Saturday, December 29, 2012

poem & impression

It was that flower
that little flower
     it was the lead rose
  the one in pencil
what was that you said about it
   on the wall
it was that flower
that little flower
    the one
   what was the name?
that had the cobweb above it
that made me think
  of that one
     the one in pencil
the lead rose
   i took the color to my lips
left it there with its shape
   and the night
turned these other thorns to bright red
they were so red
you should have seen them
      they were lit up from inside
it was pitch black and the light from inside turned the outside branch
with the thorns red
      on the same day that i found those other flowers
the rose that look like little cactus roses
           um,not cactus...what are they again?
little croissettes
      when the moon is full the thorns are green
and in the dark they glow red
             they stole from me
it was the little flower
that flower
i know

Anyway.  It's not great.  It was a freewrite and I'm not very inspired but I wrote it while putting on a song at random, which turned out to be Skillet's "Would It Matter".    
(i first listened to the first part posted by youtube user AragornPK10 but then switched bc it kept cutting up)

I was going to try writing about something I noticed the other day and I sort of thought Skillet was my mood now and I couldn't remember what the songs are about (haven't listened to them that much) except for Monster and I just picked one and it was this.  So I heard the first opening bars and the mood for it and thought, yeah, I think I can try writing this to this music.

I saw some classical pianist at the very start.  I mean, when the song started, I suddenly had a flash of minds-eye impression of a man at the piano and this arm that went all the way back and arched over in a huge arch and then came down onto the keyboard and I could suddenly imagine someone playing piano to this music, and it was a classical pianist.  I couldn't see the face, just a side view of a man sitting at the piano and an arm coming over and down onto the keyboard.  I could see this big arch, down onto the keyboard, and then a flourish and more intricate work at one end of the keyboard, and then that was it.  I have to say, I just saw the movement.  Then I wondered if it was an Asian man.  He seemed slightly taller, but I think I was trying to think too hard after I just saw the arm thing and piano.  It was a like a rounded, if you flung your arm behind you and swung it around, up and then down onto the keyboard thing.  I saw the profile, with him facing right from my view and piano facing left.  It was his right arm.

My other few "sudden" impressions in the last week have just been a few.  I saw a double barrel to a rifle of some kind once.  It looked black and there two barrels right next to eachother and it reminded me of the Panda black licorice design, because I'd been thinking about that when I used licorice sticks and found there is a soft center inside of them, like indian chewing gum has.  So I thought, "Oh! that's why Panda licorice has that design for their black licorice." and then later I saw a quick impression of two parts to a rifle barrel, around Christmas sometime.  I also saw a group of people with their arms raised up when I was praying once but I'm sure it was just normal. It came up inbetween my prayers for India and Australia, as I was trying to list all the countries in my mind.

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