Monday, March 21, 2011

Tortured at Work

I had no problems all day until I was at work and then someone was using technology the whole time to torture me.

When I left, it quit. I haven't had it happen since I left.

Something is really wrong.

I did my job anyway, and did a good job, but then it was slow.

This Washington State man, Jim something or other called me to deliberately try to upset me while I was at work. He knew ahead of time that I was at work and he blocked his number through *69.

Someone had somehow turned my cell phone on to vibrate too, when I didn't do it. I had told some people I would have to do this so I knew when I was getting calls, but I never did it. I don't even know how to do it. Someone somehow turned it over to vibrate by remote access.

And then I get customers from the military.

While I'm being tortured and my son is ignored.

Oh that really makes me want to join.

So I picked up the call and it was this WA state worker claiming he didn't have my address when he did. I had called him back and left a message with him over 4 days ago and no return call and then he decides to call me at work and claim he telling me this information bc they don't have my address when I gave them the mailing address for temporary mailing. All he wanted to squeeze in was "Your benefits are closed and will not be reopened." He knows that this would be upsetting when I depend on this and when I requested a new court hearing and here he was telling me this, at the very last minute, close to the end of the month when he could have called me earlier.

These WA workers sent me other email right after Tanesha gleefully says it will be "great!" if I put her emails in the file. I am sure she wants to get full credit for her work.

Right after this, I got an email from my social worker Donita, via Donna Titleman who I had requested an answer from. She wrote to say "there are waves..." and on an on about an excuse on why she couldn't send me proof I was on disability this month.

I wrote back that "It took you no time at all to send me the wrong information which you knew was not what I needed or requested and now you have stalled one week on giving me the correct information."

All she had to do was send me an attachment of one plain document. A document showing I am on GAU, which is the ENTIRE reason she is my social worker at all.

Donna Titleman should be responsible for this because I copied Donna on the request and Donna has the information as well. When Donita sent me the email, making excuses for not sending me materials in a timely manner, and to accomodate my request, she copied Donna Titleman.

Because Donna was the one telling her what to do and wanting Donita to be the lackey and take heat for it.

Then, after deliberately stalling on sending me the right document, I had further harassment by WA state with "Jim" calling me while I was at work to give me bad news. I had to hang up on him because he wouldn't stop. I told him clearly I was at work and he just went on.

I hope they all go to jail.

They have lied, caused my son to suffer, and sent me to jail and to court over things I have not even done. They should go to jail for collusion and obstruction of justice.

It would be, for once, an amazing day in Wenatchee justice to see these people held up for once, for making the lives of others miserable and then profitting from it.

I don't trust my son in Washington State. My son is NOT safe there.

I am also not going to a counselor that is going to be video recording me when she is not even licensed to testify in court in my favor. All these idiots want is me on tape to pass onto others and none of them will testify on my behalf. If there is an investigation, it needs to be on the up and up, not through some kind of video-counseling-laundering.

I can't even get a straight answer about who is supervising this counselor.

I am just paying for my own psych evaluation and getting the hell out of this country to file my reports.

There is NO incentive to stay in the U.S. without my son. Period.

If I do not have anyone in the U.S. who is willing to investigate and do the right thing, and no one will validate me, when the fucking Pentagon and CIA know exactly who I am and Washington D.C. FBI knows they fucked up, then why in the HELL would I stay in a country that uses me and does not validate me?

My mother keeps bringing up Joseph being sold into slavery and then coming into a great position and delivering those who sold him and his family and on and on.

For one thing, God didn't tell me personally, that I was just like Joseph or to think that this could turn out that way. I am not interested in living to be a research project or for my son to be ruined and raised to be a Manchurian Candidate.

I have a right to expect what is just and right and it should NOT be this hard. If it is this hard to keep ones own child from being KIDNAPPED in America, and tortured, and keep from being tortured oneself, there is something seriously wrong.

As for my most recent indication of predisposition to seizure, or the beginning onset, that is not new news. I have always had this, since I was in high school, and it's not new, it's just new to understand that it is the precursor sign for a mini-seizure. I checked with my grandmother and there is at least one near cousin in the family that had seizures, severe ones, on the Scottish-English part of Granny's side. The Wootens and McQuery's or something.

What triggered it last time, though, even though it may be natural to be predisposed, was torture and technology and I don't appreciate how no one is coming forward with information.

Where is Assange when I need him?

I had no problem with anything until this tall white man came over and sat behind me. I asked him where he was from and he said with a board of education and then smiled over at some Italian guy who showed up later. He said he was with the Methodist church and from Chattanooga. He got up and moved to the side when I started talking to him and it quit. I asked him "Have you ever been to Oak Ridge?" He said yes and that he went to Knoxville here and there, driving through. I don't care if he's Methodist. If something weird is going on while he is around, and no one else is around, there is maybe something wrong with him. The only other possibility is satellite and that's it. That someone indicates my position or where I am at different times. But when I'm at work, this isn't possible or everyone would feel it. It has to be directed. This man carried a backpack with him and had glasses, was about 6'3" or so. I don't really consider most Methodists to be "spirit-filled". Sorry, but Mykal Holt was a bad representative of both Methodism and "Messianic Jewishness". I didn't really think he was Methodist for sure either. How hard is it to lie about religion? Some of the people here are intelligence. They are not all school people.

This article says heat stress can precipitate epilepsy and that would be one thing I went through before drooling. Extreme change from normal state to heated by technology to severe chilling. Which is exactly how trauma induced by laser is described. Severe chills follow. The only other thing that might have affected me was that I drank a whole quart of chocolate milk all at once about an hour before the other stressors-torture. I just read that epilepsy can be triggered by glutamine and milk is high in glutamine. I've never noticed a problem, but problably the combination of a lot of milk all at once, and torture which produced severe heating and then chilling of my body created the right climate for this.

I have a lot of things I can report that I saw evidence of in my son. My son who is only a child. My son has been tortured far worse than I have.

Not only that, the FBI in Nashville basically defamed me to the mental hospital so they could experiment on me further. I have been trying to get records and wrote to the TN Joint Commission on Quality or whatever and they basically ignored me. I got no normal response and I have had no response from them about my medical records.

When there are people in the U.S. who know me and my son have been tortured and are being tortured, if they try to dismiss this and continue to play it off as psychological or from other physical problems, I am not staying here. The thing is, people know I've been tortured.

And it's been too interesting and profitable for them to want to quit.

You will have nothing when I am gone.

I have even assholes from WA state still trying out their predictions and own form of sport, while getting away with crime. I have no tolerance or respect for this.

I can list a number of greivances against Wenatchee specifically and Washington state person more broadly.

When I first came to Nashville, I had no problems. For 2 months, I had only a couple of incidences that were few and far between. Then someone just decided to roll it on over to this area. It has happened in specific areas and with specific persons involved. When people don't know where I am, the problem disappears.

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