Monday, March 28, 2011

Fish and Chips Dream

I had two small parts of dreams that I can recall.

In one part, I was asked what I wanted to order and it was this extremely expensive menu, not just sort of expensive, but highest costing restaurant, and I was looking through it and I said, "Where are the fish and chips?"

This man next to me said, "They don't have fish and chips here." I said, "What?! They don't have fish and chips???" and he said no and I said, "Do they have any kind of fish?" and I was feeling guilty in my dream, mulling over whether, as a vegetarian, I should eat fish anyway. And then I said, "I don't care if it's McDONALDS fish and chips or high fish and chips, I WANT FISH AND CHIPS!"

Yes. That was my one fragment of a dream.

Then, right before I woke up, in a waking moment, it was Kate Middleton. It was totally separate and at the end right before I was waking up, all it was was Kate Middleton with a buzz cut. She had shaved her head and she did NOT look good. Actually, it was a little longer than a buzz cut, but I looked at her and thought, "What happened to her?!" and then someone, in my dream was showing me photos of her with her family and in yearbook. I looked at them and she didn't look very happy and was smug looking in all of them but most of them were private photos. It was like a collection of maybe 6-10 different photos I was being shown and I was comparing them to the new "look" and her face had thinned out a lot and she looked older and I was looking at her photo with a very full face in high school and then later. What I mainly noticed was that except for maybe a yearbook photo, she was sort of smug in the photos and withdrawn looking. Which was, in my dream, shocking to me because that's not how she appears in public at all. Then, in my dream, I started wondering why she had cut all of her hair off and if it was because she was grieving something or had just tried a new haircut, or was in some kind of transition or what.

And then I woke up.

I deliberated this morning on what to write about. I prayed a short prayer, to leave everything in God's control or trust today. But I don't know what that means or what I'll be led to write about. I want to do whatever I can to protect my son and draw attention to him and find assistance for what we're going through. My son has been used by the U.S. for medical torture and experiments. I can prove some of it and have some documentation and testimony but I think some of the evidence has been destroyed or whisked away to prevent those who started to figure it out, from getting their hands on the evidence. It may very well be that it was not someone from the U.S., but someone from another country that started to pick up on a trail. I am keeping a list of things to give to the right person but I am not blogging about it.

I also find it odd that all of a sudden, I have the YMCA people trying to block me from counseling again or ignoring my request for a counselor. After the last one cancelled on me and backed out, I asked for a replacement and an appointment and I have heard nothing. I believe someone is attempting to obstruct my ability to document what is going on or even record the fact that I am in counseling and went to it voluntarily, which is easily used for damages down the road.
I just looked up something else where it says if someone wants to live or work in another country, they request an FBI ID record to show one is in good standing in their own country. This may be another reason why some specifically tried to defame me using false crimes that would register on the NCIC--in order to not only defame me to others abroad, but to make it hard for me to make a new start anywhere else, or even be denied entry. What I just read states some countries ask for this and it is also required for international adoption, not that this is something I had in mind to do, but all of this is relevant.

I made an expedited FOIA request today, to the FBI. I haven't made one for the NCIC specifically, but I'm doing it today. The one for the FOIA is already made and they have 10 days to respond under request for expedited reasons.

I stated the risk of harm to me and my son greatly outweighed any excuse of "privilege" that someone might try to claim to keep me from getting discovery. The only reason someone would attempt to use one of the 9 reasons to not disclose information would be to protect someone else that is aware that they may be exposed by disclosure or discovery. It would be outright obstruction of justice to deny my request on any grounds.

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