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My Parents Tortured Today, U.S. Army & Russia's Ban On Adoption

My parents were tortured today.    Something was done to my mother while we were in a store called "The Big Five".  Literally. 

And then something was done to my Dad while we were away and now he has a green band-aid on his pinky to his right hand.  I saw him and asked what happened and he said he "cut himself".  I said, "You CUT yourself?"  My Dad doesn't do work that would involve an accident like that.  My Dad's right middle finger was also tortured and he has a new red round dot in the middle that wasn't there yesterday.  My mother's middle finger was targeted while we were at a store looking at shoes.

This reminds me of the day CPS criminals brought my son to me with a band-aid across his face in a diagonal, the same way my mother's cheek was slashed with a knife.  The band-aid was angled that way and he had a cut.  Another time he had a severe cut on a finger, hidden by a band-aid.

The U.S. was torturing my son through U.S. government workers.

There is no way Russia would hand over their children to that and I don't believe they will.  I think China will be next to stop the U.S. from adopting their children as well.

I could probably adopt a Russian kid even if the law passes, because so far, I have no proof from the U.S. that I am a U.S. citizen living on U.S. soil with protection and guarantees of my U.S. rights.  I'm not an American, according to Leon Panetta, so I am sure I would have no problem adopting even if a ban is passed on adoption by the "real Americans."

So my Dad has this new cut on his finger and all of a sudden, after I wrote on my blog that we're making a Youtube video, my parents were instructed to tell me I can't come over for a week and they're taking my phone away, and oh, by the way, this new laptop I got isn't even working with the signal.  There isn't anything wrong with it and the signal reaches, but I'm not able to connect to it.

Additionally, last night my electricity was repeatedly shut off even though there was no storm and no wind.  Over a dozen times my electricity was shut off when I had one light on and one small space heater running.  I found out the same night the U.S. Pentagon repeatedly shut off my electricity, after I named Leon Panetta as the perpetrator of violations of human rights against citizens, my son's electricity at his house was shut down for over 24 hours. 

My mother went with me to a store today and while we were there, somehow when I wasn't looking, she incurred some kind of injury.  Her middle finger on her right hand was shot by some kind of laser.

First, she went to the front counter to check on something and came back with one eye newly bloodshot. Her right eye was bloodshot with broken blood vessels and it happened from the time she left my side, went to the register out of my sight, and came back.  About 5 minutes total.   Before we got to the store, while in the car still, I saw her left eye was bulging and I told her to look in the mirror.  Now, as of tonight, it's her left eye that is bulging and not her right eye.  It is significant and noticeable and my mother had tears in her eyes tonight, but denied it.

Then, a half hour later,  I noticed the outside of the skin on her middle finger changing color.  She was sitting down and holding a shoe and showing it to a sales person.  I saw her middle finger and it was turning color, with a section above her knuckle becoming blotchy and bloodshot.  It looked like blood was leaking under her skin and it was all mottled in color.  After awhile, this faded.  I wondered what was happening to my Mom.  The other thing was that her eyes started to get darker on the insides too, while there and parts of her face got blotchy and mottled.  The middle finger was most noticeable and then we went to a different store and she was checking something on her phone.  When she checked, I hadn't said anything about the outside of her hand, her middle finger.  But in the other store, I saw the inside of that same finger and there was a bright purple dot under the skin. 

She was targeted with a laser to her middle finger. 

Leon Panetta needs to face 4 walls in jail.

I said, "Mom, your finger."  She said what? and actually, as I was standing there in Macy's, I was then being targeted on the top of my head by Pentagon technology.  It is obviously using different technologies, but we are their targets for 24-7 torture.  She said "What?" and I said, "Look at your finger.  You have a purple dot there under the skin" and I didn't even have to point it out but I did.  Right there.  It was the exact same height on her middle finger as the blotchy bloodburst and rash that occured on the other side.  So whatever was done to penetrate her finger to torture her, which left a purple dot under the skin, made an exit or something out the other side, leaving a rash that grew and became blotchy and irregular and then went away.

The dot under her skin on her finger was the same thing I found under my skin on my finger when I was being tortured.  Panetta is torturing an entire family.  Then I get home with my Mom and my Dad comes home and has a visible red scrape shaped like a dot (but on the surface) on his middle finger.

The Pentagon is allowing people to torture us separately and is forcing my parents to "predict" what was done and who did it.  They are also forcing my parents to cut and injure themselves and they are allowing other people to bruise, kick, beat, cut, laser, waterboard, and do other things to my Mom and Dad, and the excuse is that it's part of a witchcraft "spell".  So basically the U.S. allows witchcraft practioners to experiment on my parents and mutilate them, with the excuse that they have to do this or the "spell won't work".

