Friday, December 21, 2012

England Uses Live Children As Cadavers: Neon Roberts

. See my prior post about how England is using children for experiments, as live cadavers for government.

They should have fled England.

Get them out now.

I am so sorry for that little boy.

Do you know why a terrorist defense attorney is interested in this case? Most likely, it's because he is aware that there is a serious problem with the state's "interest" in experimenting and using this boy for medical research as a live cadaver.

She consented to the surgery the first time. They did not do their job and deliberately left part of the tumor in his brain, and then wanted to see if their "chemo" and radiotherapy would kill the rest of it. Oh. Ooops. It didn't work. So then they told her, after she saw her son suffering from this, and being demeaned as a human being, they want to cut into his head a second time. She took him into hiding, as any responsible and conscientious parent would do that loves their child. She did extensive medical research to support her wishes to, if necessary, try another form of treatment. Why expose her child to the "wood choppers" again. You know, why put his "stuff" into the woodchopping machine.

Thosd doctors and that hospital are facing a massive medical malpractice lawsuit now. I hope they are sued to the bone.

England is also responsible because it is not just the hospital and doctors. England as a government supported their illegal experimentation and research on this boy.

They should all be sued.

They named him and put out his photo, because he was a guinea pig escaped from the British government. FUCK YOU. God damn those doctors. They are brain shrinkers. They are FUCKING brain shrinkers. God DAMN you.

England is clearly not the place for children anymore. They are as bad as the United States and Canada. They have forced a child to be returned to the same hachettes that hacked on this boy months ago and deliberately left part of the tumor there so they could experiment with him and then do surgery if their experiments didn't work. This mother shouldn't be forced to have her son returned to the same doctors that harmed him in the first place.

They probably even have a file for when they dosed him with something that caused the cancer to begin with, and even if that were not the case, they used him as a guinea pig. His mother is correct in saying they are basically giving her son a lobotomy. As for a claim about inflamed scar tissue, that is also possible, but if they are so insistent it's not, it's because they deliberately left part of the tumor there so they could use him for research. They could have done a PET scan to determine whether it was tumor or scar tissue and there are other methods of detection and they refused to do this. It is not impossible to ascertain tumorous growth from scar tissue by non-invasive methods.

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