Friday, December 7, 2012

Plate Numbers (the brothers) & a Middleton Coos Cop

I said I'd get the other plate numbers...there is one more but I haven't seen that vehicle for over 2 months. It was a jeep of some kind with stickers on the back.

I am referring to the brothers who I knew Kate Middleton was pregnant by. I mean, when I wrote that I knew the news was possibly true this time, based not on any intuition I have, but the sheer level of harassment against me alone. These brothers were my first tip-off and then it was huge CIA style gang loads of people for several weeks, driving torwards me or pretending to drive me off of the road, mocking me in exaggerated ways, so I would was exactly what they had done to me prior to Kate Middleton's wedding, so I knew it was coming from the same group and that now it was over an upcoming publicly-had baby.

Also, there was a cop not today but yesterday, in the afternoon, in a black patrol car who is younger, lean, fairly decent looking and with dark brown short hair, not a thin long face, more of a round or square or angular face, who has stalked me since this summer. I've noticed him about that long, and knew he was a Kate Middleton supporter. I don't know why his patrol car was black bc I don't "think" the Coquille cop cars are black. ? I think Coos County has the black patrol cars.

But this same cop was over here during a parade in the summer, when they had the "Gay 90's" something-or-other Car Show, and I remember him. He is a major stalker and I know for a fact he is Middleton clan. When I saw him at the parade, I don't think he was driving a black patrol car, but maybe I'm wrong...maybe they came out to assist. It was the same man however. He's died-in-the-wool Middleton criminal-cop. He went OUT of his way to harass me this summer, so I remember him. He kept driving back and forth past me and he made a point for me to see hatred. Then he was outright mocking me and encouraging people in town who were lined up waiting for the parade to do the same. He has some cop buddies who look out for him, in Coos Bay, but he is a main suspect for crimes. He was obviously trying to do "government psychic" work as well, and he is dangerous, malicious, and more interested in corruption and punishing people to get ahead for the Middletons. I "read" Middleton all over him.

The brothers plates are:

157 CTT
631 DFU
454 DLE

These are brothers who lived right next door to my parents and half of them moved to a different house after Kate Middleton was confirmed pregnant. 1-2 months ago. First these brothers were always around me, and angry as bees. Constantly stalking me, one or two of them driving past me all the time, no matter when I went out, they'd be there. I had wondered if they really hated me or just acted like it, but then one day I turned around unexpectedly and saw the expression of one of them from his car, and he was watching me with hate in his eyes. When he saw that I had turned and saw him, he changed his expression suddenly, but it was too late. So in response, I walked that direction and then stood there, and stopped, and waved him ahead of me, and I smiled. I could have walked in front of him and his car, but I made a point to stop and wait for him to go past. That was last Spring approximately, before Summer even, I think.

That was over 3 months ago, about 3-4 months ago. They quit stalking me for awhile and then it picked up again, and something I blogged about really made them mad, because from about 4 months ago to the point of 1st month pregnancy confirmation, I saw their hatred of me, every single time any of them drove past. I used to see one who looked sorry now and then, but that was over. They all hated me. I wondered if maybe one of them had a different opinion, but the general consensus by the time Middleton was pregnant, was that they were all glad about it and thought they had really done me in for good.

I remembered how one day my mother looked really upset when she saw them and their Dad outside one day and I knew one of them must have done something really bad to her. That was 6 months-9 months ago. It was awhile ago, almost a year ago. Then, I couldn't confirm how they felt about me until recently, when they made it obvious. Then about 2 months ago, their hatred turned to smug satisfaction. By the way they were all so smug, not saying anything, but how their hatred was replaced with smug satisfied superiority, then I knew: Kate Middleton is pregnant. I "read" it from those brothers. I saw their expressions as they drove by and I saw it all over their faces. Other people harassed me or drove by with unpleasant looks, of course, all the time, but I didn't read pregnancy from them. I got it from looking at those brothers.

So after she was about 1 month along, they started moving to a new house. And then they were still driving past, smug and disliking me, but feeling smug for their shrug I guess. It pacified them, just a tiny bit. Their rage, resentment, and hatred, and concern, was pacified. Now Katie was having the public baby and she was actually pregnant, so they felt better about all of the schemes. There's no reason to feel the way they do unless they are connected to her. And there is no reason to know she was pregnant, 2 months ago, unless it is for the same reason.

So I knew from that, and then I saw one photo of Kate with a hat and bird eggs on it, and I felt I knew, by William's expression in the photo, and her face. The final knowing had nothing to do with intuition or someone giving me info. I could tell because the same full-blown harassment that was literally ORGANIZED against me in Nashville, TN, was organized against me here. It has been as bad and as big as WTO activists protesting, in the sense of numbers of attempts to barricade, block me, and ruin my property. Of course I am not WTO and I have nothing to do with that, but I am using that for an example of the kind of demonstrations that have been organized against me, on account of Katie Middleton.

She is a criminal.

What have I done?

I'm a mother, with a son who has been tortured for no other reason than Middleton jealousy.

