Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boycotting Google & Why Isn't Google Sued For Monopolistic Practices?

I am boycotting Google. For such a behemoth of a search engine, one would expect, when typing in "Maranatha Singers, lyrics, memorial", to get something related, and not for someone to put "Maranatha Singers, twitching" at the top of their list. No, first they gave me "Funeral Singers" and then second on the search list was "Maranatha Singers, Twitching". Very professional Google.

And then I tried to publish this and I kept being disconnected and couldn't access Google and there was an "editing conflict".

Google bought out "Blogger". They own Blogger and I believe some of my problems with this blog are because of Google employees.

I also wonder if Google is being regulated at all.

If Microsoft is sued by the federal government for monopolistic practices, what happened with Google?

I wonder when Google decided it was God.

I had the worst vibe when I was at the Google headquarters in Seattle, Washington. This was when a whole van of Italians drove by and looked sorry for me as all the other Google employees were driving by mocking me and being very rude. I was hunted down in a Google restroom and accused of "using your computer in our bathroom". They had more security at Google than I have seen in any federal building I have ever been too, and half of their employees are just information hounds anyway, which would include federal workers who are not designated federal, and others who are interested in being informants for other countries.

Google has gone downhill, in my opinion.

I had once been glad that I was able to put my blog up, and not blocked from free speech, but that was before Google owned Blogger.

Seattle, Washington has some of the most corrupt organizations in the United States and none of them are being regulated or held accountable. Those corporate giants go out and use others who are in gangs to even scare people off from going after them:

Microsoft, Google...the medical universities and community. And half the people in Seattle, while loving their city, know that bad things are going down over there and there is such a tight political structure that looked exactly like organized crime, and their FBI and law enforcement is so corrupt, people are afraid to do anything about it.

This is the first link that Google decided to give me for my search:

Funeral Singers:www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858802754/ - Cached - Similar

Here is the second link Marnatha gave me, "Maranatha Fellowship Twitching"
columbialightingcompany.com/massive-ceremony-of-the-maranatha/ -

I think the Maranatha Twitching Fellowship needs to put their twitching heads together and figure out why Google hasn't had themselves sued for monopolistic practices. And I question some of their "selective free speech" ideas. As well as their invasion of privacy and probably some of the illegal civil rights violations some of the Google employees (and therefore Google as a company) are guilty of.

Washington State:

Home of:
1. Gonzaga Alumni (whoo hoo)
2. Corrupt FBI and law enforcement
3. Medical research done on civilians since 1940s
4. Hanford nuclear plant (largest in the U.S.)
5. Microsoft (constantly evades conviction of monopolistic practices)
6. Google (unregulated)
7. Military bases (more than the average state)

And that's just for starters.

Throw in corrupt mortgage and other companies, who went down, and the fact that Washington State borders Canadian marijuana trade smuggling. Add to this, a proximity to California gangs and Mexico border and some Italian influence.

Then throw in your disgruntled Catholics (over 30% average in the State but in the legal system and law enforcement, Catholic representation is over 50% and closer to 70%--check it out for yourself). And it seems to me, these might be the Catholics that are not the good ones because there is a higher atheistic and agnostic population than usual, which doesn't mean people have to be less caring, but it's convenient if you don't want to feel you have a moral standard to abide by (create your own). There is also a large Jewish population in Seattle, but Jewish have gangs too.

Washington State is totally corrupt and it is one of the richest states.

They like to hold onto their money--licit and illicit.

What is different about Washington, is that they mask their scandals with an appearance of church attendance or religious belief when half of the people who even go to church are complete hypocrites and already sold their souls to the highest bidder.

It's a great nuclear waste, human experimental, gangster, corporate monopoly giant, drug port and corrupt politician and church state.


So many of the FBI and law enforcement and legal persons are corrupt there, no normal citizen can even try to break away from the status quo. It's a State that is full of hypocritical leaders.

The worst part about it, is that the people who are committing the crime are slick. They're not just slick, they're sophisticated about their crime. They have more violations of Section 1983 than I have ever seen and all of this is covered with a veneer of being a tolerant, clean, yuppie/hippie, advanced technology state.

It's not loggers and it's not environmentalists. It's a State that has done more harm to me and my son than I could have ever imagined possible, in my wildest dreams. And there is absolutely no way this many people could get away with as much crime as they have been getting away with, unless the state of Washington is absolute moral and political corruption.

I do not want my son in Washington state, where he continues to be harmed and government workers continue to cover it up.

When I first came to Nashville, there were almost zero problems. Until Washington rallied some people from their end and a few from the East end rallied up and decided to bring a lot of crap over here to Tennessee, which Tennessee does not need.

Why is Microsoft allowed to be the monopoly that it is, with the proviso that they make "contributions" to charities? I think there is this impression that Bill and Melinda Gates are these wonderful philanthropists, when they're not.

They break the law and then the U.S. tells them they have to give money to certain organizations so they do. And then they throw in a little extra money.

Fidel Castro does that. So do a lot of mafia bosses. They "give back to the community" while their other employees are maybe whacking people. Microsoft makes a point, in fact, of making sure the Bill and Melinda Gates name is spread all over their donations. It's not like they want to be secret, anonymous givers. They want to look like Philanthropists but they use their donations to insulate themselves from getting sued again, hoping that if people think they are giving their money to the poor, no one should go after them for breaking U.S. lw in the first place to get as rich.

This is backwards. The money that is going to the Gates, could be distributed not BY the Gates, but into hands of other business owners who probably got pushed out and had their own businesses collapse because of the corrupt lawyers Microsoft hired to cover up for their corrupt practices.

And then they get to "gift" the Governor. Don't tell me Christine Gregoire and the Gates do not know eachother.

The people who are in authority of even the volunteer organizations, are corrupt.

As for Google, I'm sure there are great people that work there, but there are most likely more "spies" in their offices than in the NSA and Farragut Park Square combined. Anyone working at Google, would be able to access information, even private information, that is not normally accessed by any other kind of company. Even Blogger, which Google bought out, has tracking devices that show how many people are reading someone's blog, and which countries they are from. I can look some of this information up myself. When I say "spies" I don't mean James Bond spies. I mean people who have access to computer systems and information that could be easily disseminated to others who might have an interest in collecting information.

There are some very good people in Washington state, but I also saw a lot of fear, and the inability for the good to triumph over the bad. And I also saw more lying about ME, and harm done to my reputation, than I could have ever dreamed possible. It is unbelievable to me, what has happened.

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