Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Energy

Last night I wrestled and argued with myself over fasting on something or not. I was so tired and thought this was perfect then, for a fast, bc the point is to give up something that actually means something to you...but I was just resigned to doing it and then the verse that came to my mind was "Sacrifice I have not required, but the true sacrifices and offerings to God are a meek and contrite spirit." (something like that and it means spirit, not that you have to have a "meek" personality)

I am sort of a believer in moderation of all things so sometimes I feel it's right for me to fast something and other times, maybe to just believe and trust in God and make it about the condition of the interior and my attitude.

But since I had this verse come to mind I said, "Okay,I'm not fasting this and I'm just going to bed."

So I went to bed and then in the morning I decided to stay for breakfast to pass time and while standing there, I saw the new paint was up. They had just finished the last coat yesterday. It's teal, and I was wearing black and carrying my red fleece and the color combination made me think of my son, bc the pendant I had for him was teal and red. I am not sure if I was tapping into other good energy by deciding to go there today or if it was just thoughts about my son that made me feel good, but something seemed sort of special.

I decided to put on "Trouble Me" by Natalie

Then I sat down at the table and I had to ask someone what time it was because a wedding refrain came to my mind.

I wasn't thinking about weddings, so I wondered why I had this traditional wedding song come to my mind. So the woman told me it was 5 minutes to 7. It's a classical piece and I have to figure out which one it is. I think it might be Paccabel's cannon but not sure. I just played the first part and I think it's the other one that's commonly played.

It is Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, by Bach. This is the one that came to my mind.

I found it by clicking on samples at "myweddingmusic.com". That's the one that came to mind.

Anywent to the Y and the verse was from proverbs about forsaking what is right will incur wrath but confession and change brings mercy.

I played a traditional one and then the Celtic Woman's version that's on youtube. It's really pretty with vocals. I can't cut and paste right now so I'll just refer to it.

I didn't know what the lyrics were but probably someone projected the idea bc I got to the Y and this woman came down the stairs from working out with the words "Soar" on her t-shirt and there is some reference to soar in the song. Okay, sort of a stretch there, but still. I found the lyrics to Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring at "ourweddingsongs.com".

I put on Trouble Me next, by Natalie Merchant.

I was thinking too, about the impression I had of the boy, and it was that guy in the church. It just was. As soon as I saw him I knew and it clicked. I thought he was younger when I got the impression, but everything about him was the same. It wasn't anyone else. It was his face, and his hair.

He had been sitting in the room right behind me and why I "saw" him, I have no idea. But it was him. He was even lifting up his head or angling it down when I saw him, like I had seen in my impression. It wasn't like I had some vague picture and anyone could fit the bill. I saw him and his features and his hair and then I really saw him, right around the corner and doing the same thing with his arms and head.

So this is a very odd "gift" and I don't know what the point of it is. I don't know why I saw him, I had no message with it,, and I got no further directions or insight. All I know is I did ask, "God show me who this is" and it was the kid right in the next room. Why the heck I saw him at all, I have NO clue.

I almost went to Rite Aid today to get something for work but I'll do it later I decided. (why I chose to write this boring fact I have no idea).

I guess I'm not sure if I had a premonition, of seeing something or someone before it happened, or if I was remote viewing and saw it happening in the moment. It felt more like unintentional remote viewing.
I read the news about the former president of Russia's opinions, the BBC article about the Americans and then the CNN article about Fergie.

Something seems very strange about the killing of the Americans. Since these pirates are tied in with various mafias, I think it has something to do with this more than just wanting to kill. My opinion, not psychic and maybe wrong, is that it was to make a statement and just folly killing with someone larger behind the decision-making. That, or the U.S. tried to rescue and doesn't want to admit a bungle. Or, someone with the U.S. (it's not unheard of) bungled on purpose without knowledge of others.

As for Fergie, it's the first and only article about the wedding that I've read.

It stands out because it really does make a statement. My first thought at why she wasn't going, before reading the article, was that she wasn't supportive of the marriage. And then this caused friction with the rest of the family or she just felt it wasn't right for her to go, in conscience, because of some kind of personal reservation or internal knowledge that no one else will probably ever know about. My final thought was that having someone not go, puts that person in a good position to have others go to her with confidences they might not otherwise share, making her a good person for gathering information for the family, seeming to be non-supportive. That's more of a stretch.

I have dropped my Diana research for almost a year and never got that far into it. When I read a little bit, I know I felt upset by some of her betrayals to Diana, however, I think it is more her personality type and not a mean spirit. I don't think William would hold a grudge to the point of not inviting her, over that. I think, rather, there is some kind of unspoken or spoken disagreement with the wedding or arrangement that is in place.

Fergie is sometimes embarrassing and has done some shocking things, but she's not completely indiscreet and she keeps a lot more under wraps than anyone would ever know. I know this because I saw how careful she was, in a clip I once watched, about answering reporters. Her language and wording and everything, was honest to a certain point but then very guarded and yet she did it with nonchalance. Fergie is a goldmine of secrets.

When I first read the article and then thought, for a split second, I saw wringing of hands. Sort of a hand over other hand and like a hand lotion motion but more of an anxious wringing. But I don't know who it was. Her, or someone else.

I know Fergie was into psychics but I don't know if she herself is an intuitive person or not. I haven't heard much about it. I know Diana was, and read about it, and I would assume they had shared interest (as, I guess some of the other royals do as well) but I don't know if she is able to tap into things on her own.

I think I was surprised to find, or think, that Harry must be as intuitive as William but it's never talked about. Either he is, or his buddies are, or both.

One might remember that it was Fergie and Diana who wanted "out". And Diana is "out" and Fergie is as well, even out of a wedding where the next person is deemed to not pose a threat of any kind. What Diana would think about anything these days, is anyone's guess. She would probably know who is pulling strings and who wants to exert control or influence. She wasn't perfect but she wasn't nuts either.

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