vague impression of English (british) men talking and then right after this, I ran into someone from the UK but it was like these guys were at a distance. I think it was when I was at the Y and ran into someone or when I was on the way to the chapel and someone English was there last for the icon shop. She had an english accent...I can't remember. Just sort of a couple of guys talking together.

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