Saturday, December 15, 2012

A "Confession" & Why I Believe Kate Middleton Is In the Drug Industry

(See my post about Jacob Tyler Roberts.)

My Dad told me one day, recently, that FBI Agents Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza were part of Kate Middleton's "team". He told me they're all in on it.

So this means I was approached by Bujanda and Garza as part of a set-up by Middleton and their friends in the FBI.

When Julie Thornton, with Portland FBI, refused to even acknowledge my complaint of hate crime and constant vandalism, she wasn't really interested in addressing Garza and Bujanda.

All of these Portland cops, Washington state cops, FBI...all of these people, who are in positions of authority, colluded against me and my son, and had us tortured, and defamed me, and dropped rape charges, for Kate Middleton, who they were involved with.

Garza asked me if I had any "reefer" and when I said I didn't, he made sure my life was ruined and Kate had a honeymoon on an island, where she could admire the reefs, and thank Agent Rick Baken.

The closest thing my Dad has ever come to saying anything about anyone, is one day, recently, with my mention of Bujanda and Garza, he told me they were in on it, and they and the Middletons were all in on the same things together. They are connected.

My Dad says NOTHING.

But he did say this.

My Dad ratted out the FBI, and their collusion and complicity with Katie Middleton. He did this, one time.

He now has a "twisted" back and can hardly move. I know he is assaulted. It's dirty cops and FBI that are involved who participate and cover for criminals.

So, here I am, in a lawsuit, trying my best to clear my name of defamation. Middletons like the defamation. They want it to stick. All of a sudden, through one of their accomplices (Schneiders, who are immediately connected to Rick Baken, a retired FBI agent that moved in behind my grandparents house after I mentioned them to Schneider, in 2002), they get Rick Baken's friends and Mexican employees to stick a knife into my Grandpa Baird's butt. Bujanda and Garza were connected to the same people Middletons do drugs and other business with. And, they are FBI, like Baken, and do favors for Middletons.

The FBI has been laundering money for the Middletons, for decades.

When I came up, more publicly, in court, they all went after me and they used FBI and salaried employees to go after me.

It's bad enough, to have a complaint about the FBI to start with. It's worse to then find out it is all connected to Katie Middleton and the Middletons.

This is why FBI colluded with the Department of State, Border Patrol (Bujandas former employers), and RCMP. The Canadians wanted Katie to get her piece of royal cake.

They worked with Middletons, to torture me and my son.

Kate signed a contract. She signed a frickin' contract.

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