Monday, December 3, 2012

Three Month U.S. Fetus Torture and Murdered (what about Middleton?)

So my 3 month+ baby was tortured in this country. In the womb, that baby was tortured.

This country does nothing about it.

What about Middleton's baby? Is it safe for her to announce she's 3 months pregnant? She apparently believes so.

She believes no one will touch HER baby.

Katie Middleton believes no harm will come to her unborn baby, and believes that now she is safely past the 3-month mark. The public baby that is.

Katie Middleton, a UK brat that was funded by the U.S., has full confidence that her child will be "third in line to the throne" because she has received assurances of such.

THIS country, this same country that put food into that brat's MOUTH, TORTURED MY unborn baby and murdered him. They also tortured my son Oliver, kidnapped him from me, and continue to torture him.

MY country did this to me and to my baby and to my son.

But even though I was OVER 3 months along, and he appeared healthy and without any problems, we were being tortured as I lived across from The Pentagon.

Here was the "deal"--if something goes wrong with my engagement with Alvaro, just call me crazy...Well, that is not a deal. It's not a deal, because this country was already using people to try to call me crazy, and to torture me, before I ever met him. They only QUIT torturing me for a short time when I was in D.C.. And then WHO broke the peace in Virginia? You FUCKERS.

Katie Middleton is a fraud and in the same way that MY unborn baby was tortured while in my womb, and killed, I pray to God that the same happens to her and to her "supporters". All of them.

These people were setting her up, and hooking her up, for years.

After this Hungarian woman stayed at my house as a housemate, and told me what the Catholic woman had said about Mary falling off the mantle and onto her head, on her crown, which then broke off, I had Christa Schneider next at my door, kicking over a candle I had burning outside. It was one of those tall white prayer candles...the kind that you can leave unattended and burns for over 12 hours. You can buy them with pictures of saints on them, or plain, and I bought a couple with saints on them, and sometimes on sale that way (afterall, they're people from the Bible) and then I usually bought plain ones. So I had one burning outside on my porch, like a porch light, in my garden, next to some of my stones that had writing carved into them I think. Christa came over and I went outside and said "What happened?" and she looked pissed at me and said she didn't know. But I knew she'd kicked it over, by how she was acting, like concealing rage. It doesn't fall over on its own and it wasn't windy out. She kicked it over.

Basically, being able to trace the horrible things that have been done to me since I was a kid, and then when I was older, is what some never wanted to happen until they got what they wanted "out of it". They wanted a union that would benefit THEM--their politics--their families--their criminals.

They were interweaving their criminals inbetween ME, where I lived and worked, and with my parents, and were keeping tabs to be sure my parents never helped me out or clued me into anything. Not one time in my entire life, have I been a "Katie Middleton".

How dare John Kaempf even THINK to accuse ME of being so special, that he would make this point in COURT, while HE knew his own wife's favorite was Dick Whittemore's favorite: Katie Middleton. Iris. Isn't that Kaempf's wife's name? She's hispanic, and Kaempf is German. I can't remember her first name for sure. I thought it was something that started with an "I". Katie, is the one who is so "special" that she has The Pentagon KILLING people and torturing their own citizens for HER.

Katie Middleton doesn't have to worry about her unborn dying in the womb, because she is the meal ticket now, for criminals who have government positions that will ensure no one attacks her unborn child with military or aerospace technology...people like Mike Killian. Mike Killian, what a tramp, who showed up over here, at our house, knowing what was going down with Middleton.

Mike Killian is directly connected to the Middletons and he is a Class A Asshole and criminal.

His wife, my own cousin, was showing me upside "Love" signs drawn into the sand when they visited, and they were mocking my parents. They didn't want their own kids to eat anything my parents made, but sat there watching my parents suck blood out from their teeth knowing they were bleeding from the military/NASA technology that Killian works with.

Killian, who knows Department of Justice people like Schneiders.

Everything they did, was sinister. Killian was making loud comments about "She was hopping from couch to couch" and smirking about it, knowing people were listening in to the audio, that our house is bugged. He made a point of making several comments for the amusement of those whom he knew were privy to our conversations. He imitated how my son Oliver was poisoned, in front of my parents. They said to eachother, smirking and looking at my parents, "Weren't we going to separate these two?"

They're parting shot, was to leave a huge handful of breath mints all across the counter, that said, "Finish" on them. Char did it. My mother was trying not to look scared around Char when I went into the kitchen. And it was Char, who took out a huge handful of breath mints that said "Finish" on each individual wrapper, and scattered them all across the counter.

