Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Middleton and Mossad

Why are so many Israeli names coming up in connection to Kate Middleton.  Not just "American Jews" but nationalist Israeli-born Israelis.

We watched "The Family Man" last night, with Nicolas Cage.  Year 2000.  You know, the one with "Kate" packing her art gallery materials into boxes that say "Crown". 

I am hesitant to say very much at this point because I would have to think about it more, but umm, exactly WHY were me and my son tortured over her?  At the part in the movie where the little girl says, "Are you my real Dad?" and he says no, and she starts talking about her "real Dad" I started sobbing, thinking about my son and how he has been kidnapped by this country from his "real mother."

I have commented about this movie before but all of these people are from Miami, Florida.  I mean, the guy who directed this movie has Israeli-born parents and lived in Florida, and Brad Uhl, who had me thrown into a psych ward by colluding with FBI, is from Florida, the people mocking me as they passed the other day when my knee was injured again, are from Florida.  I have relatives from Florida so no big deal, but when I have criminals in public office colluding to throw me into psych wards to assault me, after assaulting me to lose my singing voice in Seattle, it's a problem.

Mossad, I'm told, is not even like some of the American Jews.  Supposedly, half of them (I guess, the Middleton half) are God-less.  They go into the Army for Israel because it's compulsory, and they're political, not religious or spiritual.  They're nationalistic and secular.

If Israelis are that interested in putting out movies about "Kate" that are a clear allusion (I mean, watch the movie...I think so, unless you replace the woman with a different name and details) to Kate Middleton, in 2000, then they also have a motive to try to make sure "it happens".

You can watch "The Family Man" and there is your motive.

Right there.  When this is their goal and aspiration, you can be sure they are going to get Mossad in to make sure it happens, and whatever American Jews will go along with the plan.  If it means joining forces with other religions to torture anyone in their way (so they may think), they'll join forces.  Youu could say it's "a prophetic movie"  (!) or you could say, "this is wishful thinking that people are going to murder and torture others over."

Almost all of the movie producers behind big productions that have any kind of reference to Kate Middleton are Israeli-connected, through being born in Israel themselves, or having at least one parent born there. 

I think this is why the Israelis tried to push me out of their communities when I was open-minded enough to once inquire about services when I was in Wenatchee and then through Seattle.  And then this man telling me, shaking his head, like I was asking to live with the enemy, telling me no you can't get political asylum in Israel.   I think some of them have tried to kill me.  Possibly through accessing people they know in NASA/aerospace defense and Pentagon.

I'm not accusing them of all being bad, but it's not like Mossad is "the religious nice people".  They're killers.  Every religion, while I may not agree with the religion at all, has some very remarkable "nice people" that really try, with what they believe, to be good, not just by works but by faith and belief in God.  So I'm not discounting these people.  I'm talking about political machinations to kill and torture and what the motive is.

We have motive.

I didn't think about Mossad at first though, when I watched the movie last night.  I enjoyed it.  I had a good feeling, not a bad feeling, while watching it.  I didn't write while watching, or work on a laptop, or study, or read books.  It had my full attention and it was a nice break to watch a movie.  I was even surprised that I had a good feeling while watching it, for whatever reason, and I didn't feel any kind of resentment or anger, or anything.  What I did find disappointing was how many things have been put in my way to resemble this movie, as if my life has been staged.  Oh let's throw in a guy who drives a silver minivan just like that one, and a career like that one.  The only thing I thought was that this is proving motive.

My parents are like the precogs in "Minority Report".  I wondered on Christmas morning, who made that movie, and it's Steven Spielberg.  All the while, my parents are held hostage and tortured and forced to work like this.  I have no idea what Speilberg's deal is.  (An aside:  I have one positive comment and it's that I really liked the artistry of the snow effect (or whatever it was) on the hat of Mary Todd when she turns her head.  I keep thinking about it. There were more positive things than that, but my favorite artistic part was that moment with the hat.)  I still remember going to "Minority Report".  I can't remember, for some reason, who I went with, but I remember the guy kept looking at me hard, and all these people (I thought then) were staring at me.  I wondered what the big deal was. I was totally confused and I had no idea my parents were psychic spies.  Now it makes more sense.  If I see occasional flashes of something in front of me, for just a second, and only once or twice, here and there, I wonder if my parents and some people can see the future like "The Family Man" when he's dreaming, but it's not a dream.  Probably some people can.  However, The Family Man looks like a movie stocked up with motive for promoting Kate Middleton and the U.S. produced the movie, not the UK.  Not England.  The United States.  Some Israelis have strong ties to England but was it really necessary to torture me and my son?

