Saturday, December 29, 2012

Microsoft Locked Me Out Of My Own Email Account

Microsoft in Seattle, WA has just now locked me out of my own email account that I've had for years.

It is my main account and they frickin' blocked me from accessing any of my email.

Then they told me to confirm stuff and I did and they still blocked me.

They blocked me from the account I use for college, business, and personal use, and it was done immediately after I made my last blogpost, at about 9:20 p.m.

It is now 9:51 p.m.  and this is what I am being told by "Abby" because of course, you know, I would be talking to someone named "Abby" over this.

These people are total harassers.  I still cannot access my account and they were claiming I didn't provide a correct email address because it's "3rd party" and they only take Microsoft addresses.  Which is not true because this is the screen that asks for an alternate email address for the code to be sent to, and it's not MS specific.  It asks which MS account you're trying to access and then it asks for the alternate address to send the code to.  So I did this, and Microsoft still wouldn't process this.  They blocked my account, have prevented me from accessing my mail, forced me to change my password, and then put me back into the same loop with no access to my mail. 
I contacted Microsoft again and they have refused to correct the matter, telling me to "ask questions" on some community forum that is not live and does not provide resolution to account access matters.  My aunt had to switch out of Microsoft completely because she wasn't getting her email and email was disappearing.
Now at 11:21 p.m. I'm getting this msg:

We can't show you that page

Our server is having a problem. We're working to fix it as soon as we can, so try again in a few minutes. More info

They forced me to sign up for a new hotmail account when I'm supposed to be able to use an alternate address.  So I did, and then I filled out their form again to verify and this is the msg I get--that now their "server" is having a problem.
UPDATE:  12/30/12.  Microsoft refused to correct the problem last night and I kept getting messages like this.  This morning I tried to access my account and I got a bunch of error msgs and then finally I received, not a code as they indicated they would send, but an email telling me they'll "check" to see if I am who I say I am and then after 24 hours they'll send me a code if they confirm this.  So Microsoft has blocked me out of my primary email account for 2 days, the same day that I sent a request for assistance for FOIA regarding illegal use of my family in MKUltra.  My parents have FOIA that proves it, and my brother does.  I sent an email to press/media requesting assistance with obtaining this and Microsoft shut my account down. 

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