Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amy Garrett & Jacob Tyler Roberts

The second front photo of Jacob Tyler Roberts, of the two that are side-by-side, looks like my old best friend Monica's brother. Nathan. Nathan Allen. He looks almost identical in the photo of him wearing a baseball hat.

Obviously he was doing something symbolically, and he shouted "I am the shooter" for this to be known.

His initials are JT Roberts or JTR. He shot a woman who was 54 named Cindy Ann Yuille (CY or CAY). I had a teacher in high school named Mr. Yuille and I have no idea if they're related. Steven Matthew Forsyth (SF or SMF) was the other one shot.

Looking at his eyes, I feel something about them suggests, to me, the possibility that he was genius-level intelligence. It doesn't matter if he went to Community College, I think it's possible he had extremely high abilities. That is not "complimenting" what he did, it's a comment on what I think by looking at his photo.

I looked at photos of Cindy and would have to see more to think of whether she resembles anyone I knew, and the one photo I saw of SMF, sort of looked like Mark the truck-driver I knew, and then I thought, Nick Fanelli.
Amy Garrett is a local woman who was in the news (a few days ago), also from Clackamas County I believe, because she was held up by an 11 year old who said he was going to shoot her. She asked how he got a gun and he said, "You don't argue with someone holding a gun."

It reminded me of my 11 yr. old 2nd cousin "Callie" telling me she could shoot me in the face if I wanted dimples.

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