Sunday, March 27, 2011

Problems With Legal Mail Service

I was just notified today that I had mail again. So I went to pick it up and there is usually a sheet to sign to indicate what day you picked it up. My name wasn't found on the list so I was told don't worry about signing. However, I then looked at the mail and opened it, and it's from WA court, and I absolutely have to sign when I received this mail because I'm getting it ONE day before court is due. It's pretty much unacceptable, because I just picked up mail a couple of days ago and this mail was not there. It is a notice stating Tanesha Canzater is withdrawing and any objections must be FILED no later than the 28th, TOMORROW. I just got this today. On a Sunday. Right. So my notice is 1 day. I am absolutely objecting, on grounds that she should not be allowed to withdraw this late in the process when she is prejudicing my right to a speedy appeal. Not only that, I am going to submit all of the email from her and all former defense, showing their shoddy attempts to portray me as a problem when they have not done their job and not even the bare minimum. Someone is running all of my sentences together today, but I am leaving paragraph breaks and it's not publishing correctly. FYI. But yeah, I got 1 day notice. The thing is, there is no possible way it was waiting for me earlier because I just picked up my mail a couple of days ago and this was when I discovered a book had been returned. I sent email to my mother talking about how I had only got 2 pieces of mail, both from the State but her book had been sent back. This mail from WA courts is postmarked March 21, 2011. I just got it today, March 27th. If I just allowed Tanesha to withdraw without any objection, and allowed this deadline to elapse without entering any information or response of my own, I would have no opportunity to put in her communications and my argument about how, NO, a lawyer should not be allowed to withdraw from a client because THEY are not doing their job. I have a right to prove she is not doing her job and that my other lawyers didn't do their job either and then wanted to blame ME for their failures. My argument would be that she should not be allowed to withdraw until she requests and obtains the information and records that she is obligated to request. Which she has not done. I have grounds for appeal solely on the fact that I was physically medically incapacitated because of miscarriage problems for over 1 year. She has not obtained these medical records to prove this is true and this is a substantial grounds for appeal. Furthermore, she has not even "talked" or "listened" to her client as she claims because if she HAD, she would already know that I would be bringing up points for appeal. I don't need an "appeal." This appeals process is a FRAUD. It is an appeal for a case that was fraudulent to start with. However, while I request someone investigates crime of kidnapping my son, I have a right to expose what kind of corrupt representation I continue to be given. Tanesha Canzater took my case and for ONE year she made excuses about how the transcripts were not ready. Transcripts for a court hearing that should have taken no longer than 2 months at most. She stalled to run the statutes out for my ability to sue on behalf of my son's medical damages from childbirth. This is CORRUPTION. Since WHEN do insurance companies and medical professionals buy OFF the legal system so THEY can avoid my suing them for my son's medical injuries? They are STALLING and not only that, trying to stall and prevent my son from bonding with me so they can make "bonding" an issue at a later date. There is no "bonding" argument that holds when a child is kidnapped. It doesn't fucking matter if the child has "bonded" to those the captors placed the child with. I want my son back and I am getting him back. Period. And the longer anyone stalls on this, the further I will add this to damages for filing a billion dollar, if necessary, lawsuit, against the State of Washingtonand the U.S. for multiple counts.

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