Monday, February 21, 2011

My Egyptian Daycare (when I was a child)

First thing in the morning yesterday, after pondering about my dream at some English royal location, I read the NYT and Tennessee paper and, specifically, the front page article about Bahrain. They looked so happy.

I thought then about how my only "daycare" experience, as a child, was at the home of Egyptians.

Which I had never thought was a big deal before, but now that I think about it, there were really not a lot of Egyptians in the small town where I lived, in Washington state. It was pretty uncommon over there.

And then I was thinking, "That is really interesting. Out of all the places that my parents could have sent me to for a daycare, they sent me to an Egyptian one."

I didn't like it, and begged to have my mother stay at home again so I could go to my own house, but it wasn't because it was bad...every child just wants to be at their own house where their own toys are and everything.

But while my mother worked at a bank PT (where there was later an armed robbery with the guy holding a gun up to my mom or motioning like he had one), I went to the house of an Egyptian family where I was under their care until my parents picked me up.

I remember the mother wore long modest dresses or skirts and I can't really remember if she wore a headscarf or not. I think maybe she did. It was me, and her children, and then maybe one other child. Very small and just more of a home-thing.

I watched a lot of "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Bewitched" on the T.V. and played a little. It was Nickelodeon, or kids-family t.v. station and I probably watched the Jetsons. I mainly remember "I Dream of Jeannie". Sort of interesting, now that I think about it, to have been watching "I Dream of Jeannie" with a real Alladin-middle-eastern-genie-in-a-lamp-bottle kind of themse, while being babysat in an Egyptian household.

I don't remember why they were in the U.S., but they were fully from Egypt, with their traditions, and they spoke Egyptian and their son sat next to me in my classes. Sharif.

But yeah, my only daycare experience in my whole life was with a family that had lived in Egypt.

Think of that!

I guess I never really asked my parents, "Hey, out of all the houses in the whole town, and all the daycares, and all the people, how did you decide on that one?"

I don't really know what religion they were at all, I just know they were very traditional Egyptian. Both the mom and dad were Egyptian.
The song that has come to mind the last day or two is "Healing Is In Your Hands" by Christy Nockels: This was the song I felt like singing loudly the other day.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is getting his masters in psychology and the professor said to read your blogs because it shows the mental thoughts of a bi polar schizophrenic

Mama said...

If you have a professor saying such things, that's why he or she is a professor and not in practice, because they wouldn't be able to retain any clients.

Your professor, if you even have one, is a total idiot with an I.Q. of 140 and an arrogance that brings the number down to about 80.

Which makes that professor a disgrace to the system.

Maybe your professor needs to check in with the military psychologists, or better yet, go to the Post Pub to find someone to shag.

Mama said...

I should erase my last comment for the benefit of others who would rather not even imagine.

I have not been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness, by the way.


And my MMPIs and ALL objective testing (and I've taken a lot of tests) are ALL normal.

I have never been bipolar or schitzophrenic or psychotic in my life. And not one psychologist OR psychiatrist has ever DARED even say I was, because everyone else in that field and who has higher positions than they, would know not to ever send anyone in that direction.

Anonymous said...

So why where you in the mental hospital and why is your son not with you? Let me guess everyone is working together with fraud and lies etc to cause you misery ?

Mama said...

You are from Washington state and you have made countless emails to this blog. I entertained many of them and published most but I will not publish your comments further.

You are not interested in a dialogue, you are only motivated for other reasons.