Monday, December 3, 2012


Kate Middleton is going to jail. Pregnant or not, she is going to jail.

I think there is going to be a riot.

And yes, it is possible that Kate Middleton might end up in jail. Really, truly, and dear God that would be the best thing for Justice to ever happen.

My mother was physically beaten up and assaulted at a SWOCC bookstore, which is why I didn't sign up for any classes there this term.

She was intimidated over William of Wales and Katie Middleton inuendoes and then I left the locked bookstore (that had walls and doors papered up) to speak to someone around the "L" shaped corner. I got back after less than 10 minutes, I would say about 5-8 minutes or so, and my mother was in pain and when we left, she was in serious pain and limping and trying not to show it.

I found out just tonight, by looking the women up who were involved, they are directly connected to England.

Katie is going to jail.

So the good news is: "You're pregnant!" and the
bad news is: "Katie Dearie, you're going to the slammer."

There were 2 women there and I didn't look them up online until now, because I didn't want to make it look like I was looking them up. I have people surveilling my computer. And then there were some, at OSU, acting odd and wanting to know if I was going to enroll at SWOCC at all, bc it's cheaper for me if I do. I said not this term because nothing is offered that I can take. But honestly, I knew I couldn't go there, not this term, not knowing what I knew and kept to myself. So then everyone is feeling pretty comfortable and out comes the baby news about Katie, and it is time to slam her.

These people have tortured my mother and others have tortured my Dad, because of HER. Katie knows about it and it's not a secret.

The CEO is British. He is someone governing affairs now. Tom Nichols is Canadian-connected, and I think, connected to the Mike Nichols that rolled my car after hijacking it from me. I just looked up Dede, the woman who had her hair in a ponytail and was dancing along and cocking her head and humming to "Call Me Maybe", a song performed by a Canadian with "Maple" records. She is linked to "Weed, California" (if this is an actual obituary and not a hoax), and to McDonald airport (airline employees like the Middletons) and her grandkids live in England.

Of course.

Of course they live in England! Now it's making sense isn't it?

JAIL, BITCH. JAIL for KATIE the Criminal.

Lackenheath AFB, England.

Well look at that.

I type in a google direction between where the Middletons lived and Dede Clements relatives lived, at Lackenheath AFB, and how interesting. A perfect slash, like the knife cut on my mother's cheek. Don't check the auto route. Type in for the bicycle route.

It's a / . It's a slash that matches the knife scar on my mother's face.

Katie is going to jail. I don't know how or when exactly, but when she does, Heaven will burst forth into song. That will be the justice for what they did to me in Nashville, Tennessee, through Vanderbilt and then falsely throwing me into a psych ward.

She's going to jail. Period.

Imagine having your own mother, assaulted in a store that's taped and papered up to be a torture chamber if only for a few minutes. At a COLLEGE. A public facility. It certaintly makes sense now, why SWOCC employees were always on the offensive against me. They were criminals engaged in criminal activity and I had no idea. Thank goodness I did not go there before I found out what they were doing to my mother. Trish McMichaels is 100% involved and I believe she is FBI.

If this is the same Baptist church that I visited, it also explains why I was treated oddly there when I went to visit. They had a parishioner there who was involved in beating up my parents, who was doing favors for Katie.

Katie could be in jail or could have gone to jail for any given number of things already. While I was being tortured and my son was being tortured, and while I was falsely accused of many things and trashed, to be discredited, Katie was committing actual crimes and could have been apprehended and people chose not to do so. It was a choice. I could probably think of some things that I could connect her to with regard to crimes here in the U.S. That is on my own, not having to do with my witnessing assault against my parents.

Doesn't anyone wonder, if what I say is true, how is it even possible that this group is getting away with committing multiple acts of crime against my family? I put up a video clip of bruising from ONE of many assaults against me--and my son has experienced far worse. My mother shows up with a black and blue nail, one that's not normal, and now Dr. Kathleen Brown is attempting to medicate my mother's mind by putting her on antihistamines while my mother has been slurring her speech the last couple of days, since Sunday.

I could put Katie in prison over Alvaro Pardo. It wouldn't take much. Which is why, I guess, she and her supporters were so rabid about sending me to be drugged at a psych ward in TN. For her family crest she chose 3 acorns. ? I mean, Vanderbilt, the place that sent me to the psych ward to be assaulted and have my name trashed, pretty much beyond recovery, their emblem is the acorn. Someone could say no it's about something else, but no, it's not. It's about their rewarding criminals for committing crimes on their behalf, to put them where they are. And now Katie is going to end up in jail. When she goes, she will be taking FBI agents with her.

No one would be trying to put my own mother on antihistamines if they were not worried. They're already torturing my parents, but they haven't messed with their minds. Now, it's like they're going after that too.

I guess what made me think it is actually possible Kate could be put in prison, was just finding out tonight, that one of the women who assaulted my mother is connected to England directly. I knew it was about William and Katie before I even knew anyone had relatives living over there.

The other relatives are in Weed, California which you have to go through to get to Redding, California, which is an area my parents have had to visit often. Weed is 1 hour from Redding, off of I-5 on the way, and this is right about the time where I had a very bad feeling last time my parents were driving through. I said, "Where are you?" and they said they were in Redding. The whole area around there is "off", something is off. I looked on a map and it's next to "Trinity National Forest".

Kate is going to jail.

What is strange is that I was put in jail, but on false charges, when I was pregnant with my son Oliver, for the first time. Then, not again until I broke up with Alvaro and then it was repeated over and over and over. It was crime against me, to do that to me knowing I was innocent. Repeatedly. And now, it is possible I could put her away while SHE is pregnant.

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