Friday, December 28, 2012

Harassment in Sauna

I went to the sauna after making my post and was harassed by 2 individuals, one already there, and another who showed up and knew the first one. I had to leave early because of it.  The guy came in and said to me, as he was leaving, "Enjoy the rest of your sun", after he knew I had blogged about my son Oliver. 

He said he was from California but I doubt it.  He said he grew up in San Diego and was from L.A. now.

They are probably still there, and it's 2:35 p.m. now.

There was a dark haired young woman sitting in a car in the parking lot when I arrived and then she left.  Then this other guy showed up.

I just went back and checked and there weren't any cars with California plates.  The woman with green sedan with OR 126 ZDL; blue truck already parked there OR 294 EYF; 472 ETM for a silver sedan Washington plates; a silver minicooper showing up after I left OR 661 EFM; and white sportscar OR 542 ZWV.

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