By the way, my brother married a killer.  When I was writing about Jessica Lynch and how this is why Americans should NOT entrust government to decisions about children and parenting, I realized she is a baby killer.  So the U.S. chose to spend resources to rescue a baby killer who had chosen, of her own free will, to sign up to be trained to be a baby killer.  She knew the terms of war.  For her to complain about being captured as if someone broke their promise to her, is anti-hero.  No hero signs up to be a baby killer and then complains about how she got caught trying to kill another countries babies.  The Iraqis were even nice enough to try to give her a metal rod for a leg instead of leaving her with a stump but she even complained about that.  She was not an MKUltra kid or induced to sign up to be a baby killer.  The government chooses to rescue HER while they have tortured US on U.S. soil, including my son when he was a baby and to this day.  So it came to me, that in fact, Jessica Lynch chose a job for herself, that would pay her money to murder people.  She chose it.  Nice, sweet girl.  She will blow off babies heads.  Nice sweet girl.

Then I realized, my brother's wife was Army.  So in a way, no one should be surprised that she took him for everything he had.  She lied about me to my brother and was full of schemes and she's pretty.  Some would say beautiful.  Nice sweet girl.  Signing up to carry a gun and blow off baby's heads.  She was going to get a paycheck for being in the business of murder.  Because she "hurt" her hip somehow, she is getting a paycheck from the U.S. government, for the rest of her life, for being willing to kill babies.

She would kill Oliver Garrett in a second.  It would take nothing for Carmen to break my son's heart, or torture him or go along with his being tortured.  She is trained to kill and she doesn't have a heart anymore.  She sold it.

People like "Niki", who worked at The Post Pub as a bartender, talked to me, as a woman, about unborn babies as being nothing more than "hamburger".  She said, "I had an abortion because I figured it wasn't any different than hamburger."

I'm not down on women who have had abortions and had the idea that it's not real and can't feel anything.  I have no judgement.  But Niki talked about killing her own baby like she was sloshing a glass of beer over the counter.  She's flip a hamburger and eat it, while talking about how she killed her unborn baby because it looked like hamburger.  And this is the same woman who deliberately set me up to be sexually assaulted.  It's a modus operandi and a state of mind.  Women who sign up to be baby killers, are capable of destroying life.  Any kind of life.  They have no problem destroying life, by any method, nor do they care what stage of life it is.  They sold their hearts and they don't regret it.

So when we start looking at personality development and what a person is "capable" of, start there.  If serial killers get their start by torturing animals, what happens to the women who get their start by torturting and killing kids and babies, or agreeing to sign up for it?

A baby killer is a killer.  I don't care how pretty she is, or charming.  If you want a woman who has no heart, and like playing with rubber dolls, go for it.  She might kill you next.  Whether she sucks the life out of your business, sells your secrets to competitors, or poisons you or gives you over to be poisoned, she's "the one".  Oh honey, it was so amazing while it lasted (were his dying words).  This is the kind of woman the U.S. government rescues, and allows to torture babies, their own citizens, like Oliver Garrett.

Motive is the same thing.  You look at signs before there are symptoms.  And if there are symptoms, go back to the signs.

In my opinion, it's one thing to try to protect yourself and son if you're tortured.  That is called self-defense.  Going out or signing up to voluntarily assault others is not self-defense, it's a crime.  You may get a "pass" to do this to babies in other countries, but you assume the risks (if you were not coerced and were not incapacitated at the time you signed up, potentially, even blackmailed or groomed through programs like MKUltra).  You do this to U.S. citizens, and get caught, you can be legally shot-on-site.  Your "position" means nothing.

I support legal and lawful self-defense.  I support gun rights and gun ownership.  I also support allowing God to avenge, as I believe He does when He chooses.  I do not support women who are informed baby-killers and then go on to callously murder my unborn and torture my son.  I do not support the men who support them and I don't support the women that back the men who do this.

So going back to Mossad, what kind of deal did Kate Middleton sign with them.

I demand the return of my son Oliver to me.

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