Monday, December 24, 2012

Black Horse Gives Personal Information To Middletons

The computer company "Black Horse" has been giving my personal computer information to Kate Middleton.

This has been a nightmare.

I knew, or thought something was wrong, the very first time I took my laptop there.  Then they held onto it and didn't do the work they said they'd do, which forced me into a position of having to buy the Toshiba I didn't want.

Which I was lied to about, by the way, by Fred Meyer employees "Aaron" and Russ.  This other woman was there in the store when they yelled out to me that I had a certain number of months to return it and then their manager claimed no video footage of my buying the computer existed. 

I took my laptop to "Black Horse" computer company, which is located in Coquille, Oregon.  Right after I gave it to them, all of a sudden, Kate Middleton was basing things she wore or did off of my photos that I had on storage.  It was so obvious, and I never look up articles about her, but I can't remember, one that I did look up, proved she was being given information off of the computer I had just given to Black Horse.

Then, the owners there held onto my computer and refused to fix it, FOR MONTHS.  I checked back with them on a regular basis, and they were constantly trying to return my computer to me without fixing it.

So this last time I gave it to them, was over 3 months ago.  I gave them my name and phone number and asked them to please call me when they knew if anything could be done about it or not.

Then Patty Otterbach, who works with these Black Horse people, to spit out info to Middletons, is friends with them and apparently they're part of the same group.

For 3 months I heard nothing.  This last time there was a new guy working there, from I don't know where, a tall black guy but I don't recall what his name was.  After I gave them my laptop this last time, I noticed my personal information was being leaked to The White House.  So first, it's Kate Middleton, through her pals in this town and the owners I guess, and then, my personal information was being shared in Washington D.C., where it's none of anyone's business.  The media even got ahold of some of my photos somehow.  I don't know how, but some of them did.  They started making this same hand-over-heart saluting the flag thing that I did in one series of photos I took, and no, it wasn't for patriotism, it was done with the same background as I had in my photos and sometimes the same clothing.  I did it to indicate I am basically a hostage here.

I left a message with Black Horse a week ago, again, for this past 3 months they've had my laptop (a second time) and basically, Kate Middleton got knocked up over it.  Then, on Christmas Eve, this woman Toni calls me at 3:34 and tells me there's nothing they can do about it and they haven't been able to do anything at all, so pick it up after Christmas.

If they haven't been able to do anything at all then why have Kate Middleton and Washington D.C. been able to do OH so much.

The black guy was never there at all when Kate got the first round of info about me, so it wasn't through him.  However, I didn't notice anything leaking from my personal pc to D.C. until after I dropped it off this last time.  I don't know why for sure.  It may be that someone is hacking my computer anyway and then thinks if I take it to a shop they can reveal what they have learned and have me think it's the shop and blame them.

I do not know for sure, but I do know the timing.

So regardless of who or how Kate was getting my personal information and photo info from my databases, she was getting it.

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