Monday, February 21, 2011

sketches of impressions

I guess I'll sort of sketch roughly what I saw in my dream and with this boy at church. The Y verse I got today was about taking care to remember that life or death is in our words, so to be cautious with what we say, and I was just thinking this the other day. My personality is not really to conceal or hide stuff...I sort of just say what's on my mind (obviously) but it's true I should try to think more about things and I had just been thinking about this, how even those who are not kind to me, will find it more difficult to believe there is a holy spirit for them, and better for them, if I am not kind in return. But I'm not perfect and I think standing up for oneself is also essential at times. I don't always do even this.

Also, I found out this particular Friends branch has a sister part in Moscow, Russia. ?! I had no idea and I discovered this yesterday and they told me they had this partnership for over 40 years, before the communism went down and the Friends (an organization by Friends) helped feed over 200 million people, at one time, during WWII, over in Europe. I never think of Quakers/Friends/pacifists, being in Russia, but they have their own school there and everything. They were somehow connected when the Red Curtain was still up or whatever and it's been in existence all this time.

I asked because I saw all these papers and flyers and organizations and then the only one that mentioned another country mentioned Moscow in particular so I wondered what this was about exactly. After I found out, it made me think of the Russian "Moon and Stars" song where one star is saying "hello" to the other star. I thought this was so enchanting--that part in particular and I liked the video with it.

There's not much to sketch though. I mean, the thing is, the teen boy that I saw, was the same face and hair that I had seen while sitting in the service. I mean, I was sitting there and had my eyes closed and this face came to mind and then I thought, movement of him resting on his arm folded with his head down on it, and then sitting up, and I wondered to God why I saw this stranger and asked who it was and why I saw it. So then I said show me if this is important or who this is and then dropped it bc I got nothing. So after the whole service, I walked out the main doors and looked to the left where there was a room, and right there, directly across from me, was the very same face and hair cut. The only thing was that I thought the boy looked the same but that he was younger. But same face, hair style, everything. It was close enough where I thought, "Oh my gosh. That's the same guy!" And then, he even started to put his head to the side where his arm was, resting on a table or side table (I think it was).

I think this is the first time anything like this has happened, where I "saw" someone in the mind's eye, and it was a stranger to me that I had not seen earlier in the day, and i wondered who it was and then all of a sudden, I saw who it was.

So I then was washing dishes and just asked, tentatively or lightly, "There was a blond boy or teen in the sitting room next to the doors and I was wondering if that is the son of someone here?" and he said yes and said her name and then I said, "It's so weird, because I have seen someone who looks just like him but I thought maybe younger" and he said, "She has a younger son too". I said, "But with the same hair style and everything?" because it was pretty much that guy.

If he was sitting in the room right behind me, why did I "see" him in the mind's eye? Was someone else looking at him and I sort of saw through their eyes? or was it "remote viewing" without trying to have it? or was this boy trying to project this?

What I don't understand, is why and how.

There were two boys in the room. One was shorter and younger and maybe had lt brown hair and he sat to the left part of the wall of the sitting room as one came out of the main meeting room. The one that I saw was straight across from me, sitting up against the wall. I had not seen him at all that day, earlier. I don't recall ever seeing him but probably I did at one point, at the last time I was there, briefly, but that had been weeks ago.

These sketches are awful. Really horrible. The first I drew just the hair style and angled the head in the other direction but then he moved his head to rest it on his folded arm. I think it really was him, the one in the room because I saw him and it was a perfect match except that I'd estimated his age to be younger but in person he was too tall or looked too tall to be the younger age. If it was his brother, he'd need to have the same face and exact same hair style bc the hair was exact as was the face. Then the next one I drew was an estimation of the desk. It was a desk, not a chest of drawers. It was semi tall and a writing desk and it had a back that was curved and my point of drawing it is just to show the back of it, HOW it curved (in general). In my dream, I saw all the detail but I don't remember it now. It wasn't reddish wood, it was either stained dark wood or naturally a darker kind of wood--like dark brown or almost black, but of course not black. More deep dark brown.
I loaded the photo. It shows zero talent but I am just trying to show the idea. The hair looks dark in the way it's drawn, but it was light-med. blond and flattened against the head and then just barely flipped up or waved just slightly at the ends. It was the guys hair who was sitting in the room.
The desk was not a loveseat or dresser or anything. It was a desk, I think and almost sure, but it had a back to it and it had two arches and then there was a fine kind of detail on it and on the rest of the desk.
After I saw the desk, I then saw this other thing where it looked like a piece of sculpture out of iron or something and then there was a kind of rock or mallet or other iron piece and in my dream I thought it was for pounding the other part. And then there were other things in the room, but this is what I remember.
In the other room where the women were assembled, we sat around a low table or coffee table of some kind and had set our refreshments out while we talked. I saw exactly what the jar of olives said on the label and I read it in my dream but couldn't remember it when I woke up. It was maybe angular like a wide angled jar and short, like a hexogon jam jar but it had large green olives with pimento and an English or French label on it. In my dream, I thought English, that they were made in England. And actually, I remember this bc in my dream they weren't mine and I hadn't bought them. Someone had given them to me to bring and I had looked at the jar to see what they were and then I presented them and it was like, "the right thing" to have brought, for some reason. What was weird was that I didn't see who gave them to me and the jar was already opened and a few had already been taken from the jar. I looked at it in my dream and didn't know that this would be okay to bring, already opened, but I set the jar down, as it was and it was somehow a good sign to them.

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