Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watch That Pays

I saw news about a watch that pays for exercise and tried to look it up but it didn't come up on google so I will have to contact the station. It was Channel 4 and news at 5, with a woman in a brown sort of tapestry jacket and a green and silver (I think) necklace.

I have to look it up at least. Something like you get a gift card for $5 for 2 60 min. segments of cardiovascular...I think I could manage to pay for all of my personal products if I pick it up at the gym again. I mean, seriously. I was putting in about 4 hours of cardivascular a day before they shot me up with Haldol and that is normal energy level for me, and has been this way my entire life.

I am still not feeling the same since I was basically assaulted with that stuff.

I'm probably (hopefully) getting back to normal, but it's not like it was just out of my system, like they say it is. That, combined with my bronchitis-cold set me back.

I'm almost over the cold completely. My ears were stopped up today and I have a small cought, but nothing bad.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you found out any more info on the watch?

Mama said...

Hi Anonymous,

I just called Channel 4 (thank you for the reminder to look this up!) and they said it's called the

S2H Replay Watch

Here is the link to their site, which explains how you can wear this watch and get paid to exercise:

:) Cameo