The U.S. is engaged in witchcraft and uses taxpayer monies to support voodoo and witchcraft, and mutilation of people as an excuse for Pentagon "research".    The claim is that they don't care "how it works" or "what power it works by", they force my parents to endure being tortured to give others access to them, and they force my parents to be subjected to torture and force them to perform for them with their prophetic gifts.  The U.S. has taken my parents, who have a gift from God, and have tortured us to force them to use it to their advantage while they ruin our lives.

They've forced my parents to buy things they don't want to buy.  Panetta is  laundering money to his friends by forcing my parents to dig wells when they already know the water isn't any good, which forces them to pay the City of Coquille money, and whatever business dug the well.  They force them to buy 2 pairs of shoes when they don't want 2 pairs of shoes.  They force them to buy things for themselves that they don't even like.

The United States government, led by Panetta with the Pentagon, is most likely killing George Bush Sr. as well, because he was getting better and there was no reason for a set-back without help from Panetta's mafia.  While Panetta is torturing my parents in broad daylight, he's killing Presidents by hastening their death.

Panetta is not just forcing my parents to buy things from his friends, that they don't want to buy, he is forcing me into the poorhouse.  Panetta first acted as a security advisor under Clinton, and knew about my being implanted with microchips in Salt Lake, Utah, through a surgery.  Afterwards, NASA and the Pentagon gave an enormous donation to the hospital, enabling them to open up 15 other huge buildings and clinics, and to do further research by torturing humans from a distance.

I have hospital bills that I can't pay and most of it is from migraines that the Pentagon triggered, deliberately.  Most of it is from migraines that are Pentagon-NASA triggered, which is torture.  The rest of the bills are from being tortured so severely to my teeth and neck that I am forced to the hospital, where they have used it as an excuse to draw my blood, to see how my blood appears afterwards, and if cells are altered, and they've taken CTs.  Every 3 years, the U.S. has found an excuse to take a CT or MRI of my brain, since they did the surgery in Utah.  I am being tortured and I've been drugged as well, and then the U.S. sticks me with the bill.

The Pentagon owes me hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Between the FBI slander and Pentagon torture, they are responsible for paying ALL of my medical bills.  I do not owe one dime.

They are also guilty of obstructing me from my legal right to access to the courts, and because of this, my damages for not getting the compensation I would have otherwise been reasonably awarded, is in the millions. 

The claim my family has against the U.S. government is worth at least 1 billion, and because there are so many of us, with so much in damages and because of the length of time, it's closer to multiple billions. 

If any law firm had the resources and will to fight the government and take our case, it is worth billions.

My parents are being tortured to "perform" psychic works for the U.S. and the U.S. is allowing mafia and U.S. personnel to torture them.  They have been tortured and instructed, most of their lives, to control me for others who wanted to oppress me.

The first job I had as a babysitter was for Ruthie Ames.  I was 11 years old and I babysat her 2 year old twins.  I spent my entire life babysitting government employees' kids.  I did so, with the desire to be a fun babysitter, excellent nanny, and outstanding mother.  I couldn't wait to pour out my heart and everything I knew, to my own child.  All of my life work was in carefully studying child behavior and trying to learn new things, and do what was best for the individual child.  My life's work was devoted to preparing to be a good mother.  I didn't realize every single place I ever lived was U.S. Pentagon and FBI enclosed.  If someone wasn't living next door, they were wanting to move in with me, or I was being forced out of housing to live on my own, to live with military men who used me for research and hate crime.  Growing up as a kid, it was Hermann Danielson on one side of our house (U.S. Army, active), Alan Springer (FBI psychologist), and Coombs (the son was active U.S. Army).  The Shaws, who went to England, the one who knew my Dad, is U.S. Army.  Scott Sandberg, son of Jim and Shirley Sandberg, is U.S. Army.  Annette Sandberg is FBI connected and was Chief of Police and her brother is U.S. Army and works for Boeing.  Carmen, my brother's ex-wife, the one who spied on my family, U.S. Army.  My grandfather Garrett, U.S. Marine and my Dad got parental permission to sign up for the U.S. Army.  Why?  Well the Pentagon had blacklisted and blackmailed my Grandpa Garrett about the kids when he left Virginia people to find out who was responsible for killing his brother, Charles Howard, in Seattle, Washington.  My Dad signed up and was in the U.S. Army for 1 week until he "quit" and was forced to work for them in underground operations.

Who showed up in Jordan when Middletons were moving out and crossing paths?  U.S. Army.    U.S. Army worked with Middleton, in Jordan. 

