Friday, February 25, 2011

This Morning: Criminals of the State

I guess a few things happened.

I heard tornado sirens for the first time in my life. They had them in TN but I wasn't afraid at all. However, I got upset about something and it seems like weather stuff happens, sometimes, right when I'm expressing to God my frustrations. Of course I know this isn't true, and it's coincidence, but it is a frequent coincidence. Then I calmed down. I didn't let it show but I was upset. I guess the storm was due and expected but I didn't know it.

Then, this morning I called about this appointment and asked for someone to come to mind that I should talk to but the only person coming to mind, I found out, was the coordinator of services and she fit the description. I saw the color and length of hair and sort of face but I'd have to see her in person to know if it was a match.

Then the other thing that came to mind was "John" (not connected) but then I opened up the scripture verse I'd just put in my pocket was from John. John 14:23.

My laptop is having problems today and overheating and the burning thing is going on. And I got upset about what has happened to me and my son, and how much we have suffered and been tortured, and for what?

There are things that make me upset just thinking about it because my son and I suffered in order for other persons to acheive what they wanted for their own groups. I don't forgive any of them. God can forgive them, but there are people still doing this to us and they are not able to receive my forgiveness even if I gave it to them.

I have work, which is okay, but I am nowhere near where I would be, had these people not interfered and obstructed my life.

I made a demand to the CIA for the immediate return of my son. They do not investigate "domestic" crimes, but they do investigate international things. If the FBI isn't going to do something to investigate as they are required to do, the CIA should because it was not just domestic but international.

My point is that there is no such thing as "Appeals" in court for something that was done that was a crime. A victim of a crime does not go to "appeals" court to restore their rights. They go to the group that is in charge of investigating crime. My son was abducted under legal auspices and what was done was criminal. I should have made my demand and understood my right to make a demand, a long time ago.

I will not live in the U.S. if they do not return my son--And investigate crime and take my report as they should.

I don't care what the agenda is, taking my son was abduction and I can prove it and I can prove public corruption and defamation and false arrest to keep me from proving it. And then federal agency workers who tried to block me and obstruct my ability to make a report.

I don't really care if someone is working high up to catch some kind of big drug lord or doing some kind of important political or scientific process or research. My son and I are innocent citizens who have been harmed beyond repair, in many regards.

How are you going to compensate us and make up for what we've lost?

I see no possible way for anyone to ever be able to restore to us what was taken deliberately, and these people are criminals whose families are safe and protected.

Abduction of a child, or kidnapping, is illegal. Making it "appear" legal does not mean it is not a crime. That only means it is a concealed crime and that fraud has been committed to make things appear legal.

Making me out to be mentally ill, in order to "buy time" for yourselves and discredit me, is also a form of fraud when it is known there is no mental illness. And really, there has not even been a diagnosis. I have been shot up with medications even, that were harmful, with no professional and formal diagnosis of anything.

No victim of crime goes to "appeals" court.

Someone whose child is kidnapped, or held hostage, does not to County Commissioners to "Appeal" the hostage situation.

My son and I have been hostages in America. We have been held hostage by some of our own citizens and with the support of some who are international.

This is absolutely NO different from the case of the Iranian man who was held hostage in the U.S. under "legal auspices". It didn't "look" illegal on the face of it. He wasn't being bound in chains, and he was moving about, buying groceries, going to the gym, going to work, and yet he was being forced to stay here and work for the U.S., against his own will. How is it possible that this can even happen? It DOES happen.

I have been held hostage and my son held hostage, under even tighter controls than the Iranian man. I have specific examples to point to, of being falsely arrested more than once, deprived of work, deprived of my right to communications, medications without my consent, deprivation of the love and affection and bonding with my only son, and even deliberate attempts to prevent me from traveling freely, in or out of towns.

The taking of my son was invalid from the start and the public corruption involved international persons. Both U.S. and some who were Canadian. It was a kidnapping and abduction and the way they went about it, was illegal. They committed crime, not civil infringement, but crime in order to then try to cover it up and make it appear legal. And then they had to cover it up even more by making me appear to be mentally ill when they knew I was not and I had evidence to the contrary. This is fraud. It's not just defamation of my character, it's fraud.

And then military connected and gang related persons were allowed to torture, physically torture, me and my son.

We have been used by persons in the U.S. and forced to "work" and be a part of the U.S. agenda, without our consent. We have been made guinea pigs and less than human.

If the FBI or CIA is interested, at all, in the reputation of the U.S., they would take up an investigation and contact me to gather my facts and find out if what I say is true. They are required to accept reports and to deliberately obstruct reports (as the FBI has done so far) and then defame me further to put me in a mental ward for their benefit, is wrong.

If they are not enemies of me and my son, they will take my report at once, collect my facts and evidence, and return my son to me without delay and scrap the entire case, which is invalid because it is all supported with fraud. More money went into covering up a lie in this case, than any case in CPS history, and all of it was a lie and fraudulent.

I have a few people saying to me, because I have work, "I'm so proud of you!"

Proud of me for what?! For having a job? As if I have not been capable, all along, of working and was forced out work instead? Rather, she should be "proud" of those who do not go along with others, and blindly follow, but who treat someone with equality. If there is anything to be "proud" of, it's not that I have a job. It's that I have survived all of this and NOT become mentally ill.

I have a lawyer working on a "Appeal" which is worthless.

It is worthless because it presupposes there is a valid case to begin with.

This "case" against me is fraud, period and there is no valid case. They have built a "case" on lies that can all be proven lies. And the foundation of this case, is crime. They committed crime against me and my son to take him and continue to be active criminals by holding him hostage from his legal guardian.

An "Appeal" would basically say a few things were done wrong and that we have to "go back" and I would have to be given more time to complete services. I am not being told an Appeal will decide this whole thing was criminal and fraudulent on its face.

I demand an investigation and upon examination of the facts, I demand the immediate return, without any strings attached, of my son to me.

This is not a civil matter. This is a criminal matter and I expect to see someone investigating crime and rescuing my son from those who break the law with impunity. These are not small laws that were broken either. They are a very big deal, which is why this much money has gone into harming me and others, to intimidate and discredit us.

I was tortured and then I have people bringing over the triumph of torture to even Nashville, and applauding. Thinking, naively, that this is all a game, and not even (some) realizing that beneath the fun and games, is suffering that is beyond description.

My son and I have suffered indescribable things. Things most people will never endure their entire lives, and have lived with forced separation, as hostages of the U.S. because those responsible for investigating encouraged this abuse and arrangement and refused to do the right thing and step in as they were required to do.

I began babysitting at the age of 11, and then became a teacher's assistant, and then a nanny, and read childcare and parenting books, for the sole purpose of becoming The Best Mother that I could be.

This was one of my dreams and more than a career goal. THIS was MY "Pursuit of Happiness" and the U.S. has allowed this to be destroyed. I have lost 3 years with my son, because of our forced separation where I am prevented from even reporting on what he tells me he is going through as all the other adults LIE.

And someone thinks that they can abduct my child and then USE me as a plaything for the military and social commentary.

It is OVER.

I demand the return of my son.

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