Thursday, February 24, 2011

Insecure CIA Site

I tried to copy the CIA re. my complaint about illegal abduction of my son and being defamed in the process, and it appears the site is not secure. FYI.

I am using a computer at the downtown Nashville public library and each time I tried to enter my message into the box for message, it was cleared and my last name was constantly being cleared out as well.

Someone was keeping only my first name with no last name in the entry fields.

I omitted all of the unacceptable characters like "@" or anything that might not go through and it wouldn't take my mail, no matter what I did. It just got cleared out.

Which is sort of like what has happened to me on other various forms, like FAFSAs or anything, when I've tried to use forms online. But I think there is something wrong if it's happening with the CIA site, which doesn't mean the CIA form is not secure, it means someone is constantly tampering with my personal mail.

I wasn't entering new news, so it wasn't top secret or anything, but I was still trying to send an email and it was being blocked and edited.

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