Sunday, December 23, 2012

UPDATE: My Mother's Eye Bulging From Torture (Twice the Size)

I went over tonight to see my parents and my mother's eye is bulging. I couldn't see my Dad well enough from where I sat and I didn't want to say something to upset anyone. But my Mom's left eye is bulging from torture.

My mother has no hereditary trait to cause this. She is not sick.

She has never had this happen to her eyes until the last couple of weeks. And tonight the insides of her eyes were dark black with a white dot left in the center of the black bruising on the inside of her eye.

So this means those who are in charge of running the United States, are allowing a group of other U.S. citizens, to torture my entire family. I've said that before. However, this form of torture, to cause one eye to bulge, is new.

It is not new to my son Oliver. According to the photos of him at school at age 5 and then at age 6, for over 2 years, Oliver has been tortured to his brain and ears to cause disruption in normal function of his brain and trigger pressure to cause one of his eyes to bulge, on the side affected by torture.

For me, I have been tortured by this form specifically, for about 2 months or since the government knew I had received the photos of my son.

I didn't see it happen to my Dad until a couple of weeks ago and then I noticed this was done to my Mom over a week ago, I thought, and then I knew for sure a few days ago, one night, as she sat cutting a piece out of the dog's hair, and looking at me. And tonight, she has the same thing done to her eye.

There is no possible way to "fake it". I mean, they wouldn't anyway, but what I am saying, is there is no other explanation for this, and it's impossible to miss.

It is not even like bruising, which people sometimes dismiss as happening for some other reason. With my parent's eyes, it's not happening for another reason. I know that it's from torture. My mother tonight even had a round white dot in the center of the black mark inside her eye. She has never had a white dot stand out, with all the rest of her skin there black before. It is white because it's her natural skin color and someone tortured all around except for that one area. I don't know how, but she didn't put it on with make-up, it is her skin. And also, her eye was more sunken in there as well, like it was from severe compression. That was her right eye tonight.

Her left eyeball is bulging out so badly it is twice as large as her other eye. The curvatature of her eyeball basically, is sticking out twice as far as her other eyeball is, to her right eye.

I don't know how this is possible in this country.

I said my parents have been U.S. government psychic spies and that they are hostages. I don't know what other evidence anyone needs.

Tonight my Dad and Mom both did a lot of other things that signifies this talent, but they are being tortured.

What is the point?

It's like United States sadomasichism. This country has completely lost its mind. WHY are those who are responsible for this, NOT being shot-on-site.

Syria is supposedly shooting citizens and children who are standing in soup lines for bread I heard today. It's no different from the United States is doing and has been doing to their own citizens. Stealing children from welfare mothers and families to conduct torture and research on them? Forcing competent and talented people into poverty in order to make them vulnerable so groups of anti-competition who collude with the government can get ahead? These days, the methods of force are state-sponsored torture and blackmail and blacklisting.

Update:  My mother's eye this morning was bulging again.  It was her right eye this time, and not her left, and her left eye was normal.  So after being tortured to affect one side of her brain and eye, she was tortured on the other side this morning on Christmas.

My Dad is being tortured.  My Mom asked if his feet still hurt.  He said yes.  I noticed a few days ago that my Dad has new scars from cuts on his feet, and they look deliberate.  They're not accidental cuts, and are wider than a scratch and they are precise.

For months my Dad refused to take his socks off.  For about 9 months to 6 months, he hasn't taken his socks off around me, and now I see new scars on his feet that were not there when I arrived in this State.  I believe it's their pastor, who is military, Kevin Bolls, and FBI, torturing him in private.

When I said what's wrong with your feet, not mentioning the scars, he said, "Oh, arthritis."  I said, "In your feet?"  And he said yeah.  I said "Do you have cramping in your feet?" If so, it's the same cramping that I had in my feet from being tortured and basically cooked overnight.

I noticed another area that is not connected to our house, where the same energy was being applied to a section of property, and I noticed it on Christmas Eve.  After I found out about it, even though I said nothing, when I went out to walk the next time, my knee was shot up when I was walking, which I've described already, as by distance laser and other military applications.  Almost a dozen police were around me after I made this discovery.  

The energy field that was being applied to a section of land outside of our house, was at the top of the driveway to the Koi Fish Sellers.  They are located off of Central Blvd.  They have goats and ponies and then down the driveway there is a Koi Fish farm where you can buy fish, and a huge greenhouse for supplies and a bunch of other out buildings.  It's the only Koi Fish farm in Coquille.

I was walking home and for over a year and a half I've never gone up that driveway or gone off of the side of the road (the sidewalk ends and then there is a walking space).  Sometimes goats are there, sometimes horses, in a pasture that fenced. Sometimes they're there and you can see them and other times, they're not.  I have never cared to walk up a few steps to look over the pasture before until Christmas Eve. 

I did it because I was wondering why the goats and ponies were not out, and when I walked up to look over, I walked right into a well-defined zone where energy used to torture my family was being applied there.  It was right there on the road.  I could walk in and out of it, and believe me, it's like your entire body feels like it's being cooked on a low-grade electric fence.  It didn't start until you got up off the road and it was at the top of that driveway. I don't know how far down it goes, and I didn't walk down the driveway because I sensed something "off" about the location.  The goats and ponies weren't out because they wouldn't have wanted to be in the middle of that energy field.  I don't know how far up it went but I walked into it, and when I walked back down to the road where the side is, I immediately walked out of it.  As I stood there, looking over, a truck came up the driveway and passed and I smiled but no words were exchanged. 

I don't know why they are using that energy field in that area.  I don't know if it's to experiment with animals and control where they move, like an invisible fence (but it's much worse, believe me, and it's been applied to me and my parents non-stop before when they know we can't go anywhere).  I don't know if someone in a house up from that driveway is being tortured, or it's just for animal control, but it was being used.

When I discovered it, I went out to run an errand and walked again and people with Florida plates driving by, and I sensed DEA.  But it was a bunch of cops that I saw, in trucks.  Sheriff's department mainly, and they work with "ICE" which is DEA.

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