Tuesday, March 8, 2011

His Tie

I saw it.

I do not know what is going on, but I saw his tie but I thought it was a whole shirt. It is the exact same shade as what I saw in the "minds eye".

I can't read any articles even if I saw a glimpse of an article. I can't check dates or anything right now.

I am keeping it largely to myself for a good reason and bc I did actually ask God to let me see. I haven't done it for almost half a year, or several months...but I sort of did out of curiosity and then I thought "No, I can't be right" but I saw this color and then thought, "his whole shirt?" or something around him in his environment? but it's the color.

Which is really weird and enough to keep me from wondering again. I got it instantly. But I doubted it was real. I think I doubt bc I don't understand it and then it's very imperfect.

Like today, I was angry as a hornet over the FBI and blocked call stuff, and then I couldn't find a pad of paper anywhere for my server pad and I was so mad I thought to God, or maybe I didn't think at all and was autopilot...thought, in that cupboard inside of that box.

There was one. It was inside the box. But! I try to find stuff all the time and can't. So it's not very dependable.

And then, I think I'm setting myself and my son up to be experimented with more and I demand!!! the return of my son to MY CARE or we are OUT of here. Having a job is at least something normal I've been deprived of for a long time. But my SON is huge. And I am trying to give the right people time to get to my report, but too much time has gone by for me to be very satisfied with waiting long. I want him back as soon as possible.

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