My grandfather Baird, who was forced to allow the government access to his kids?  U.S. Army.  He got a knife in the butt at 80 years old for his service.  Shirina Edwin chose to get close to me, and wanted to live with me, because she is U.S. Marines.  After I bought my own house, at age 21, the man who bought a house directly across the street from mine was U.S. Army (active).  His name was Matt.  Shirina (U.S. Marine) moved in shortly after and then the D.A. only wanted to talk to Shirina for the run-down on what happened and how I responded when I was held hostage with another roommate.  Then it was Jan, a student-nurse who drove away from my house in a new Subaru station wagon, she said, "Now I can afford it".  It seemed anyone who lived next to me or gave info on me was getting a new car; Jan said it was because she got loans.  When I gave Shirina my car, my best and only car, which had nothing wrong with it, she acted suspicious.  I had no idea why but now I do.  She spied on me and she didn't know if I was giving her something that would kill her for what she did.  She had no reason to worry if she wasn't guilty, but she was guilty and she immediately took the car I gave her and sold it to someone else and bought herself a new car.  The police were excited about the hostage event.  It was like a staged U.S. Marine set. 

My mother admitted to me when I first arrived in Oregon, she was kidnapped.  She wouldn't say anything else and I believe she was tortured for even saying that much, but when the FBI obstructed me from seeing my mother, she was kidnapped.

Backing up, from Moses Lake, WA to Sherwood, OR, our neighbors were all FBI.  S.A. Krouger was my neighbor.  So the first time I contacted the FBI and I was told to write to S.A. Krouger, I didn't realize it was the same man who lived across the street from my family in Sherwood from 1990-2002. At least I think it is.  I may be wrong, but I don't think so.  I met him one day when he invited me and my parents to drinks and appetizers in the woods (on his property).  I remember my parents seeming nervous and I didn't know why. The other neighbors were the Roarks.  Judy and Rich Roarke, who also have a house in Arizona close to Lynda Carter territory.  I know they are government but I don't know who for.  The Bechtolds are U.S. government and one of their sons is police.  Everyone who lived around us over there was government.  And I was forced to work for Del Balzos, who are U.S. government.

After I had surgery in Salt Lake, Utah, I was forced to work for U.S. government employees Carl and Mary Del Balzo, who dealt with microchip technology and top-secret intellectual property and government business.  From this position I was headhunted by CTR, through an employment agency that is based out of Salt Lake, Utah.  The employment agency is Employment Trends LLC and it's headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I had the surgery done.  They're located on "Decker Lane" or street.  It's Decker.  So when I was being laughed at, about being "knocked out", it wasn't a joke.  The main company is "SOS Company" and they have branches in Canada.  Utah put me into a job with Ed Israel as the CEO, and my migraines were triggered with a drastic increase, I remember, about the time Princess Diana died, because that was when they brought Billy, the U.S. Navy or Marine guy, in to work alongside me.  I was being assaulted for the first time at Del Balzos and then at CTR, which was a job presented to me by Salt Lake City, Utah, home of the telesurgery and teletorture operations.

At this same time, a U.S. Marine moved into my house, and the U.S. Army man bought a house next to mine after I was already there.

My brother was living with a U.S. Army spy.  He had married Carmen Wilson, who got an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and spied on my family for them until their divorce was finalized (right before Middleton's wedding).  After this my brother was forced to live with U.S. Army man for 2 years.  That man never wanted me around long enough to figure out what was going on.  I spent 1 night there, one time and he had U.S. military posters all over his house, like it was an Army base.  Before this, my brother lived with other U.S. Army connected people, Andy Rosen.  The Rosens had my parents over a lot.  Steve Rosen possibly assaulted my Dad.  I remember something going on at the time but I didn't know what.  They always had my brother go somewhere with Andy, I hung out with Stephanie Rosen (a runner), and the Steve and his wife were with my parents and something was going on that caused my Dad a lot of distress.  Kelly Halverson, whom I met at that same church, had a Dad who was U.S. Army I believe. 

I didn't sign up for The Pentagon Scam.  I was never given a choice to be an MKUltra kid or not, and I wasn't notified that the program "changed" when they couldn't call it MKUltra anymore.  It went further underground.  It never went away.  I never signed up for the military.  I have been tortured most of my life, and my son was tortured before he was born, and stolen from me.  His "adoption" is illegal.  The United States never had a legal right to him and they are the criminals who tortured us.  My country tortured me and my son and has been torturing my Mom and Dad and brother, and forcing them to work for the U.S. Pentagon.  I had U.S. Army affiliated persons moving next to me or in with me, all the way through 2004.  Meredith Green was a housemate, the one who threw up all over my white towels deliberately, after I tried to help her when she almost killed herself drinking in my house.  I saw her when she did it, and I gave her a towel to throw up on, and she refused and instead, went to my couch to throw up on new white towels I had just laundered and folded.  She spied on me and I believe her Dad is U.S. Army but I might be wrong about that.  I know she's Middleton-mafia.  After the U.S. ran out of military to sneak into my house, they tortured me to the point I thought I was going to die.  And then they tortured my newborn son.  I got a job, working for a U.S. Army wife.  I didn't know he was military.  Anytime I tried to apply for a job, the U.S. Army or Pentagon was trying to intercept it and hand me over to someone who would use me to exploit me.  Then they decided to start using me with FBI and ruining my record, to cover for the history.