I saw the symbol and how it looked but I didn't see the AD for what "Finish" was for until this month. It was on Halloween Day. I went to the library to pick up some magazines for cutting out a Halloween or Harvest card for my son, and someone had dropped off magazines. I picked them up and paid for them, because they were the only ones with kid things, and decorative seasonal styles. So I paid for these, and well, I guess first I saw some things that Halloween, and then next it was on November 1, or right before, for my Dad's birthday, because I got more magazines and saw the AD in one for traveling. It is an ad for a washer and dryer soap, called "Finish" and the woman in it looks like Katie Middleton at age 40. It shows her with children's clothing, and smiling as a mother, clearly, from the ad.

It was breath mints from this ad, "Finish" that were left at our house by Mike fucking Killian and my relatives who are criminals. I don't trust Char, and I don't trust my "Uncle Tom" or his German wife Jodi. Basically, they came over to tell us they were finished with me. That it was over. That now Katie Middleton was going to be a mother. Well, publicly.

And of course, Killian can help ensure no harm by technology comes to her unborn baby.

So is anyone expecting strange vibrations to begin in Katie's womb? I wonder if her heart is suddenly going to be on fire, or suctioned inwards with her ribcage, or stop-and-start with constant flutters as was done to my brother. I wonder if Special Katie will have a butterfly mark that looks like the logo for EverRio videocamera (which I use) lasered across her throat as they did to my son, which shows up in his second school photo. Will Katie's back begin to ache with such extreme pain she can't walk, to the point that she knows it's not normal? Will Katie be worried about having her baby murdered by sudden voltage surges to MRI and ultrasound machines? after they first torture her baby?

How does it feel, Katie, to miscarry. Not to just miscarry, but to know you miscarried because of technology used by a government, and you had NO say in it.

God is giver of life and death? Not so. God may give, but the United States takes away and assassinates unborn children in the womb.

But this is something I have to worry about, not Katie Middleton.

Why am I the one who has to worry about my children being assassinated?

And what horrific crimes is Katie Middleton committing herself, as a hunter of other children, that makes her feel so safe?

If she wants to "finish", she should be finished.

I have traitors in my family, who lied for money and for the criminals they married, who seduced them to lie and betray their own family.

Mike Killian is directly connected to William of Wales. Huckabee seems to think that he is a personal family friend as well.

I went to my mother's workplace, and there was technology there, at her desk, and just standing there, my heart and ribcage were being sucked in.

The same U.S. military that killed WITH Mike Middleton, is killing my family. Mike Middleton is a killer. He worked with U.S. military and his wife Carol worked with FBI in psychic government work. They are killers and have family members that run drugs.

So much for the clean image William attempted, in bringing in cocaine. It's kind of hypocritical when your own wife is snorting it. Lets go snort cocaine at Gary's and then go out and take cocaine away from "the bad guys". With people like Alvaro Pardo assisting in Colombia.

So THIS kind of woman, is the one who is "special" and whose unborn baby will not be assassinated by the U.S. or The Pentagon. THIS is the woman they want, and they can't wait for this baby, though it was satisfying enough to get the surrogate first. The law about females and the throne was NOT made in "anticipation" of this pregnancy. It was made for the kid England will never see.

So much for that!

So all of England, and the English, are paying tax dollars for a woman's upkeep, who snorts cocaine, and takes it away from certain groups but not other groups; a woman who tortures children through people she knows; and a woman who has kids out of the sight of England. Not to mention being a money-launderer. It's no surprise a woman who looks like Katie is featured for a washer-and-dryer detergent. I get bills from the bank and stores with little stickers and pen marks on them--how does she manage to rinse of the blood that stains hers?

THIS country has tortured my son visibly so that anyone can even see how one of his eyes is popped out more than the other one. The power surge that was done to my heater recently, which burned out through my KNEE, and bruised me, which I put on a video clip...THIS was done at my house by Mike Killian's group in 2007. I was being TORTURED, along with my son. They continued to torture my son, and I was prevented from seeing any photos of Oliver, until after WHAT?

Until after the United States felt Katie's public pregnancy was solid. They have never wanted evidence out about torture of my family--nothing to potentially interfere with public opinion or with what they are wrangling.