People have gone out of their way to do this to me for what purpose? So based on the huge amounts of harassment, I knew it was this group's way of "celebrating" the news they had that she was pregnant. So the large group harassment occured after the 2nd month, escalating up until about 1 week ago, and the smug looks were after the first confirmation.

I will tell you why the big group harassment.

They know I was slotted to be William's mistress, by William himself. It's possible there was even more than that, a long time ago, but all I know for sure, is the mistress part. He was even breaking up with her, once. So this is their way of constantly checking up on me, keeping me down, torturing me, and ensuring I am "out of the way" while Katie is pumped full of babies for money and politics like a good mole is pumped up for.

Also, the federal government has been fully involved.

The woman that they had meet me, who looked and acted like a Princess Diana double, and who said she worked inside of a control room at the Dam I had lived next to (with my son in East Wenatchee). She was the same height, had the same manner that I'd seen in a few video clips briefly, and she had the same voice. She had long legs, but wore a long flowing summer skirt that covered them. The only thing different was she sounded like maybe there was an accent but it was a pretty American voice. She ate a large green salad and had a glass of white wine for lunch.

It was only me and her outside on the enclosed porch. She told me she worked inside of the Rock Island Dam, which my son and I had lived across from. It's a secured site. It is also the Dam where Russ Strong, who is U.S. Army, and his wife from Argentina that I worked for, worked. She told me she hoped I had the strength for what was ahead of me.

And then she left.

I met her a couple of months or more after Alvaro Pardo left.

Then a year later when I was in Knoxville, TN, the police and feds had a woman get into the van with me when they falsely arrested for "improper 911 call" when it was proper, and they all KNEW that I was being subjected to government torture. They used the caged van transport to a federal detention center in Knoxville, as an excuse to use me like a rat in a lab for research. The woman who got into the van with me, wore the same kind of skirt the "Diana" double had been wearing, and she also had long languid legs. There are long legs and then there are languid long legs. There is a difference in how they drape and move. It's like judging a horse. I know legs. I've known legs since I met the gumby dancing legs man from a play I was in, in the 80s. Legs move differently and flow differently, depending on the person and sometimes it's length and sometimes it has nothing to do with how long someones legs are.

The woman who got into the van to spy on me and use me for research, had the same kind of legs and the same flowing long skirt that covered them as the "Diana" double I had met. I was put into a glass room alone first, and watched while I was tortured with military technology in the room, and while they played music that Alvaro Pardo played and had recorded on CDs, when I was with him. They played the same thing. This is after they had broken my hand and injected me with something. I had a welt on my arm that looked like some kind of huge bug bite, with a raised white center and red around the edge and it was hard. After they had me in this room, which they kept freezing cold, and where this woman had dragged me, naked, past a bunch of male and female guards (around 6-9 of them), with only a blanket around part of my middle, they then told me I was going to a different room. That's when they put me into a larger room that was plastic glass all the way around, a solid cube in the center of a huge hall. It was sort of a "stage" like in "beam me up Scotty" Star Trek movies. They had video cameras inside of it and cameras rolling as they documented my actions and words while I was there with the other woman. All they put me there for, was to see if that other woman made accurate predictions about me.

They used me like a rat in a cage. I wasn't even a human being to them.

If I wasn't going to be William of Wale's mistress, and bring in some kid from Colombia to be a U.S. citizen, they were torturing me and had sold me and my son into torture and federal govt. research as a cover for anti-competition. They didn't want me to be with William actually, they were looking for a way to trap me into something and then put me in prison or have an excuse to kill me. They had already attemped to kill me, multiple times, and giving them any kind of excuse, was what they wanted. When I didn't fall for it, they covered up their lies and schemes by claiming I was a research project for MKULtras military and CIA. They used this to cover up anti-competition, torture, and crimes against humanity.

So this woman had a white napkin laid out a certain way, and a brown paper sack one way, and had spilled milk a certain way on the floor. The U.S. waited until my sack fell over or I accidentally spilled a carton of milk, and it fell in the same way she had positioned hers ahead of time, and the milk created the same angle and pattern she'd set hers up to do.

I saw this was why they had me there. To be their psychic research guinea pig.

As soon as I saw this, and she saw this, she brightened up, feeling happy her prediction occured as she predicted and laid it out publicly for the federal employees, who were recording this. Then they let her out. That was what they'd wanted. They had me in there with her, for the sole purpose of using me so she could "shine".

And this is after they falsely arrested me, smearing my reputation, had assaulted me with Haldol in another town previously, and then broke one of my hands after hand-printing me for Kate Middleton.

It was then that I stood up and said out loud, knowing they had speakers inside to hear what was said, "This is a violation of the Geneva Convention...and cruel and degrading treatment." This woman then rushed over and opened the door and said "You can come out."

As if those were the magic words.

How about your magic fucking return of my son to me.

Then this country tortured me in Oregon when I wouldn't work for a guy who was trying to use me the same way, a cop and his wife. I wanted to be a surrogate and had prospects already interested in hiring me, which would have been legitimate cash around $50,000 that I could have used to help me son with, and fight the system, and instead, as soon as I had potential people lined up, I was being assaulted by NASA/aerospace industry technology.

They tortured me. It has not mattered what I do.

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