After my life's work has been working at minimum wage while providing the very highest quality of care and attention to government children, Panetta tortured me and my son and had my son kidnapped from me under legal auspice.

Russia has 700,000 children waiting for adoption to loving homes.  The U.S., ignored this, and chose to single out their own kids for torture.

The United States encouraged federal employees to rape me and sexually assault me.  They also allowed others to have access to my son to torture him and mutilate him the way they're mutilating me and my family with torture and technology.

There is no way I'd send my kid over for that.  Laura Ingraham, who adopted 2 Russian children, is a prime example of the U.S. using Russian kids for their own federal programs.  Who knows what happens behind closed doors.  I know Laura isn't a champion of human rights or things would be different for my son and family, I promise. 

By the way, something extraordinarily shocking and corrupt has occured and it has something to do with sexual abuse, and pedophiles, and William and Kate Middleton.  I know, because when my Dad told me one day, with tears in his eyes, that someone was being sexually assaulted and he emphasized "6", it was at a time when he knew the only connotation I had with 6 was the room William and Kate spent their honeymoon in, at Windsor or wherever.  The Queen gave them some room number 6.  He said there are about "6 sexual pedophiles" next to their river house, and Patty Otterbach happened to be one of their neighbors.  I didn't know this at the time bc I didn't find out about Patty living out there until months later.  But my Dad knew the connotation I had with 6, and the way he emphasized this, with tears in his eyes, was Kate and William.  So what came to my mind is that they are corrupt enough they are part of the "high officials sexually abuse children and rape" blackmail game.  The only other 6 might be connected to Motel 6, which Raul Bujanda alluded to, and he is FBI, and I stayed there once when Alvaro Pardo paid for a room after our engagement.  The 6 connotation at the time, in my mind, was strictly Kate and Williams room and wondering why that one.  My Dad reads my thoughts, maybe not perfectly all the time, but he would have known. 

Later they cringed that I called my non-profit "Six" but it was with a different connotation.  However, I've not forgotten this.  I thought no, it's impossible.  It's not something you believe or consider is possible because it is too shocking.  Since I've realized some other things, however, I am prepared to believe it.  My Dad wouldn't say this, in a disguised way, and to the point of tears, if he wasn't serious.  I later came up with the name "Six" for a legal non-profit, because of something in the Bible I read, and another idea, and I wanted to change the connotation.  However, I don't forget the context my Dad was speaking of then.  I didn't miss anything.  I'm quite sure my Dad didn't misinterpret my thoughts either.

My Dad said, "It's not Oliver", but this was either his way of telling me it WAS Oliver, or that it was someone in our family.  Patty Otterbach, I've thought, is Middleton and FBI connected and she lives out there.  But my Dad told me this, when I was pondering Kate and William. 

I thought, but didn't say "Oliver?" and my Dad said out loud, "It's not Oliver" and tried not to cry.

I also remember my Dad looking upset when taking something to me at Steve Mays house.  I have discovered Steve Mays is possibly related to Hermann Danielson, whose kids married a "Mays".  If so, Steve Mays, who I was renting a room from in his house, is U.S. Army connected.  As was every single other person I was forced to live with in Wenatchee.  Every one of them was U.S. Army.  Steve Mays--U.S. Army.  Woman from Safeway: U.S. Army.  Man on same street:  U.S. Army.  Theo Keyes (whom I've talked about before):  U.S. Army with U.S. Army father living in, I think, Coquille.  Ryan:  U.S. Army. 

And that's not including who the FBI set me up with when I was in New Mexico and on the East Coast.  U.S. Army.

My Dad over here, is tortured by U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marines, and FBI, along with their friends who are mafia and police.  Every single pastor in this town, that my parents have gone to, has 20+ years active military men presiding and Kevin Bolls is not a Protestant christian.  He is from Seattle and Chicago, and is Catholic and friends with Laura Laughlin and Middleton.  It doesn't matter that he's gone to Protestant colleges, and seminary.  I promise and I am not wrong about this one:  Kevin Bolls is Roman Catholic.  He is torturing my parents.

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