Tonight, I was at my Mom's workplace, as I said, and Debbie Burt, her "not-friend" left a window for my mother to decorate with greenery. How cute. They put greenery in all of the windows at my mother's workplace and told her to go decorate one of them with greenery. They left her with this task. The window they had my mother decorate had a Frosty the Snowman and a flat-iron silloutte of a man on a bucking bronco. That was the one my mother was to decorate. The Taro window. This is what the Anglican church across the street from the DEA in Nashville, TN had me do. They assigned me to decorating windows with "greenery", while I was even tortured in that church. I volunteered for their church, and gave of my time, and in return, I was tortured. Is it any wonder I never tithed more than a dollar there. Some people ensure their position by tithing, don't they.

Like Katie. Were the clerics comparing how much she tithed to how much I tithed? Is that why she literally had (cough, cough) CLERICAL support? What kind of a fucking moron supports a criminal like that? We even get these stupid snide sermons from some Scottish man that clearly supports her, on christian radio over here. Why in the world does ANY "christian" cleric support HER? unless they are criminals themselves. One minute this Scottish man is preaching about come over soon! we'll make your tea as strong as you like! and the next minute, he's a catty man throwing a fit over something said against Katie Middleton. As if she is a christian at all, when she is not.

My mother had to literally, not forget! to go decorate a window with greenery, the way they did at this church I attended in Nashville, only because it was the closest one to me. I was tortured in their private chapel and I was tortured where I sat in their main church. I went anyway. And then I found out Brad Uhl was across the street and had no idea the DEA and feds were exactly across the street from that church. Those individuals lied about me and had me drugged.

Um, so I'm not mentally ill, and your deal is over.
They don't care anyway. They got everything they wanted.

I will say whatever I want to say, and I already have most of the time, but what some people don't know, is that the FBI IS involved in the deal. They are criminals.

Now they are trying to ruin my mother's brain with antihistamines. My mother has a serious matter with her feet (and how cute, by the way, to have the engagement photos next to a painting of feet when they've done this to my mother). She has new chrome sores, and they used to be only on her feet and now there is one by her ankle.

This doctor she went to, is named Kathleen Brown. I wasn't going to say her name, or write it down, until I found out this woman prescribed antihistamines for my mother. She is a Coos Bay doctor and when I saw this ointment from her for my Dad, I asked tonight when Dad saw her and she said, "A year ago". Poison oak for 1 year ago. The Taro stuff. My Mom said she was going to try her for her foot, and I called her. I said, "Where are you?" and she said she was on the way to the dermatologist. I had forgotten it was that day. I was hoping she'd do something for my mother, and my Mom wouldn't tell me what she gave her. Then she had to call it in and I happened to show up at work (where there was technology going on). She called in about her antihistamines.

So I called and said what kind of antihistamines? and she said why and I said I might need some too and she said, "I don't know--I just had to call about it--whatever she prescribed."

I said, "So you just got antihistamines and what was the other thing?" and it is an "ointment". I said, "That's what she gave you?" and my Mom said yes and I said, "I don't think you should take the antihistamines and it has nothing to do with your feet." She said, "No, I disagree" and I said, "Yeah, it's sometimes prescribed for itching, but that's not a CURE, that's covering up symptoms and it will RUIN your mind."

My mother has a major problem with her feet--serious. It is not a joke, it's something serious, and Kathleen Brown is givig her an "ointment" to put on the top, and an "antihistamine" that will possibly help with itching but will affect my mother's mind.

Antihistamines is what these doctors first tried to give me, to ruin my mind. You can take an antihistamine for a short time and on occasion it's helpful, but you don't prescribe antihistamines for migraines, and for headaches repeatedly and not to cover up the real problem.

Antihistamines lower testerone and ruin your horomones. It directly affects both your mind and your adrenal glands and endocrine system. So if you have a problem with a cold that's really bad or you can't breathe, maybe you use an antihistamine short term. You don't use it to cover up chrome sores from military experimentation, or Middleton mechanisms.

You don't "treat" it with a topical ointment that relieves itching and does nothing to get rid of the problem, or with an antihistamine that ruins your brain and hormones while offering only relief from itching again.

That is not solving the problem. My mother has chromium sores, and it shows up and feels exactly like I saw from photos of people with this in India, and I also read the military experimented on people and there is a class-action lawsuit in Portland, Oregon over it. She has chrome sores.

Antihistamines attack energy levels, steroids, testosterone, and other horomones and it slows down the brain. So while it's fine for a quick cold relief over-the-counter on occasion, or for inflammation sometimes (because it targets steroids), it is WRONG for casual prescription.

