Friday, February 18, 2011

Technology problems again

I have not had any technology problems for a few days. Until now, tonight, at almost 6 p.m.

Someone decided to start things up again after my last post. Also, the burning thing with use of technology started again and I was trying to upload 2 more photos of me for my son bc I'm smiling more in them and someone was keeping me from posting them and totally rearranged the structure of the Blogger.

It wasn't taking photos like normal or doing anything that is normal. It was missing tabs even, and this is Blogger that was missing tabs. It would say "click done" and there was no "done" tab. And then when I started to write about how someone started this up again, after allowing a time of peace and not doing this, they all of a sudden had my photos posting on a totally different post that wasn't the one I was using.

I think this is someone with an interest in the English royalty. There is always something horrible happening to me if I write about one of them. or about myself.

The only other thing that seems to trigger this kind of thing, or someone to do this, is when I am contacting the FBI to make a criminal report, which I did tonight.

Someone does this if I bring up 1 of only 2 things: english royalty or a claim of corruption or writing about it, or making any report to the FBI.

And this is when I was being jailed on false arrests too. It was one of the 2 or if I was about to get work and that was it.

Otherwise my day was good.

I sort of thought maybe someone who does this kind of thing was on vacation or out of the area or decided, wisely, to quit what they were doing or someone pulled them away from it. They quit when I brought up Google and Microsoft.

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