Thursday, March 24, 2011


I looked up the Fukushima 50 today. Someone told me about it at work and I looked it up finally. I almost started to cry reading about it on wiki but thank goodness I didn't. I also was thinking about this female bodyguard yesterday, named Aisha, who was supposed to be one of Ghadaffi's favorites and it says she was part of the Amazonian Guard and when someone fired bullets, she threw her body across his and stopped the bullets with her own body so he lived. I thought, "Oh my gosh. That is quite the story." And then I thought about how his daughter, I think, is named Ayesha and I wondered if it was a coincidence or if she was named after the woman who died to protect her "charge".

As for Libya stuff, I really don't know enough about the politics. I think it's good if we're helping on humanitarian level to protect people but that also hopefully other people don't die either. I mean, that's not the point.

I also, randomly, looked up the Hecate Straight and an island that I randomly landed on last night while looking at someone's GPS. I scrolled around after they showed me the point of Vancouver, BC when we were talking about this and then I took the GPS, found an island next to that spot and said, "What is this?" and they didn't know and just sort of looked at me. So I looked it up today.

I was wondering yesterday, I wonder if there is anything special about the Hecate Straits, some interesting history or stockpile of weapons, or something. I guess they are called, the triangular island I had asked about, the "Queen Charlotte Islands" or Haida Gwaii (islands of the people).

Saw Obama's tie with the O's and thought about my son. I have been wondering if I need to copy him on my petitions and reports that I've tried to make.
Today I was going to wear a peach tank top and jeans and boots and then I walked out and it was colder than I had thought. So I ended up putting on the fushia shirt I had been wearing to the psych ward, with the black rose scarf, and then a sort of burgandy cashmere sweater over that. I guess it goes with my purple nails, which I need to repaint as they're chipping now.

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