Friday, February 18, 2011

recent photos (me in cobalt)

* These are not very good (disclaimer at the bottom) but it's me, today. The video for the moon and stars song matched what I was wearing. ;) The one below, shows my scarf that I've written about. You can't see the roses on it but note the fringe. That lattice against the fushia...oh was a STEERIIIYYking combination for my entrance into the nuthouse. "Here she comes...Miss Amer..uh, uh, uh, what the blank is she wearing?!" Sat upright in the cop car wearing Willy's colours. How romantic. And then found the homeless newspaper and my Bible were my only reading material in my bag. I should have torn out a photo and put it on the wall.

I haven't worn the fushia combo again since. Not yet.

You can see the effect of the lattice over color on the bottom photo. I hate the bottom photo and I don't like my expression at all but if you look at my shoulder you can see how the color plays through. It really was quite the dramatic look. And then I didn't even know how shocking until after I was out of the nuthouse. I had just noticed the color of the tie and worn my scarf. I didn't notice the whole lattice effect on his tie, until I was out of the nuthouse and that's when I first looked at the photo on the cover, up close, and thought, "OH MY GOSH." I didn't do all of it intentionally.

Like I said, I don't know what I'm doing half the time and then I find out I've done something to raise eyebrows later. But it's not all on purpose or with any kind of preformed idea.

I will probably delete most of these after tonight. I don't want all of them up. But I guess this kind of blue looks okay. Navy blue I've worn and liked, and baby blue, but I got stuck with the cobalt when I was at the closet looking at options and it worked out okay.

Oh darn, it looks like it's about to rain.

The blue dress with the white heels and my hair curled and up, is very striking but I don't know if it's too "young" and short...I mean too tarty. It doesn't look this way, without any jewelry but I usually wear skirts at knee length or longer. The heels are stilletos and white and then the skirt falls just past mid-thigh in a drapy effect.

I thought it was time to update a couple photos anyway. I only regret these photos are very bad and done under flourescent lights. Really bad flourescent lights & I took them quickly in a changing room at the Y while I was grabbing make up and it looks like I'm in a jail cell (maybe I'm trying to break out's coming!)
I usually like red on me or yellow or warm colors, just bc I gravitate to the warm part of the color wheel but the blues are okay too I think. I like all colors in general.
Some guy just put his dog tied up to a pole with a purple bottle next to the dog. I don't think he's very happy about my photos frankly (a detractor). Then he went back while the dog was sniffing at the bottle and picked it up. Sorry, but that's weird. He had some woman pick him up with license plates from Colorado 310 OHY but he's not from Colorado.
Anyway, I just want my son to be safe and for things to work out for us and that's all. I have no other goals than this.
And I don't see the harm in joking around about things although some seem to think it's a major deal.
Now this other man in a blue shirt drove by and shouted out "NO!"

Let me tell you, I don't know if half of the bizarre things people have been doing over here, is happening in Europe, but it is BIZARRE over here. And what is even crazier is that a lot of it is directed to me. But it's mainly those who go out of their way to be noticed.

I have people doing this weird thing with saying "NO" to me, for absolutely no comprehensible reason, and then after maybe 10 peope do this, then the same number will start saying "YES" and nod over at me.

These are adults.

? What is really odd is they teach their kids to do this kind of thing around me too.

And I have never thought there were so many Kate Middleton look-a-likes, but there have been days where, I swear to God, on my honor, at least 30 or more look a likes parade past me.

Then, I don't know what this licking thing or flicking the tongue thing is, but when people start doing it around me, it's not just a handful of's a ton of people all at once and I think they think I know what they are implying. I have NO clue.

I have through, what is this? A Queen Elizabeth reference? because sometimes that's what it seems to be and someone mentioned "lizzie the lizard" one time, and then other times I have thought it's some reference to medication, and then the only other thing I've thought it might be...I don't know. I really have no clue. When people over here sttarted to do it I thought maybe this is something to do with Vladdie Laddie and just copying the idea but I honestly do not know.

I have wondered if somewhere in the world, a bunch of Cameo Garrett look a likes are passing by with odd mannerisms or something. I don't think I've seen anyone that looks like me...maybe a couple but not en force. And if they are out there doing the same thing that is done around me, what are they doing? I mean, how are things playing out in some other part of the world, or is this just centered over here?

I have no clue.

I think someone gave someone the wrong idea, that I might be annoyed by something or it woud get to me, but it doesn' just makes me think peope are sort of acting crazy, or what am I supposed to "get"? I don't walk by anyone to play any kind of role, and I don't make up mannerisms to copy anyone or to get someone to notice for a purpose. I just don't think about doing this, so it makes me wonder what others are doing.

And like these people from Colorado...who the heck are they and why in the world would they make such a point to be in my face, and with this dog and everything, when they are out of the area. This is what I mean by "I don't know them but they seem to think they know me."


Darren said...

I is nice to see you smiling.

Mama said...

if this is Theo, stop emailing me.

If this is someone else, thank you for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

You should post more pictures of yourself. Esp ones with more revealing clothes on. Please mama make a fan happy.