Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blue Lipstick

I wore blue lipstick today.

I pinned a sticker from a U.S. stamp that has the face of the statue of liberty and "Forever" on it to my left shoulder/chest. I stuck it to my shirt and then pinned it. Then I took two safety pins that were alike and pinned them horizontally across my jeans zipper.

Then when I was buying cinnamon, a bobby pin came out with my change and some pieces of pasta (semolina). I was buying molina. I didn't know I had an extra bobby pin bc I'd have stuck it in my hair!

Granny once gave me a mood ring. She also gave me mood lipstick that was blue and changed color with your body temperature. And, another time separately I got blue lipstick. I tried it a long time ago.

I had blue eyeshadow, blueberry blue colored or navy blue sort of, so I put it on over foundation on my lips.

I bought kosher horseradish sauce today bc it was the only kind that didn't have egg added to it. I got a different kind yesterday which is what I remember I used to get, but they all have egg. The kosher one was the only kind that didn't so I got that, a couple habaneros and cinnamon.

I had a couple of other things planned but I forgot to do them so I have to do it tomorrow.

Update: 12/14/2012. I wore it again on 12/13/2012 and might keep wearing it. Here is a better photo though you still can't see the color. This photo actually has the best lighting of them, but you can't completely see. I don't like my expression or posture, but it shows the idea. What's odd, is that after 2 days of wearing blue lipstick, and getting used to it, I started thinking red lipstick looks odd. I still like it, of course, but it was a change of perception and what I thought "looked right". I've always gone with a more natural look, or bright red lipstick. For nails, always clear or opaque, french manicure, or deep red or red. I like my purple polish for nails. But now I'm thinking blue lipstick looks good with blue sweaters and blue jeans. It probably would have been prettier when I was younger, much more striking, but I didn't care for it then. Black lipstick? no. Green? no. I don't Purple? Not really. I like the bright red and bright blue when they're vivid. I like red polish for nails, and natural, and I like the purple but I am not into purple lips. Blue lips seems okay right now. I think it's a statement for me, of many meanings.

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