They start with antihistamines and work their way torwards Haldol. Supposedly, an antihistamine is the cure for overdose of Haldol, but both ruin the mind and hormones. People who smoke cigarettes lose their sex drive half of the time, or it lessens, because the nicotine targets histamines and steroids. And this is what I know just off the top of my head, and anyone can check it out.

So what I know, is that they are now attempting to ruin my mother's mind by giving her antihistamines with the excuse that it's for something else.

They give antihistamines to people they want to slow down. Your histamines support your brain and impulse and inspiration. They claim "schitzophrenics" and manics have higher than normal histadine levels, so they try to knock people out by attacking their histadines. You know what turkey does for you? It affects your histadines, which is why you feel tired after turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. So instead of allowing creative people to be highly creative or letting people's minds that are gifted psychicly, to be left alone, they target the same thing that makes these people unique and supports their drive and creativity. They do the same thing to political activists. Thinking people, get prescribed antihistadines all the time, if they're viewed as a threat.

Wenatchee repeatedly dosed me up with antihistadines when I went there for migraine treatment. I even had allergic reactions to it, and they didn't care. They continued to inject me with antihistadines, even though it was on my chart that I was allergic to it and didn't want to take it. When they thought they could call me mentally ill, they thought they could override the warning label that I was allergic and come up with whatever they wanted to do.

This country has been jacked up on CRACK, and Katie is serving the best dish.

I had my music ripped off in Oregon, and used by people like Jewel, and Wenatchee was cranking me up on antihistadines to disguise and mask the fact that I am creative at all. I was being targeted by military and aerospace to have migraines all the time, when it's not natural to me, and then they were jacking me up on antihistadines.

Now they are doing this to my mother?

They inject her with chromium for an experiment and then they want to use this as the excuse for doping her up on things that will ruin her mind.

Not only is Katie feeling safe about her 3 month pregnancy, no one in my family has ever been safe from their own government in their own country. This country assassinated my unborn baby after torturing him in my womb. They assassinated Gannon Garrett, my parents firstborn, when he was 3 days old. They tortured my son Oliver and kidnapped him from me and lied while they continued to torture us. They used "research" as the lie for anti-competition and triggered migraines to occur to me by military technology, all the time. THEN, they used their own assault against me as an excuse to dope me up on drugs I didn't want or need. They are now doing the exact same thing to my parents. My mother was injected with chromium and has chrome sores and instead of being given what will cure this, or treat this, and instead of doing an evaluation and agreeing this is it, they are giving her things to ruin her mind and hormones. Giving antihistamines to children is an attempt to control a child by drugging them, just as it is an attempt to control an adult (with large enough doses). To "calm down" a child, unethical doctors have been known to prescribe antihistamines and then claim it's for some other reason.

Look up histadine, histamine, and antihistamines. Antihistamines are brain poison. The only time you want them, is low dose, on occasion, if you can't breathe because you're so stuffed up. That's it. Or if you have such horrible allergies you can't breathe without it. If you need an anti-inflammatory, you take an inflammatory. You don't need an antihistamine to be the substitute. And, if you get injected with Haldol and it's an overdose or twists your speech, they give you this. Also, sometimes for nausea, but there are non-antihistamines that are antimetic.

If you want to be spaced out, take an antihistamine.

You're not even supposed to take antihistamines while pregnant, because it screws up the hormones, steroids, and normal development of a baby. If it does this to a baby, and passes their blood-brain barrier, it's doing the same thing to you. These doctors are whacked out. Kathleen Brown.

So yes, my family is tortured over Katie Middleton. The last couple of days my mother's speech has sometimes been slurred, a couple of times, and if it's really how she is talking, she got doped up somewhere with Haldol. And now she's calling in for her antihistamine prescription for her feet.

Anyone who has been wrongly prescribed antihistamines, needs to try to detox and add a high-level histadine diet in to make up for it. Boring and criminal people like to try to dumb down others who are creative with things like "antihistamines". If you have an allergy, yeah, use it. If it gets prescribed for quasi-label things, it's a joke.

Like I said, I am assaulted by the military with migraines, to drive me to take drugs I don't need. Then my mother was assaulted with chromium and is now being told to dope up with antihistamines.

Is Katie Middleton's baby safe? I am still wondering why she is feeling so safe about her pregnancy, and yet, our children are MURDERED.

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